WRITTEN PODCAST RECAP: Colt Cabana’s “The Art of Wrestling” – Bobby Fish’s mysterious action figure, Chuck Taylor reads bad wrestler names, Eddie Kingston’s Japan confession, King Kong Bundy’s WrestleMania payoff (#361)

The Art of Wrestling with Colt Cabana

Release Date: August 10 2017

Guest: Bobby Fish, Chuck Taylor, Eddie Kingston, Marty DeRosa and Sarah Shockey.

Recap by: Josh Coulson


Newsworthy items

    • There’s a website that claims Colt Cabana is worth $3 million while King Kong Bundy is only worth $50,000.
    • Colt Cabana wrestled King Kong Bundy in his third ever match.
    • According to King Kong Bundy, he only received $50,000 for his WrestleMania II match as opposed to Hulk Hogan who got $1 million.
    • Eddie Kingston used steroids before wrestling in Japan in order to not embarrass himself while he was over there.
    • There is a Bobby Fish action figure, but Bobby has only ever seen photos of it.
    • Colt once gave a promo saying that he was cool enough to freeze vodka.

Show highlights/rundown

Colt Cabana opens the show by revealing that this week’s Art Of Wrestling is a live one that he recorded in Chicago, including a warning that the audio quality during the first 15 minutes isn’t great.

Following the introduction and the sound quality warning, the show opening plays and we dive straight into the Chicago show that took place in Bric-a-brac records.

Before Colt begins bringing his guests out he announces that it’s his birthday, but stops the crowd from singing Happy Birthday to him. He then complains of his neck hurting following a match the night before the show and thought that maybe at 37 he’s starting to get to the age where things like that are getting harder to shake off. Then he says that Billy Gunn is in his 50s and was on the same show and has never looked better.

Colt then says that he looked himself up on a website that claims to know how much celebrities are worth, and it claims he is worth $3 million. He then asks would someone worth that much have gotten a bus to the show.

Marty DeRosa

The first topic of conversation for Colt and Marty is how they’re dressed, and Cabana says that he should probably start dressing like an adult now that he’s 37.

Marty then reveals that looking around the record store they’re in he found a WWF Hercules action figure. Colt says that he was confused by his own Hercules action figure as it didn’t look anything like the wrestler he would see on TV.

Both of them talk about a time when older wrestlers would trick newer guys into tying their boots for them as a way of showing dominance, and that an old wrestling saying is ‘the money’s in the boot’. Colt didn’t know the saying until years later and then recalled King Kong Bundy putting money in his boot after he wrestled him towards the start of his career.

According to a shoot interview with Bundy that DeRosa recently watched, he only received $50,000 for wrestling Hulk Hogan at WrestleMania II. During the same interview Bundy claims that Hogan got $500,000, complained it wasn’t enough and subsequently received another $500,000 on top of that.

Marty claims that he has been a Jinder Mahal supporter for a long time, and compares him becoming WWE Champion to people who thought Donald Trump would make a good president when he first decided that he was going to run.

Marty says that he’s done listening to negative stuff about wrestling from the likes of Vince Russo and Justin Roberts.

Colt asks Marty if he’ll stick around to help interview the rest of the guests, to which he replies that he would love to.

Eddie Kingston

Colt introduces Eddie as ‘New York’s s***tiest’ and also tells him he looks ‘gruff’ today.

Cabana tells Eddie and the audience that he wrestled John Morrison aka Boone the Bounty Hunter the night before and asks Eddie if he has had any different wrestling personas. He hasn’t.

Eddie reveals that he currently weighs 234 lbs and that Colt had seen him at 290. Cabana asks how he lost so much weight and Kingston candidly reveals that he was ‘on the gas.’ It was back in 2011 and said he did it so that he wouldn’t get embarrassed when wrestling in Japan.

The last day he was on it, Eddie recalls breaking his cousin’s car windows with a baseball bat and attributed it to the steroids so he didn’t want to do it any more. But he did add that he doesn’t need steroids to get angry. Eddie said he doesn’t mind admitting it since there’s no wellness policy on the indies. He also says that he can tell by looking at wrestlers if they’re on it or not.

Colt then segues the conversation away from drink and drugs and onto Kingston’s current time in Impact Wrestling. He says that it must be nice to be thought of as being good enough to be on TV after years of working on the independent scene. Eddie also says having a try out with WWE validated that for him. He does say that it’s a very different world to the indy scene though, the behind the scenes and backstage part of it at least.


Sarah Shockey

Sarah is not a wrestler, so Colt asks what she thinks when she watches women’s wrestling. Shockey says all too often she can’t help but feel sorry for some of the women, as at times they must have to wrestle while on their period.

Sarah reveals that she has only been a wrestling fan for about three years, but has gotten really deep into it during that time. She says that when someone uses a wrestling reference she doesn’t understand she’s always desperate to find out more about it. She only just watched WCW Nitro for the first time after having to watch an episode of it for a podcast called Keeping It 2000.

Colt asks what Sarah watches every week, which is Raw, SmackDown, NXT, New Japan and whatever videos she may get sent in the meantime. Marty also gives her homework assignments.

Marty recently told her the story of Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth, then had to explain to her the tragic tale of how Elizabeth passed away. After watching the Von Erichs documentary she cried for a solid 15 minutes.

Colt reveals that when Terry Funk was on his podcast he revealed that he owned an album Funk had recorded in Japan. He then gets Sarah to improvise one of the songs from the album along with her ukulele. She also sings Colt’s theme song right after.

Bobby Fish

The conversation with Bobby starts with Colt and Marty complimenting his tan, and that a guy in the crowd looks like Ricochet. Fish then gets hung up on them being in a record store.

They then shift on to each other’s favorite wrestling music, Bobby’s being the Piledriver album.

Colt and Marty have trouble getting Bobby talking, and they finally do when they bring up his new action figure. However, Bobby reveals that he has only seen photos of it and doesn’t believe that it actually exists.

Colt talks about Bobby having a lot of off time recently, and Fish says that when he’s off he misses wrestling, but when he’s wrestling a lot he wishes he had more time off. He’s also disappointed that he hasn’t returned to New Japan for a long time.

Fish tells a story about when he had a match with Kobashi in Japan and his opponent took him aside and asked him why he would swear every time he chops him. That leads all three men to talk about curse words that they would like to hear more in wrestling.

When asked by Colt where he can find Bobby on the internet, he quickly replies YouPorn and starts talking about his favorite categories. Marty then reveals that the verified blue check marks have made it to porn sites.


Chuck Taylor

Chuck has already been on AOW an awful lot, so Colt asks him to bring something to make this appearance a little different, and he does just that. Taylor brought a list with him to the show from a group chat that he’s involved in, which includes a host of terrible wrestling names they come up with. It comes off the back of him running an angle in Chikara recently where he forgot his real name.

Chuck says that the end goal is for all of these names to be attached to real life wrestlers. Some of the names include Cuba Gooding the Third and The Cucumber (because he’s just cool). That one reminds Colt of a time when he gave in a promo in 1999 that he was so cool he could freeze vodka.

More names include Bug Nevans, Bareback Benny Fig, and calling Adam Cole ‘Cool Dad’ Don Krenshaw when he eventually gets to NXT. The one Chuck chooses to close on is ‘Hardwood’ Rich Mahogany. Colt says he would watch a YouTube video of Taylor just listing off names.

The three of them finish up by talking about how annoying Ricochet and Johnny Gargano are on Twitter.

Colt then closes the show by thanking all of his guests as well as the host venue and AAW then throws back to himself for some plugs and upcoming events.

Review (6.5/10)

Colt’s live Art Of Wrestling shows are always entertaining as Cabana is always sure to bring in a whole host of varying guests. The one thing this on was missing was a wild card like Konnan was on one of the WrestleCon live shows. It was still entertaining though and capped off in great fashion with Chuck Taylor and his list of names. Hearing how entertaining AOW is live makes me hope that one day soon Colt will bring the show to Bristol in the UK.

Subjects covered (with timestamps)

0:00- Start of show
7:15- Marty DeRosa
17:29- Eddie Kingston
28:44- Sponsor/ads
30:01- Sarah Shockey
40:52- Bobby Fish
53:20- Sponsor/ads
54:36- Chuck Taylor
1:07:04- Close of show

About the writer

Josh Coulson is a journalism graduate from Bristol, England. He has been a pro wrestling fan since the age of 10 and truly fell in love with the business during the build to WrestleMania X-Seven, citing the rivalry between Austin and The Rock as what really got him hooked. Other than wrestling he is a keen soccer fan and a long suffering supporter of his local team Bristol City. You can find him @BristolBeadz on Twitter.

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