QUICK QUOTES: Low Ki reveals the surprising reason why he started wearing a suit in his matches

Low Ki NJPW interview
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Low Ki was recently interviewed by Real Sport and revealed why he wears a suit in his matches. While most assumed it was an homage to the Hitman videogames/movies, it’s actually a bit more complicated than that. Here’s what he had to say:

“It was based off of silent protest. It originated in Japan, and I’m careful with my words because I don’t want anyone to see New Japan Pro Wrestling as a negative, but it was the business practice is what led to that.

“I had put my foot down about wrestling in Fukushima. I did my research, both in the country as far as media and news outlets, and outside of the country as well, to get more of an informed position on Fukushima. I didn’t want to wrestle there. At that time, I was the IWGP [Junior Heavyweight] Champion, and I spoke with the company and said I don’t feel comfortable with this, I don’t want to do that.”

“We had a meeting, I believe a week later, where I was informed that the president thought that if I couldn’t make that event, which would be scheduled for the following February, because it’s a large television market, that I would be disqualified from performing. And I thought ‘Well ok, I just won’t perform at that one event’, and they came back with ‘no, you’re going to be cut for the entire year’.

“So to me, that was utter disrespect, only because the first ten events I was a part of in 2012, we sold the events out. I like to think that my contribution to the company led to positive results. That was a complete disregard, and my stance was based off of safety, and it wasn’t necessarily based off of me.

“My argument was, ‘what about the rest of the people here? What about your staff? What about your wrestlers? You’re more concerned with money, I’m more concerned with safety.’ And when they told me that ‘we won’t use you for the entire year’, I only had one more match under contract, which was the [Tokyo] Dome. And the Dome, that was my final stance.”

“So, it was, to me, it was my silent protest by leaving New Japan, and it wasn’t in the sense that I’m a ‘hitman’, it was in the sense that, I’m ‘The Professional’. This is my last time here, I’m going out with a bang, but I’m doing it in a fashion that everyone is going to respect it.”

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