WRITTEN PODCAST RECAP: Colt Cabana’s “The Art of Wrestling” – Live Cleveland Show w/ Adam Cole, Joey Janela, Little Guido, Britt Baker, Tom Lawlor (#362)

The Art of Wrestling with Colt Cabana

Release Date: August 17, 2017

Guest: Adam Cole, Britt Baker, Joey Janela, Tom Lawlor, Little Guido, and Worldwide.

Recap by: Josh Coulson


Newsworthy items

    • Dan Severn pours cans of Monster energy drink over his head before a wrestling match.
    • Britt Baker is both a pro wrestler and a dental student. She also wrestled Nia Jax in a squash match under her real name.
    • Joey Janela spent an evening driving around a drunk Marty Jannetty trying to find his house.
    • Joey tried to book Ken Shamrock for a WrestleMania weekend show but he wanted $10,000.
    • Tom Lawlor had an argument with Meisha Tate about the legitimacy of pro wrestling and that MMA stars can learn from it.
    • This is the first time since 2010 that Adam Cole hasn’t been under contract with Ring of Honor.

Show highlights/rundown

Before throwing across to the recording of the live show, Colt opens with an introduction that includes details of a live show he will be doing in New York coming up.

Another live show for the Art of Wrestling podcast this week, this time hailing from Cleveland, Ohio.

Colt was on an AIW show in Cleveland the night before and witnessed Dan Severn pour Monster energy drink over his head before a match. He also describes a student match where one wrestler threw all of his opponents against a railing with small kids sitting behind it.

Marty DeRosa wasn’t available to co-host with Colt for this one, so instead Cabana introduced the crowd to Alex ‘Worldwide’ Keller. Apparently someone named Potato co-hosted last year and really ‘stunk up’ the podcast.

Colt tells Worldwide that he’s heard he’s a bit of a maniac, so asks about his background and if he has ever been arrested, to which Worldwide replies ‘oh yeah.’ One of the times was for punching someone, while he was drunk because he thought he had stolen his laptop. He goes on to say that pro wrestling has saved him from stuff like that.

Little Guido then joins the show impromptu, as Colt gets the feeling he wants to say something. Guido says he was waiting for a proper introduction. He says Colt owes him an extra $100 for his appearance on the show.

Colt asks if Guido hates anyone, as last year he hated Batista. He admits that he hated Colt for a little while when he was Scotty Goldman in WWE.

Britt Baker

The conversation begins with the pair clarifying whether people in Cleveland hate people from Pittsburgh, Britt’s home town, and they’re interrupted by a burp from Worldwide.

Cabana shifts the topic of conversation on to Baker’s two lives. As well as a pro wrestler she is also a dental student. She then brings up Colt’s poor dental hygiene and tries to start up the hashtag Floss Colt Floss.

Cabana asks if she would ever portray a dental character in the ring, but Britt says she’s already sick of people suggesting she should be Isaac Yankem’s daughter.

Although Baker has only been wrestling for a little over a year-and-a-half, she says she has been extremely lucky in being in the right place at the right time. She has even wrestled Nia Jax in a squash match for WWE. Colt then lists some of the squash matches he did for WWE.

Britt admits that the dream for her is to wrestle until her mid-40s and then become a dentist. Cabana says that her practice should be called Britt Baker Smile Maker.


Joey Janela

Colt opens the Janela section of the show by asking Joey if he’s going to douse himself in Monster as he brought one onto the stage with him, calling back to the Dan Severn reference.

The first big topic Joey talks about is when he did a spot that involved him being thrown off a roof from about 40 feet up into a flaming truck full of broken glass last year. He says he genuinely thought he might die but was told by Zandig that he had to do it.

Shockingly, the only injury Janela suffered following the fall was to his thumb, even though he said when he landed it was like a bomb had gone off. He says his thumb was basically hanging off and people backstage wanted him to stay so they could stitch it up rather than him going to hospital.

Colt asks if Joey fancies himself a hardcore wrestler, but he says no and that he has only competed in a total of three death matches, ending up in hospital after each one so doesn’t want to do any ever again.

Janela says that Marty Jannetty is like his alcoholic step father. Joey got invited to a bar by a friend who was drinking with Marty. Afterwards he found him passed out in a bush outside so Joey tried to drive him home, but after an hour Marty still wouldn’t tell him where he lived. Turns out he lived opposite the bar he was drinking in.

On WrestleMania weekend Marty was sober and Joey got the chance to wrestle him in what he describes as an awesome show. They tried to book Ken Shamrock for the show but he wanted $10,000.

Tom Lawlor

Worldwide challenges Lawlor to a Brawl For All after he questions men who have mustaches, which gets them all on the the subject of the unsuccessful wrestling/boxing combo. Lawlor is not a fan of it as a whole or the wrestlers who did well in the tournament.

Lawlor talks about how he has to defend pro wrestling in MMA locker rooms all the time, and has to explain to MMA fighters that they could actually learn a lot from pro wrestling.

Lawlor wrestled in high school and college but was a fan of both MMA and pro wrestling growing up. He would watch Nitro and tape Raw. Colt says he made his parents buy a picture-in-picture television.

Tom had a WWE try out the week after Jack Swagger did, and because Jack was bigger, heavier, and a better wrestler than him, they directly compared him and Swagger and chose Swagger. WWE told him to work on his character so that’s what he did.

While in MMA he’s made a name for himself by attending weigh-ins as different characters. One time he was The Shockmaster and another time he did one as Conor McGregor.

Adam Cole

Adam Cole is wearing a hat that makes him look like Shawn Michaels. He says that is literally the only reason that he wears it.

Colt asks Adam about his character being dead after he was poisoned, and he says it’s now incredibly boring.

Cabana recalls a live show in Milton Keynes, UK where he decided to read out fan fiction about Ahmed Johnson and Evan Bourne. Cole was there too and describes the awkwardness in the room getting worse and worse as it went on.

Both Colt and Adam agree that if they could have one thing come out of this podcast, it would be that someone hears it and writes some Dick Justice fan fiction.

Adam says that this is the first time in seven years he hasn’t been under contract with Ring of Honor, and that it’s cool to be able to travel round again and see everybody.

Cole has also been able to wrestle in New Japan Pro Wrestling. He says it was surreal to perform in front of that many people, but because they’re so far from the ring he sort of felt like he was performing in front of nobody.

Colt tells a story about performing in front of 5,000 people at a music festival, but none of them were really watching and just wandering through. Cole compares it to a time he performed at a fun fair with thousands of people walking around, sometimes stopping to watch.

Colt then brings a close to the show and lets listeners know about some plugs and upcoming events.

Review (6/10)

Another live show from Colt this week, this time from Cleveland, Ohio. As always, a pretty eclectic group of pro wrestlers. Pretty interesting to hear from Adam Cole considering that between whenever this show was recorded and now, it appears that he may have signed for WWE. The highlight of the show was Joey Janela with a couple of incredible stories, one about his fall from a roof and another about a drunk Marty Jannetty. Once again the show just made me jealous of those who were there in person.

Subjects covered (with timestamps)

0:00- Start of show
14:13- Britt Baker
21:21- Sponsor/ads
22:24- Joey Janela
35:21- Tom Lawlor
48:00- Adam Cole
59:58- Close of show

About the writer

Josh Coulson is a journalism graduate from Bristol, England. He has been a pro wrestling fan since the age of 10 and truly fell in love with the business during the build to WrestleMania X-Seven, citing the rivalry between Austin and The Rock as what really got him hooked. Other than wrestling he is a keen soccer fan and a long suffering supporter of his local team Bristol City. You can find him @BristolBeadz on Twitter.

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