QUICK QUOTES: Shane Douglas on how Bill Watts put him in his place, Paul Heyman’s “brilliant” mind

On episode 11 of The Triple Threat podcast, Shane Douglas talked about Paul Heyman, Bill Watts, and more. Here are the highlights they sent along:

Today’s wrestling fans and their perception of Paul Heyman:

“Paul is a brilliant mind and a brilliant mouth and when you talk about cutting a promo Paul E. is pretty much can hang with anyone in the business. But the fact that he also presents to this modern generation of wrestling fans as scant as it may be to the old generation, a wrestling fan who is going to be going to a Jim Ross “Night with Jim Ross” is probably going to be aware of what goes on in professional wrestling and lets face it Brock Lesnar brings so much legitimacy and for me what the business should always have gone with instead of veering the way towards television land like Vince McMahon did, I always thought professional wrestling should have veered in the direction of Brock Lesnar and the believability.”

“The fact that Paul Heyman to wrestling fans young and old to the older fans he is the one that brought them ECW, the most transcendental wrestling company in several decades and now he is also the mouth piece for the most legitimate piece of talent in professional wrestling today. Paul Heyman is a brilliant mind and he has worked quite hard to make damn sure that that brand stays out there so kudos to him for being able to do it.”

First Impressions of Bill Watts in the UWF:

“He was an intimidating guy. He was big by stature 6’3” or so and well over 300 pounds and a big raw boned cowboy. Cowboy Bill Watts is what you would consider or anyone would consider by watching movies a Cowboy. Very intimidating and plus he was the boss, so for a young guy like me in the dressing room and Bill Watts is this larger than life (literally and figuratively) figure standing in front of me that is my boss and as big as a house it was very intimidating.”

How Bill Watts put Shane in his place following winning the UWF TV Title:

“When I walk through (the curtain) I am looking at my wrist taking my tape off and I look up and I see Bill standing there and he’s got his hands on his hips and sort of spun to one side and as I’m walking towards the dressing room door I gave him a head nod like a what’s up and as I went to walk past him he said to me: “What the f*ck was that?” I stopped dead in my tracks and in my brain I think what do I say and I quickly settled in my first thought is that he is ribbing me and pulling a joke on me. I look at him and smile. I was going to say good rib and I didn’t get a syllable out and as soon as the grin came on my face he came at me like a grizzly bear and slammed me into the wall and his nose was about three inches from mine and he’s yelling at the top of his lungs and spitting in my face as he’s poking me in the chest with his sausage fingers and I hated it. Talk about intimidating but he wasn’t yelling you piece of sh*t or you f*cked up out there what he was yelling was to not turn my back to the camera because if you do that the people at home don’t see you and he gave very specific instructions and even though I hated it I knew what he was telling me and I better not make this mistake again and so I worked very hard to not make that mistake again.”

For the full episode, check out The Triple Threat podcast. 

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