QUICK QUOTES: Shane Douglas blasts Sasha Banks over her fans “stalking” comment

On the most recent episode of The Triple Threat podcast, Shane Douglas sounded off on Sasha Banks saying she thinks fans who show up hours beforehand at airports and motels to see the wrestlers is “stalking” behavior. Here are the highlights they sent along:

“It’s ridiculous. There is a real simple fix here and I mean an incredibly simple fix. If you don’t like being and I’m using my fingers to make quotations marks “stalked” by the fans, quit. Go be a waitress, go be a teacher, go be an attorney, go be a business owner and go do whatever it is you want to do out of the limelight if that has become such a heavy burden for you. When you come into this business you have to know up front that as you are coming in all you can hope for is to have any kind of a career. When you get blessed to have a really good career and be on the top of that industry than shut the f*ck up and ride the ride. Take the bullsh*t with you because yes, there is a lot of bullsh*t to take with you I agree but if you don’t like that the fix is so simple and that is just quit and walk away. I don’t see her lining up to do that.”

“It appalls me because with the fans and lets be clear. Without the fans none of us are anything. We are nothing without the fans and if the fans don’t tune into want to see Sasha Banks or Shane Douglas or fill in the blank than pretty likely the promoter and in her case Vince McMahon can say that the fans don’t give a sh*t about her and I should send her back down to the minor leagues or get rid of her. I’d also remind her that if she hasn’t learned the history of the business she’s in or the company that she is in that “Divas” that are there are a dime a dozen and a flavor of the week. Unlike an Undertaker who had 25 victories in a row at WrestleMania, which is an incredible feat even me talking as a worker and to name a women’s wrestler that has come close to matching that doesn’t happen. Sit back and enjoy the ride Sasha. Be thankful that those fans give a sh*t to want to sit there and wait for you and “stalk” you because they are the ones that are paying your salary and without them Vince McMahon wouldn’t be handing you that check or without them Vince McMahon wouldn’t even have you in that spot and without them you wouldn’t be on the show that you are on that has caused you so much duress. If you don’t like it, again the fix is so simple, just call Mr. McMahon up and say thank you for everything but I am quitting. Problem solved. Let’s see if she takes that avenue.”

For the full episode, check out The Triple Threat podcast

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