QUICK QUOTES: Kane talks politics; names the current WWE wrestler who most reminds him of himself

Kane (art credit Ed Webster via Wikipedia)

Glenn Jacobs, in an interview with CBS Denver, this week, addressed his political aspirations as he prepares for a mayoral run next year. He also discussed the current wrestling product, including his thoughts on what wrestler reminds him of Kane.

On why he feels he’s prepared to run for public office:

“A lot of it is what I’ve seen outside the ring with my travels around the world. Also, I’ve been in WWE for 22 years and reached a point in my career where, within the locker room, I’m one of the people that guys come to if something needs to be discussed. I’m also one of the people that the WWE executives, if there is a problem in the locker room, I’m one of the people that is consulted about that. They ask if there’s anything that can be done and what do I think should be done about it. I also have a little bit of input into certain areas of our business, because they respect my opinion. As far as people saying ‘Oh that stuff in the ring,” that’s the fun stuff. I always tell people ‘That’s separate.’ It’s actually my involvement in WWE that I’ve found hopefully will help me out in the political realm.”

Does he feel his status as a WWE wrestler will bring people out to the polls?

“That’s what we’re hoping. I think what happens sometimes with municipal elections is that people don’t even know they’re going on. With my entry into the race, it does make it, I don’t want to say more newsworthy, but it makes it more unique than it otherwise would have been. More novel in some ways. That’s one of the things we’re hoping for is that more people will show up because I’m in the race.”

For those of you who always wondered what the Devil’s Favorite Demon would sound like as a politician:

“Of course I want to keep taxes low. The current administration in Knox County has done a good job, fiscally. They really have. The current budget is really lean and mean. But anytime you have a large budget, and the budget of Knox County is about $800M, there are still places you can identify waste and inefficiencies and address those. Also, when you look at the educational system, I think this is something that is now coming to the forefront nationally, we need more skills people. The current technical education programs need to be revitalized. Lastly, I believe transparency in government is imperative. People have to know what’s going on because they’re the ones paying the bills. The people are the boss.”

Regarding his opinion of the current WWE product:

“I’m really happy to see Braun Strowman. People ask me who reminds me of me, and it’s probably him. So, I’m really happy to see him doing so well. I think WWE is in very good hands with — they’re not even the younger generation anymore — but with the people that are there now carrying the flag for them.”

To read more about Jacobs’ platform and a few other wrestling-related tidbits, visit CBS Denver.

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