QUICK QUOTES: Ring of Honor COO addresses NXT, Daniel Bryan, and Women Of Honor

Fansided.com recently posted comments from the COO of Sinclair Broadcast Group, Joe Koff. Sinclair has been the parent company of Ring of Honor since 2011. Koff shared his thoughts on many subjects including Women Of Honor, NXT programming, and the possibility of welcoming Daniel Bryan back to the company.

These comments were posted last week, prior to ROH’s Death Before Dishonor PPV in Las Vegas, NV. It should be noted that the show did not feature a women’s match.

Regarding the ROH women’s division, Koff said:

“The Women of Honor are going and growing. You know, it’s like everything we do in ROH has a starting point, a middle point, and hopefully a fantastic endpoint. I think right now, the women’s talent level is at a very high watermark. The Mae Young Classic is a good example of that, as are the other women’s promotions that have been around for a while as well.

“What’s interesting is the athleticism of the women is at a really high level. The women are able to put on matches that are the equivalent of what the general fans expect to see from the men. And I think we’re in a competitive place right now, as other promotions may feel they’re further along with their women, but you know, until women have parity and show up on the main cards of major events, then we’re all in the same place.

“Women of Honor is really just showcasing our women. You could have a Classic like they do in other promotions, but the point is women are getting to a point where they can compete in the ring with the men, not in the same match or anything, and when that expectation is met, I think Women of Honor and other women’s promotions will rise to the top.”

Considering Adam Cole’s debut at Takeover: Brooklyn, and his aligning with fellow former ROH stars Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly, does Koff see NXT as competition?

“I think NXT is just another promotion that’s out there; I think we would be a little naive not to admit that they’re out there. But you know, NXT is primarily their developmental brand, it’s for their network, it provides content and it provides very good competition. Interestingly enough, most of the competition on there are ROH, so to me it’s almost like ‘ROH NEXT,’ but we recognize it.

“Look, I’m a big believer that what’s good for the business is good for the business, and right now we’re all good for our own space and our own business. There have been, not many, nights documented where NXT is in town and Ring of Honor is in the same town and we’ve both had sellout shows. So it says a lot about the athleticism and competition, and what people want to see.

“I’m always flattered when other guys go to other places and succeed, it’s a compliment to us. But it’s gonna happen, that’s the nature of the business.”

On the subject of former ROH stars currently under the WWE umbrella, Koff also addressed the possibility of a Daniel Bryan return:

“Well I don’t think it’s any secret, and all the previous ROH wrestlers know, that they are always welcome back in Ring of Honor. This is their home, so to speak. We never chided anybody for leaving for what they thought were greener pastures. And look, a lot of them have succeeded on a far greater platform than we could have provided them at the time.

“So if Bryan Danielson would love to come back, I didn’t work with him personally while he was here, but I would personally welcome him back.”

Koff also commented on the growth ROH has seen since being acquired by Sinclair and a handful of other subjects. To read the full article, check out Fansided.com

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