QUICK QUOTES: Bret Hart’s son, Blade, recalls being backstage following the Montreal Screwjob

In November 1997, Bret Hart’s son, Blade, was just a child. If you’ve seen Wrestling With Shadows, however, you know he was constantly around. Bret and Blade were interviewed on the Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast this week and, for the first time on the record, Blade got a chance to talk about his experience on the night of the Montreal Screwjob.

Immediately following Bret and Vince’s physical altercation following the Screwjob finish:

“I remember Shawn’s like ‘I swear to f**king god,’ I remember I’m sitting right there, I’m probably seven years old, and even (Bret) is like ‘You gotta probably take five outside.’ Then Vince comes out all staggered and I got the foam finger and I can tell he’s ready to kick that foam finger off my arm.”

“I was pretty young, but I remember a lot of stuff. I remember my mom chewing out Hunter. Even not just on the documentary but I remember standing there watching my mom chew him out. I remember Kelly Remple trying to kinda calm my mom down. I remember the tension, too. I remember them asking me ‘Do you know what’s going on?’ Like, I had no idea. I just remember I had to say goodbye to the Headbangers and stuff, and I was sad about that.”

Bret recalls a later incident involving Blade backstage in WCW:

“Scott Hall had some match where he threw a really lousy punch for a finish. I remember he came back after and Blade was just a little kid, came up and said ‘What kind of punch was that?’ Everyone in the dressing room just popped. Scott was like, you know, Razor Ramon walking in, he didn’t even know, how do you even answer a little kid that tells you your wrestling was the s**ts?”

Rush’s Analysis: Sam is very good at keeping an interview headed in the right direction and he and Bret displayed excellent compatibility. Topics ranged from Bret’s interest in having a backstage role with the company to his match at Wembley Stadium against Davey Boy Smith.

To listen to the full interview, visit notsam.com. Check back here later this week for Matthew Wilkinson’s detailed recap of the entire episode.

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