QUICK QUOTES: Joey Ryan discusses his success, compares his finisher to the Worm, the People’s Elbow

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Sports Illustrated recently published an interview with Joey Ryan:

Regarding not being beholden to the rules and structure of a corporate environment like WWE:

“That just makes me want to turn up the volume even more. That leaves more doors open for me.”

On his earning power as an independent wrestler:

“It’s now become profitable to become an independent wrestler, and I’m doing fairly well. I’m proud of my accomplishments and the money I’m making. Right now, I know I’m making above average WWE money, and I’m making my own rules and setting my own schedule. That’s if they were to approach me; if they don’t approach, then that’s OK, too.”

On how he feels his character would translate to the WWE Universe:

“If Vince is still taking headbutts, then he could definitely take this, too. But in the PG-era of WWE, I don’t think the Joey Ryan character would be doing anything with the penis. The super, powerful penis would not be part of his repertoire in WWE. I don’t think that’s the place for it.”

On getting over with an absurd move:

“I found what Scotty Too Hotty found in the worm, or The Rock found, on a much larger scale, with the People’s Elbow, which is something that people who go to watch me wrestle are expecting and want to see. I gear my matches and personality to pay off toward that magic moment. It’s unique, it’s mine, and it’s something people expect. It gives me more of an advantage creatively than someone who does is trying to win an audience over.”

Regarding his potential free agency:

“I wouldn’t mind starting my own 21-0 WrestleMania streak. But fingers crossed, I’d love to see Lucha Underground have a season four. Lucha Underground has the right to pick up my contract, and I would love to be a part of it. Opportunities come my way, and I try to make the best of them.”

To read the article in its entirety, check out SI.com.

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