QUICK QUOTES: Former WCW producer Neil Pruitt reveals an NWO angle that never aired on TV

On a recent episode of Neil Pruitt’s Secrets of Monday Nitro, the former WCW producer revealed an NWO angle that was never aired. Here are the highlights they sent along:

“Diamond Dallas Page is just a nut for Christmas. His house…and the amount of lights he puts up…the ugly sweaters he has in the closet…he’s just a joyous person that likes to share [his love for] Christmas. Well, we all knew that, so when the nWo was hot, we decided to do a segment where we would videotape a party that Diamond Dallas was having – but not tell anybody [at the party] what was gonna happen! Unfortunately, the eggnog wasn’t just eggnog, and a little bit too much of the alcohol leaked into it…which [affected] the participants!

At the party, I was to show up at a certain time and just wear a sweater like anybody else. I was to be a regular participant – until I got ‘the sign’. We didn’t have cell phones back then, which would have been great, ‘cos we could have got the shot [easily]. But we only had one camera, and I was running it.

The plan was for Scott Hall to come in to the party, and confront Dallas. [They would] kinda get into somewhat of a brawl in DDP’s living room. It sounded like a great idea, and it was – I was really excited to do it. I knew it was gonna be part of history.

There were two [planned] spots. One was where the tree was gonna fall over, and another was where Scott Hall was gonna ‘coldcock’ Dallas. I said to Scott, ‘the most important part is…before you punch [DDP], I have got to spin around and see you do it. You have to wait for my camera to spin around and look in your direction’. Of course, you can probably tell what happened.

That didn’t happen. I think we got a little bit of [them] wrestling at the beginning, but the pay-off punch – we didn’t get it at all. The push happened, and I was supposed to spin around [for] Scott to ‘jack jaw’ a little more and then punch Dallas. [Well], he punched him as soon as the first push was made, so [we] totally missed [the shot].

We [got] the crowd reaction and all that, but it was useless. We didn’t even use it – this never aired! But that’s something that could have been cool, because the people were so shocked at the party. They didn’t know we were gonna do this – nobody did. [The only people that knew] were Dallas, Hall, Nash and me – that’s it. It [could have been] awesome, if it would’ve been shot the way it was supposed to.”

For the full episode, check out Neil Pruitt’s Secrets of WCW Nitro.

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