PODCAST RECAP AND REVIEW: The Jim Cornette Experience – Jim books Ronda Rousey for an entire year, Jerry Grey talks Mid-South, the town with the worst wrestling riots, police helping the heels (Ep. 217)

The Jim Cornette Experience Episode 217 – Jim books Ronda Rousey and Jerry Grey

Release Date: February 1, 2018

Recap By: Mark Charles Adams


Top Stories/Moments of interest

  • Jim books a year long story for Ronda and Steph!


00:00:00 – Intro: Jim welcomes us to the show, promises us talk of Ronda Rousey in the WWE, the results of last weeks Microphone vote and talk of the past with Jerry Grey. He then introduces co-host Brian Last.

They briefly joke how HBO immediately did a documentary on the Avett Brothers after they were mentioned on last weeks show and Jim declares them “the new TMZ.”

00:04:04 – The results are in: Jim announces, that obviously he sounds better and his ears aren’t sweating, so the results proved that the old headset sounded better and “old faithful” is back.

00:07:07 – Jim’s “vacation”: Jim relates how he took the weekend as a decompression vacation at home, not looking at Twitter, watching news or leaving the house. With Stacey away from the castle for the weekend, he “rung out his brain.” He says this isn’t new, one of his old friends once described such a weekend as “pulling  Cornette.”

00:09:16 – Various ads.

00:16:50 – Fake Dairy Queen Ad: They play audio combining a folksy old Dairy Queen with jaunty music and Jim’s rant at a DQ drive through many years ago. This came courtesy of Scott Bowden from the Kentucky Fried Wrasslin’ podcast.

00:23:27 – Ronda Rousey: Jim admits he only saw the entrance on Twitter. But says he loves that they are using the trappings of Hot Rod for her. Jim asks Brian if there is any credible news for her match at Mania. Brian responds that so far it seems to be the same as it was several years ago, with Ronda teaming with The Rock versus Stephanie McMahon and Triple H.

Jim says he would have done a year long build to that, from one Mania to the next. He would have her come out during one years Mania, then announcing her signing the next night on Raw. Then show her in training videos, running up to a pay-per-view debut within the next few months. Jim says this would be a squash against a heel you would build for her to beat in decisive and short fashion. Jim would then announce fight for free TV with a few weeks to advertise, again against a convincing heel in a short brutal squash.  

Rousey would then announce her intention to capture the Women’s championship and would have a face off against Stephanie would demean her. Jim would have Stephanie complain that Ronda’s matches aren’t entertaining enough because they are too short to draw ratings. This would make Ronda mad and get up in Steph’s face. Steph would then place a bounty on her head with the women’s roster. This would leave a few months of matches where Rousey would work through the top women in decisive fashion as they do their all to beat her in short to medium matches. All the while the women’s champion would be kept away from her, but then that match would finally happen at Survivor Series. Rousey would win the championship and this would lead to a match against Steph’s hand picked opponent at the Royal Rumble.

This would be a strong match, but Ronda would get screwed and lose, but be kept strong, attacking Steph at the end of the match. Triple H would run out, still wearing his production headset to try and save his wife and both would get arm bars for their trouble.

The next night on Raw, Triple H would announce Rousey’s suspension. At which time, Ronda’s real life husband Travis Browne would jump the guard rail and attack Triple H. Everyone would then hit the ring to pull them apart in absolute chaos. From there you would build to Steph and Triple H versus Ronda and Travis Browne.

Brian admits he thinks the idea is pretty good, and hopes they don’t over use her with whatever they do. Jim says they should be careful of house much “wrestling stuff” they do with her quickly, saying she should be handled even more real than Brock to start. Jim jokes they should maybe put her under a hood “as Lady Satan or whatever” and have her work NXT to get some experience, but keep her matches strong, short and legit on the main roster.

00:42:24 – Jerry Grey: Jim introduces Jerry and they briefly discuss how long it’s been since they saw each other.

They then turn to the first time they worked together in 1984 when both were in their early 20’s in Mid-South Wresting. Jim says back then everyone was young and hungry. Jerry says he started out in Sunbelt Wrestling before that, which was something of an Outlaw promotion in Florida, but had some stars. Brian says he knows they got some top names, because they had points in the company over all, so made some appearances for their own monetary gain. Jim jokes it might be one of those companies that gave away more points in the company than there were points to give.

Jerry says he was sent to Charlotte as his first real territory. He adds he lived with Jake Roberts and that was a real initiation. Jim asks what the travel was like in the Carolinas, based on what he was used to in Florida. Jerry says they often did 3 shows a night, with Dory Funk as booker. From Charlotte Jerry went to Memphis and later Jerry Lawler sent him to Mid-South.

Jim asks if Jerry ever got caught up in any of the riots that happened around his matches. Jerry tries to remember what the worst town was for that, and they settle on Tulsa. They then tell a story about a dark building in Biloxi where it got particularly dangerous because the lights in the building were so low. Talk then turns to a similar time in Baton Rouge where a fan swung at Jim, he ducked, Dundee tried to get the guy and the cops couldn’t find him, so he was listed as simply “John Doe” in the incident report.

Talk moves to who they enjoyed working with and Jerry says Lanny Poffo. Jerry also mentions a time he was ribbed in the dressing room by a lot of the Von Erich boys.

Jim asks if he is correct that it was Jerry that had the gimmick as “The Guru” and Jerry confirms it. Jim asks if that was Dutch booking or Dundee and Jerry confirms it was still Dundee.

Later they discuss Austin Idol’s gym regiment and a particularly nasty hard way blood incident. They also discuss a fight involving boards, that the babyface couldn’t manage to break over the heels head when discussing strange things that happened during matches. Jim tells a story about a match where an overheard light exploded showering the ring with hot glass. Jerry adds a story where a much hated female manager was told to leave ringside as the town turned on her, but they’d locked the heel dressing room door. Jim adds a time he had to carry mace to the ring, as well as mentioning that in some towns the police would clear the building and then even walk heel talent to their cars to be sure they got away okay. Jerry jokes “sometimes the baby’s had to save the heels in those days” by distracting the crowd so the heels could get away.

Jim asks Jerry about running his own shows, which he only stopped doing in 2013, due to ill health. Something he is still fighting and they discuss his go fund me campaign to seek treatment, Jim talks briefly about having to explain the US healthcare system to non-US fans.  They discuss how the will talk about all this more in a part 2 on the 605 podcast.

01:27:50 – Show wrap up.

Rating 7/10


Jim’s thoughts on how to book a talent like Rousey really elevated this one from getting a much lower rating and could have been given more time, though he admits he didn’t spend too long thinking about it as “they aren’t going to use any of this anyway.” They Jerry Grey chat was interesting but didn’t amount to much and the quality of the phone line he was on left a lot to be desired, so that is quite skippable really. But as I am behind in writing these up, I have to admit I am thankful for a mercifully short episode that is a little light on content. As such, my rating stands!


“00:00:00 – Intro”

“00:04:04 – The results are in”

“00:07:07 – Jim’s “vacation””

“00:09:16 – Various ads”

“00:16:50 – Fake Diary Queen Ad”

“00:23:27 – Ronda Rousey”

“00:42:24 – Jerry Grey”

“01:27:50 – Show wrap up”

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Mark is an English storyteller, joker, and drunk.

This week he spent some time in a quite realistic virtual reality simulation and hopes he isn’t still in there.


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