QUICK QUOTES: Danny Davis on being a heel referee, working WrestleMania with The Hart Foundation, reflecting on lost colleagues

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Danny Davis was a recent guest on the most recent episode of The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling and reflected back on his career. Here are some of the highlights they sent along:

Reliving his tough childhood while writing his book:

“Nobody likes to look back and relive (as you pointed out) your past because it is over. I tell people who knew me then and people who know me today or during my wrestling career that the Danny Davis that you knew is dead. He exists no more and is only in my past because I have done things in my life that I had only dreamt of and I achieved my dreams and now look at me, it wasn’t easy. To live a dream is very lonely thing and it is hard to sacrifice and it is not an easy path but it can be done and when you achieve those dreams there is no feeling like it and there is nothing like it. Here I am after wrestling and all my other things I’ve done writing a book. I am writing a book to help other people and give back to the fans that supported me throughout all these years and that helped me in my career and stuff like that because the fans are the people that put these wrestlers over.”

The “heel” referee angle:

“It was so great and it was so wonderful. The people in the ring that you were working with were so helpful and they all knew and they felt it and it was a great time that I enjoyed every minute of from the beginning to the end. It is like anything else where the first time something is done it is spectacular and when people try to do it again it may be good or it may be great and it may even be entertaining but it will never be duplicated and you can never do it twice and get the same reaction. What we did was never done before or gone that far with and we took it from an idea and developed it into something. I didn’t do it alone and I will not take any credit for that there were some key people involved in it including all the wrestlers, all the referees, promotional people, Vince McMahon all had a part in it and just guided me along. It was a natural thing for me to be a wise guy and it took me back to my street kid times because I can be a bad guy if they wanted or I could be mean and rotten or act like a tough guy and be whatever they wanted me to be I could do it and that is what opportunities opened up for me and I took advantage of them and we went with it and it was very successful.”

Working WrestleMania 3 alongside The Hart Foundation and Jimmy Hart:

“When we walked out there into that Silverdome and we had been looking at it on monitors in the dressing room obviously but when we walked out there and were actually in that ring it was (I don’t know how to say it) there were just so many people I just said where did they all come from? What a successful promotion this is and we are apart of it. I said to Jim (Neidhart) and Bret (Hart) can you believe we are part of this? They just laughed and were trying to be cool but they were as excited as I was to be a part of this event that as the kids would say is awesome. That is the only word I can use to describe it.”

Reflecting on colleagues lost through the years:

“It is like a family member dying. There are always in your hearts and that is gonna live because I think of the good times and I worked with them all as Mr. X and I remember that in Providence, Rhode Island we had a Royal Rumble and I worked with all of the guys. To see them pass away and be gone it is like as I said a family member dying. But you look back on it fondly and you get a smile on your face when you think about it and that is the bad part of life that people don’t live forever and you lose some of the greats and you lose some good friends and they are like family members because you live with them for all of those years on the road, working with them, eating with them, sleeping with them, going overseas, flying with them and everything.”

Working with top talent:

“I enjoyed every night and I enjoyed being there and getting dressed and doing it. WrestleMania will always be my top pick and I love to watch that but as Mr. X the guys I worked with the likes of Bruno Sammartino and his son and to me I couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t believe that I was in the ring with Bruno Sammartino and to think about that. That is one of my top ones but also The British Bulldogs as Mr. X because they used to really be (as we say in the business) snug with everyone especially Tom (Dynamite Kid) was a really stiff guy to work with but I enjoyed it and I endured it.”

For the full episode check out The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling.

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