WRITTEN PODCAST RECAP: E&C Pod of Awesomeness with Fandango and Tyler Breeze on who they want to work with on Raw, Breeze almost getting cut from the roster, how they created The Fashion Files, what Vince McMahon thinks about it

Daniel Bryan interview

Edge & Christian’s Pod of Awesomeness Recap

with Guests, Breezango

Recap By: Jeff Indelicato


“For The Benefit of Those with No Time” (Top Stories)

  • Breezango credits the Fashion Files with contributing to their overall popularity.
  • Fashion Files initially began as a way to get them promo time when Fandango was out with a knee injury.
  • Fandango admits that he developed a bad attitude for a while after not receiving television time.
  • Tyler Breeze acknowledges that he was originally supposed to be cut from the roster during the ESPN E:60 special on NXT.

“5 Second Pose of Timestamps”

0:00: Show Introduction
28:30: Sponsored Ads
24:45: Interview with Breezango
41:00: Fashion Files/Working up the card
1:00:00: Future feuds/Tagging together
1:25:00: Thanks and Close

“You Think You Know Them” (Recap)

Show Introduction 0:00-28:30

The boys open the show by talking about the recent passing of Bruno Sammartino. They talk about the levity of losing such a legend, and how not only was he a classy gentleman, but could be considered the first true wrestling superstar. Edge tells a story about receiving a phone call from Bruno shortly after his second neck surgery, and how kind of a thought that was.

E & C briefly talk about the Superstar Shakeup that recently occurred for Raw and Smackdown, and how it was positive for both sides. They mention how these changes are good to not only give feuds a fresh feel, but to also help give a wrestler a new start.

Season 2 of the Edge & Christian show is right around the corner, and they have been pleased with what’s been filmed thus far.

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Interview with Breezango 24:45-1:37:00

We begin our interview with Fandango on the phone. He’s calling in from a house in Maine that he recently purchased. After a few minutes the boys all realize that Tyler Breeze has been waiting this whole time during the conversation.

Since the shakeup recently happened, they discuss how the team was recently moved to Raw from Smackdown. Fandango and Breeze are excited for the change, and mention how with the extra hour on Raw, they are hoping to get more ring time. They credit the Fashion Files with keeping them afloat, as the amount of quality teams on the show left it difficult for some teams to get television time.

Speaking of the Fashion Files, what led to the creation of the popular segment? When they were initially paired together, the two of them were just trying to find their way as a team. After Fandango hurt his knee, Breeze talked to the writers about making some videos for the WWE website to document the search for his missing partner. Slowly but surely it evolved into them becoming cops, and took on a life of its own.

What stemmed from them being proactive and trying to get promo time led to the success of the web segments, and thus, getting it moved to TV. Fandango looks at this as a second chance following his abbreviated run back in 2013. He admits that he developed a bad attitude, and didn’t handle not being on TV very well, but he has learned from those experiences. He notes how you really value TV time when you’re not being booked. The team credits the success of the show to social media and how the fans kept their names trending. In a humorous bit, they reveal Vince McMahon’s thoughts on the Fashion Files: “I don’t get it, but people like it, so keep doing it.”   

E & C talk about the team’s ability to be funny and serious when it’s necessary. Breeze uses the example of a match from last year when he came to the ring dressed as a janitor and changed into a dress mid-match, but yet by the end of it, the fans believed in the possibility of them winning the tag team championships.

Now that they are on Raw, Breezango has a whole new landscape, and fresh teams to work with. They would like the opportunity to wrestle The Revival, as it would be a nice contrast in styles and personalities.

Edge remarks how back in the day, it seemed like Fandango was in FCW forever. Dango discusses how he was in the development territory for several years, and it did become frustrating seeing his colleagues moving up to the main roster. It was a long hard road, but he wanted to stick with it, and eventually, he made it. Since he initially started, there were several wrestlers that were called up, only to be released, so in retrospect, he could have been one of those releases if called up too early.

Tyler Breeze also had growing pains in relation to moving to the main roster. After being hired, he never really developed a personality/character, and just focused on wrestling. It got to the point that he was on the next list to get cut. Enter Cesaro, who during a match, threw Tyler high in the air to take his uppercut, which Breeze sold well. This gave him a second chance. After a match against the Ascension, Triple H took notice, and began inquiring about Tyler. Everything didn’t bloom immediately, though. In fact, Breeze found out that he was again on the potential cut list, which would lead him to being cut during the ESPN documentary special on NXT. Breeze went back to the drawing board, and completely altered his character, which became a model who doesn’t know how to wrestle. He learned a lot during that time and makes sure to credit Xavier Woods with helping him along the way.

The team is looking towards the future, and building off what they’ve done in the past. They are proud of the effort put in thus far, and realize that the character work is what got them pushed, so they are willing to work harder to get to the top.

Close 1:25:00-1:31:00

The boys close out the show, and once again thank the team for joining the show. They then advise fans to follow the show on Twitter @EandCPod, E-Mail them at ecpodofawesomeness@gmail.com, and call their Voicemail at 929-367-8204.

Jeff’s Take:  8 Kazoos out of 10

Being a fan of both men, I was excited to listen to the interview, and they didn’t disappoint. They were open, honest, and came across as humble. The two of them have great chemistry even when they are not on TV, so it’s easy to see why they’ve found success in the tag team division. Knowing their wrestling capabilities, I’m hopeful that they can reach the next level in terms of championship gold. Feel free to follow me on Twitter @the_Indel or send me an email at indelpw@gmail.com. See you next week!

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