RECAP AND REVIEW: Killing the Town on recap of Winnipeg tour, Lance the “fence builder,” death trips, why do wrestlers call each other “brother?”

Killing the Town

Release DateMay 15, 2018

Recap By: Dust


Seems like this podcast is really suffering from Storm being on hiatus and Cyrus having so much work.

So we get a recap.


Storm and Cyrus do a Winnipeg show.

Storm and Cyrus did the 16 hour trip from Calgary to Winnipeg with 2 dogs and many Tim Horton coffee breaks. Cyrus busts Storm’s balls about his prostate. Storm bust Cyrus’ balls about not being able to drive for longer than 2 hours and being asleep for most of the trip.

Storm and Cyrus lost an epic podcast recording from the car thanks to vibration and mic issues. Cyrus boasts Storm got a lot of gold from him, worth thousands of dollars.

They arrived late, “Jericho taught me that top talent always arrives late.” Cyrus ate pheasant from Jericho’s stash upon arrival. They talk pops and Cyrus fudging audio with canned crowd pops for his entrance. Cyrus talks Tony Condello getting pulled from the event and getting angry despite Cyrus putting him over. Cyrus boasts, boasts, boasts…  

Find the Tony Condello interview on KTT because its fantastic and includes information about Piper that isn’t out there, not even in the excellent Rowdy book, ie Piper’s real wrestling debut also stolen leather jackets, frozen death tours, midgets and castrating pedophiles .

They talk about hanging out with Jericho and midgets.

16:00 – live event audio from Winnipeg.

Storm and Cyrus talk about meeting. Storm talks starting with Tony Condello, death tours not getting paid and working each other. Storm says he was arrogant in his youth.

They talk about doing their first events together and fighting hundreds of times on death trips. Cyrus puts Storm over as never hurting him and being easy to work with, even in front of crowds of 30-40 people. Cyrus says Lance wouldn’t fire up for 20 people in the crowd.

Lance likes hurting Cyrus on the mic, not in the ring.

Cyrus talks being a top star in ECW and never partying or meeting a rat because he travelled with Lance (On his podcast Cornette talked about hiring a young handsome Lance in SMW and then being disappointed that he was so ‘picky’).

On that note Lance talks being in WWE and discussing arranging a RV on tour (like Scott Steiner) with Jericho, Christian and Bubba Dudley. Bubba said he’d in charge of the booze, Jericho would be in charge of the music, Christian in charge of ‘something’ and then HHH walks in the room and says Lance can just be in charge.

Cyrus says that all his girlfriends loved Lance because Lance would never get Cyrus into trouble. Lance was always over with friends and moms. Lance was always a ‘fence builder’ so no other guy would get near a girl even though he wouldn’t go near her, ‘priest material’ according to Cyrus, ‘slightly straighter than the Pope’. Lance is 24 years married…

Cyrus discusses death tours to native territories with Tony Condello. 24 hour trips, 5 miles an hour on the road, sleeping on floors in the gyms they wrestled in (no hotels) and then being booked to work with the man who killed Bruiser Brody instead of going on a tour with Lance (Jose Gonzalez, Invader 1, murdered Brody – check out the stories, including Brody bleeding out, witnesses getting summons to the trial after it). Cyrus got money from his dad to get back from Puerto Rico after counting 300 cockroaches in his ‘hotel’ room and then joined the death tour. Lance talks a 23 hour trip in an overcrowded bus and then getting their event postponed because of a death at the reservation. Brothers combined food resources but Cyrus only had corned hash.  Tony managed to freeze his bus for three days. Cyrus and Lance treated their tours very seriously.

They talk Paul Lezanby smashing metal rods into his knees and throat to toughen them during rides.

38:00 – Cyrus talks about novices and green wrestlers talking spots. Cyrus says that independent wrestlers can’t call it in the ring at all. Lance and Cyrus say that wrestlers nowadays aren’t taught at all. Lance talks ‘jamming’ with wrestlers.

A wrestler calls another wrestler ‘brother’ because they put each other’s bodies in their hands.

Lance says he was offered Cyrus’ commenting job first.

Cyrus talks about a Stone Cold podcast. Cyrus bigs up the late 90s and end of Attitude Era. No beach balls and crowd investment.

47:15 – ‘Wrestling shouldn’t be a Cirque De Soleil show’ – Cyrus.

Cyrus puts over Kenny Omega, Winnipeg, as the best wrestler in the world.  

Score: 9 Definitely worth a listen, funny and great but it’s a repeat. The Condello interview though is legendary and check it out.

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