RECAP AND REVIEW: Killing the Town on the differences between how ECW and Impact write their shows, Cryrus conducts a promo seminar and reveals what makes a great promo and what they should try and accomplish, the top three bookers ever

Killing the Town

Release DateMay 22, 2018

Recap By: Dust


Not sure what the Lance ‘hiatus’ actually is. All episodes earlier than April 2018 have been removed from the archive, read what you want into that. Lazenby having technical difficulties.

To start off we get a megamix of old KTT episodes intros, guest starring Alice Radley saying “previously on Killing the Town”, for 16 minutes… don’t see what the point of this is.

I was almost tempted to switch off and give up after 10 minutes.

16:00 – Cyrus turns up and talks about the intros and Cyrus being too technically incompetent to do recaps so he decides to bomb us. Cryptic talk about Lance being on a sabbatical.

Cyrus working hard on Impact with Scott d’Amore & Jimmy Jacobs at ‘creative camp’ in Toronto, i.e. writing 4 weeks of TV. Talks about there being a lot more work nowadays as compared to ECW style writing/post-editing and you can’t just shoot a lot of matches without connective tissue between storylines and segments. Impact is now taking a time-consuming complicated ‘cinematic’ approach. Work is fun but time-consuming. Camp gets up at ten a.m. and then work until 4 a.m., 18 hour days for a couple of days straight. Jimmy Jacobs constantly changes costumes. Constant ribbing.

24:50Important for up-coming wrestlers. Cyrus says he has not yet written a promo yet. Discusses what makes a great promo, difference between charisma and having great promos. A promo shouldn’t just grab attention or be delivered compellingly. A promo should get your opponent over & get people to watch the fight. A heel should cut a promo like a heel. ‘Cool’ heels are not a good idea. Being a babyface is more difficult than being a heel and there are too many ‘cool’ heels who don’t ‘show’ ass. Too many wrestlers try and get over but can’t get their opponent over.

Cites Jericho, you don’t bury your opponent because if you beat a s*** opponent you haven’t beaten anybody.

Talks his Rick Martel feud in Winnipeg, Rick coming in as a pretend one-off to start a two year feud for half hour wrestling matches. Rick Martel was both storyline and real-life Cyrus’ ticket to Stanford, pre-Bret Hart Canadians were off WWE radar (not so sure about that but…)   

Promos have to be believable, make some sense. Writing in a bit of a shoot makes sense. Don’t kill your credibility by exaggeration. 90s guys knew how to cut promos because they knew how to draw money.

Being yourself is key, character must be based on reality, i.e. Cyrus is cocky, arrogant and verbose. Jericho, the Rock and Vin Diesel wouldn’t be good to play Hamlet. Wrestlers aren’t actors.

Eddie Graham, Paul Heyman and Vince McMahon are the top 3 bookers ever but they can’t create a character better for you than you can. A wrestler needs to come up with the best lines they can for themselves. Be on top of your character and know why you say what you say. Be comfortable in your own skin.

43:00 – Talks Jericho cruise, Disco Inferno bikini bet, whether Disco will get thrashed by Lazenby and Cyrus security and the ‘Punch Disco in the face’ cruise lottery.

47:00 – Talks NJPW and Naito’s lack of respect. Talks up the Jericho/Naito match.

Talks about the ‘new’ Killing The Town with Paul Lazenby – which I guess means Lance is long-term or permanently out.

Score: 6.5 Thanks to the horrible intro starring Alice Radley x 50 which most people won’t get past. The Cyrus insight into the creative process is 10 for upcoming wrestlers because this was a promo seminar that you should pay money for. 

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