PODCAST RECAP: Killing The Town on Punk in MMA, the Konnan HOF, Bischoff, Tessa Blanchard, Vince & Jesse

Killing the Town

Release Date: 6/19/18

Recap By: Dust


Cyrus vs Bischoff!! Cyrus vs Disco and Lazenby vs Callihan

Welcome to the new Killing the Town with Cyrus and Lazenby.

Lazenby is shooting Gears of War 5 as Marcus Phoenix.

Lazenby is also working out hard at his MMA gym ahead of possibly meeting Sami Callihan on the Jericho cruise. He’s in fight camp.

Cyrus says that Callihan is probably clinically insane which might be why he has success in wrestling.

Lazenby compliments NXT wrestlers Kyle O’Reilly, Roderick Strong, Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan for their Takeover match where the Undisputed Era retained the tag belts. Lazenby says everybody should see the match and compliments how NXT builds wrestlers.

Cyrus wants to get into the Konnan Keeping It 100 HOF (Cyrus is on the newest Konnan podcast at 46 mins). Cyrus’ entry is being vetoed by Disco Inferno. Cyrus describes putting himself over on Keeping It 100 as not only being a once in a generation color commentator, better than Lawler or Jesse Ventura, but being a once in a thousand years color commentator. Lazenby pronounces hagiography as HAJGEOGRAPHY. Cyrus was also on the Ross podcast. They put Cyrus over for a long while and insult Disco for a while. Tweet Konnan about inducting Cyrus.

Lazenby wants to apologize for not mentioning Tessa Blanchard (22 year-old daughter of Four Horseman and NWA HOFer, Tully Blanchard) when listing good Impact wrestlers last week.

Cyrus even compares her to Benoit.

Lazenby complains that Tessa said she loves Lance.

Cyrus talks about being on the Jim Ross podcast.

Cyrus talks about marks pitting the two English NJPW commentators against each other (Jim Ross comments with Josh Barnett). Cyrus calls Jim Ross the greatest play-by-play announcer of all time, even though he liked Vince and Ventura better than any other team in wrestling history. Cyrus says JR and Barnett do their commentary different than Cyrus and Kevin Kelly, which is good.

Lazenby says he likes fighting in Japan because the Japanese don’t need to build somebody up by destroying somebody else, same as with respect to commentators. Lazenby also puts Jim Ross over. They both say that on his worst day, Jim Ross is still doing a good job.

Cyrus likes social media comments about his work because that allows the Japanese office to know he’s doing a good job, so he retweets a lot.

Lazenby says that a lot of wrestlers suffer for lack of self-promotion. The squeaky wheel gets the grease. Lazenby compliments Jeff Osborne as being the best wrestling promoter who also pioneered women’s MMA (ran the first all women MMA show). However, he had no real talent for self-promotion.

Lazenby says you have to maximize every opportunity.

In the context of the 83 Weeks podcast, Cyrus discusses hating ‘cool’ heels and Bischoff reacting badly to Conrad commenting on Cyrus’ approach, thinking that Cyrus was disrespecting the NWO. Cyrus says he was a huge mark for the NWO and was discussing modern wrestling. Basically, Bischoff went off on Cyrus on his podcast, Cyrus declines to fire back and talks about how Bischoff had recruited him for his eventual failed purchase and relaunch of Nitro as a commentating team with Joey Styles. Cyrus says he liked what Bischoff did with WCW, going toe-to-toe with WWE, and has no heat with Bischoff. Lazenby also puts Bischoff over. Both say to listen to the podcast.

Lazenby says the best heels don’t want to be liked or thought of as cool.

They then turn to CM Punk. Lazenby has had contact with Punk and welcomed him to MMA. Lazenby says that MMA is show business and you get paid for putting butts in seats. Even James Toney deserved to be in the cage, though if he was much less respectful. Lazenby says Punk has improved a lot and he would not be surprised if we see him fighting again in a smaller promotion. Punk wanted a win for his team. Cyrus hasn’t watched Punk fight and asks for Lazenby’s assessment. Lazenby says that the UFC made a mistake putting Punk in against Mickey Gall who looked like an equal on paper but was obviously much better. Lazenby says that MMA is a spectacle and not a sport, like football, where you earn a place up the ladder. Punk and Kimbo Slice deserved their spots because people wanted to see them fight. Lazenby describes lying his way into Pancrase and fighting the #3 guy and then the champ.

Cyrus and Lazenby discuss Cyrus’ savate (French boxing) fighting skills.

They do their plugs.

Lazenby of course plugs his When We Were Bouncers book series. Book 2 has some snafu at Amazon with paper copies but he says they’ll be available soon.

Lazenby also plugs the upcoming 350 Days documentary landing in theatres on 7/12.

Short episode, as seems the norm for the new Killing The Town.

Score: 7/10. They talked a lot about other podcasts.

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