RECAP AND REVIEW: Peter Rosenberg Talks Extreme Rules, Brock is Back in UFC, Kaitlyn’s Return, Bobby Lashley’s Big Test, Enzo in hip hop

Heated Conversations with Booker T – Episode 165

Release Date: July 12th, 2018

Recap by: James Hayes


Reality of Wrestling is putting on a show called Summer of Championships on FITE TV.

Geno goes one-on-one against Rex Andrews for The World Championship.

Reality of Wrestling

Booker does not consider them independent, rather on the same level of ROH and TNA. Book puts out a call to all young men and women to come on over and get involved.

Brad Gilmore goes on about how surprised he is that women’s wrestling has remained so strong and popular. He thought it might be a fad, but it seems to be growing. Speaking of women’s wrestling, Kaitlyn is returning to perform in The May Young Classic. Booker believes she should have reached out to him at Reality of Wrestling. He thinks she could use a tune up before she jumps back into competition.

Booker and Brad start to go in on their guest, Peter Rosenberg. Book believes the guy should sign up to their gym. He needs a work out plan. They will try to convince him later in the show.

Booker remembers the first time he wrestled Ric Flair. It was in Atlanta, Georgia. He had no idea that he was wrestling Ric that night. He showed up and he was on the books to face Naitch. Ric actually chose to work with Booker. He wanted to see what the young kid had in him. Ric directed him in the match and taught him a lot, as well as showed Book that all that hard work was paying off. If Ric Flair asks to wrestle you, then you have made it.

Chris Jericho recently talked about wrestlers working strong style and the danger that exists today. Booker agrees it’s risky. He remembers waking up in pain, but he never had broken bones, and he never had to go to the ER. In his opinion that is not pro wrestling. You should be able to wrestle without hurting yourself. It will shorten your career and make you expendable.

Booker says “What if Jack Abbott got hurt?”

(Jack Abbott is a fictional character on The Young and the Restless.)

Brad asks Booker if he is saying the long career he had would not be possible if he wrestled in that strong style?

“Exactly.” Booker confirms.

They start to discuss Extreme Rules.

Booker is looking forward to Bobby Lashley vs. Roman Reigns. In Booker’s opinion, this is Bobby’s chance to prove something to him. It’s a huge test for Lashley. He thinks Roman can bring it out. Booker always believed Bobby Lashley could be the heir apparent to him, like he was to Ron Simmons . He could have been WWE World Champ. But he left before it could happen. Booker says there is nothing wrong with going after your dream of being a MMA star. Bobby was pretty good. Brad agrees Bobby was good at MMA and they both agree that both men will have to bring the noise!

Booker goes on record and says he would not be surprised if Rusev ends up with The WWE Title. This could be his time. He looks like a fighter. The merchandise sales are there. Why not?

Interview Segment with Peter Rosenberg

Booker: It’s about that time. Ring the bell Brad. It’s Peter Rosenberg.

Rosenberg: What’s up Book?

Booker: What’s going on in your life?

Rosenberg: Heading to LA for the ESPY’S. I’m doing the red carpet.

Booker: I am on my way to Pittsburgh for Extreme Rules.

Rosenberg: I’m gonna miss it. I’m gonna miss you.

Booker: I’m gonna miss you. I hate to say it.

They all laugh.

Rosenberg: We have fun! We have a good time.

Brad: Day one. Booker got your name wrong. On live national television he says “I thought your name was Peter not Mark.”

Rosenberg: Let me give you the background. I said I’m a Bella mark. Paul Heyman tells me that word is frowned upon. I tell him I’m a quick learner. Lesson learned. Fast forward. That’s the first thing Booker calls me.

Booker: You had the socks on. The Bella socks!

Rosenberg: That’s right!

Booker: I couldn’t pass it up.

More laughs.

Booker: That was a hazing process. If we didn’t like you we wouldn’t do it. Like the Miz. See where he is at. It’s about trying to fit in. It was about trying to be part of something. Look at the Miz. Peter, you are world famous. People know who you are. How did you find yourself around the hip-hop community? How did you become part of that world?

Rosenberg: Wrestling was always my thing, then around 8 or 9 years old, my brother who was 13 got into hip-hop. And it became a thing for me too. I had passion for it. As I got older, I got turntables and I became known as the hip-hop guy at school. I did internships. I ended up working with Big Tigga. Sports Talk Radio. Hot 97 came calling. That was about 11 years ago. I just got the ratings for the spring. We are now number two in the 18-49 demographics. We are only after one pop station. It ended up landing me in another passion of mine – the WWE.

Booker: Hip-hop is powerful! Brad Gilmore came to me with a passion of hip-hop and I saw something in him that I did not see in everyone. He was 17-years old. Now he’s my partner. Are you going to write a book? Maybe make a movie?

Rosenberg: It’s hard to stop and smell the roses when you’re always grinding. I remember talking to Big E after they had the titles for so long and he understood it was about seeing what was next. Always look for what’s next. There are a lot of things I need to do in life before I give advice. WWE was a specific dream. My podcast was a means to an end. I wanted to find a role in WWE. I asked Vince for a job to his face. I never heard back. I asked Triple H. I remember once having a dream where I was actually dreaming about being part of the show that is WWE. Then one day it was actually happening. Holy Crap! This week it’s true. I just wanted to be part of the show. I didn’t care what role that was. I treasure that. The dream was never to bump. The dream was to hang out in the locker room and just be with the guys.

Booker: It’s all about preparation. I talk about that to my students all the time. The only luck you will ever have in life is putting yourself in that position to win. Being ready for that opportunity is important. It’s not going to come to you. You have to go after it.

Brad: Peter, you’re never afraid to speak your mind. I wanted to get your advice on something. I got some heat on this show. Real1 (Enzo Amore) is pursuing his dream. I’m not feeling this. Booker pulled up today playing his music. What is your feeling on Real1? What about Enzo’s transition?

Booker: That boy bad. You are talking to me, right?

Brad: No. I’ve heard. What do you think, Pete?

Rosenberg: Enzo is a guy that goes after things. I am a big Enzo defender. He can be a handful. He was a guy who talked his dreams into a reality. He never stopped talking about it. Do I think he is conventional? No. Do I know he will make it in music? No. Do I think he has talent? Yes. He sounds like Mystical. He has an interesting style. He caught some bum deals in his life. He has a good heart and I think he has a little more talent than you may realize.

Booker: When you’re 100 percent of the time you speak up, when you’re 99% you keep your mouth shut. That’s what Enzo did not know.

Booker: What are your thoughts of the Extreme Rules Pay Per View?

Rosenberg: Alexa vs Nia. Alexa believes in herself. She reminds me of LeBron James. I’m also excited about Hardy vs Nakamura.

Booker: What’s gonna happen in that match? Hardy is still willing to lay it all on the line.

Rosenberg: Jeff can still go. It’s kind of like a weird dream match. I am excited. I think it’s a solid card.

Booker: What do you think of the resurgence of Doplh Ziggler?

Rosenberg: When I talk about the most athletic athletes. Dolph is on that list. I’m glad he’s with McIntyre. They both look good together. McIntyre is like his Diesel to his Shawn Michael. I am enjoying this Ziggler run.

Booker: A guy who’s working on a Hall of Fame run is Seth Rollins?

Rosenberg: People think his current run is better than when he was champ. It seemed like he was once fading away. Seth is now the most over guy in the Shield.

Booker: I was one of Seth’s biggest critics. He had injuries. But I always said we have not seen his full potential, he is a storyteller, and now he is writing romance novels.

Brad and Rosenberg laughs hysterically.

Booker: A.J. Styles has come to WWE with high praise and backed it up. What do you think of Styles?

Rosenberg: I embarrass him, because I introduce him as the best wrestler in the world. He was trying to make it happen when WCW was around. He was in TNA for so long wrestling for a few hundred people. When he debuted at the Royal Rumble, I thought he would not translate and become a big star at WWE. Just because we nerds know who he is means nothing. I wanted him to be. But I was wrong. So glad I was wrong. He is a good talker. He can talk. But mainly he can just go. He can go and makes everyone look good. A.J. is generous. The guy is special.

Brad: When I got the new 2k game pre-order for A.J., seeing A.J. on the cover with the title was crazy. Seeing him get the main event and stay in it, since his debut. It’s amazing!

Booker: He is truly the best in the world. When I introduce A.J. to people I introduce him as Shawn Michaels.

They all laugh.

Booker: What do you think of The B Team? These guys have stuck around for a reason. Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas have weathered that storm. Like the New Day.

Rosenberg: I am really happy for them. I was always a Bo Dallas fan. They continue to bust their butts. And the fans reward you when they see that hard work.

Brad: Myself, Peter, and Cass are team Takeover against Ether. (Jay Z’s dis track vs Nas’) It’s a longstanding battle in the hip-hop world.

Rosenberg: I am a Takeover guy. People try to shout me down in New York. It’s not popular.

Booker: Hey Bro! The thing is keep taking over. Thanks.

Rosenberg: Thank you boys. See you in August.

Before the Final Bell:

The guys discuss Cormier vs Miocic. Booker has been a big critic of DC, but is now ready to call him The GOAT. Could he beat Randy Couture? Yeah. Brad agrees and thinks DC should stay in the heavyweight division. He is a natural fit.

What were Booker’s thoughts on Brock showing up and pushing DC? He was entertained by it (He left it at that). Book did notice the size difference between the two. In a fight he would give the edge to DC because he has “hard hands,” however if Brock gets him to the ground, it could be a long, painful night for DC.

Final Thoughts: This was a great episode. It was loaded with wrestling news and thought-provoking opinion. The highlight was an entertaining and even inspiring interview with Peter Rosenberg. Good stuff! Rating: 8/10

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