RECAP AND REVIEW: Killing the Town with Austin Aries on Slammiversary, the reaction to the show, being a vegan

Killing the Town

Release Date: July, 23, 2018

Recap by: Dust


Best podcast this week – because Cyrus and Aries give some real input, feedback.

The last low marks are because Cyrus is carrying all the weight. Paul, tell some stories and work off Cyrus. Cyrus, stop shilling.

Cyrus is with Austin Aries (Impact Heavyweight champion) in Toronto off a fantastic PPV, Slammiversary.


I won’t put do too much YouTube breaks here because this is a good audio podcast.

Aries is feeling pretty good. The feedback from Slammiversary has been good. 

‘Some car crashes last night.’- Aries.

Aries says that people delivered on the show.

Cyrus says that feedback is after hair vs. mask how would Aries go against Moose.

‘Ignorance is bliss’ – Aries.

‘They were tearing it down’ – Aries.

‘Everybody got to do somebody different’ – Aries.

‘Aries is Shane Douglas.’ – Cyrus.

‘The word on the banner is wrestling’ – Aries.

Impact is getting chances, and people are feeling good.

Wins and losses mean something according to Aries and Cyrus.

They talk booking rooms – clean finishes and jobs.

Cyrus and Aries talk about being heel.

They talk about having to undo Tits n Asses and BS finishes.

Aries wants a satisfactory finish. Moose had a good finish according to Cyrus, ‘all in’. Aries was smart.

Aries jokes about being a ‘midget’.

Cyrus talks about Aries going against a big dude, ‘How is Austin going against a guy this size’.

Aries has always been going against big dudes.

If you are blind, your sense of hearing is enhanced, according to Aries.

‘I’ve been small all my life’ – Aries.

Cyrus puts over Aries as always having a good promo.

Aries likes having a blank canvas, being a good painter.

Cyrus can do a good Cyrus promo, not another dude’s promo.

Get comfortable with yourself.

Jericho vs. Rock and Cyrus discusses dudes going from wrestling and acting and vice versa.

Aries talks about being vegan. You are a good consumer because you are sick.

Cyrus would go vegan… long vegan talk.

Cyrus saw a dog getting mistreated… and he intervened.

Then another vegan talk.

You can sustain your life without torturing other beings…

Cyrus pumps up Aries post-WWE.

Aries mentions his ATTITUDE problems. He talked his way into WrestleMania and Commenting.

Talks about politics and legacy.

Austin is happy about working a pseudo-territory system, different system, different continent and different politics.

Cyrus talking about working the system.

They talk about the medium changing.

Platforms are different…

Aries would like to be in the roster for a long time.

They put over Callihan/Cage.

And LAX – on the level of Young Bucks.

Cyrus says that Sami Callihan would have been a great warlord in Africa, failed state dictator…

Aries is 40.

Cyrus asks why Aries wasn’t a happy guy…

Aries says he went in wrestling because he loved it.

Aries – ‘It doesn’t fit for everybody.’

Cyrus – ‘I was waiting for them to.’

They plug their spots.

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