RECAP AND REVIEW: Heated Conversations with Booker T – Mayor Kane on why he ran, Rex Andrews on his Reality of Wrestling title match, why Booker thinks Brock Lesnar may be leaving WWE (Ep. 168)

Heated Conversations with Booker T

Episode 168: Mayor Kane, Booker loves Vanilla Ice, Dillashaw vs. Garbrandt, RIP to Volkoff

Release Date: August 5th, 2018


Recap By: James Hayes

Booker T and Co-Host Brad Gilbert welcome you to the show!

(Booker has done something that may make it harder for me to continue doing these recaps. He just admitted to being a huge Vanilla Ice fan. For those of you not old enough to remember this particular brand of hip hop listen below.)

Sorry you had to see that.

Let’s try to recover.

Booker starts playing Steely Dan’s “Do it Again”. The man is clearly trying to redeem himself. He says he has always been a fan, although he never knew how they looked.”They are studio artist, so for years I never knew what they look like. They are some of the most unassuming rock stars you’ll ever see. These guys have produced some of the greatest music you’ll ever hear. For real” (That’s more like it.)

Gilbert chimes in that he remembers Michael Cole being a big fan also. Cole and Booker seemed to bond over their love of the band.

Booker now brings in one of the wrestlers from his promotion Reality of Wrestling. Rex Andrews will headline the upcoming PPV Summer of Champions. Andrews has been with Booker from the start. Booker feels that he is one of the best in his promotion. Although he has had a short career. He will face Gino for the World Title.

Rex says “You said I’ve had a short career. I been doing this since I was 16 years old. I’m 9 years in. I was in the first match in the first episode ever in Reality of Wrestling. Five years later and yes it’s the main event. The biggest opportunity I’ve had. You work for 9 years then finally you get the opportunity to seize it live on PPV. That’s the dream.”

Booker says “Gino is the face of the company. The champ.” Brad adds “Gino is a three time champ.” Rex replies.”Gino is a paper champ. Brad Gilmore himself gave me the name “Precision Technician”. That’s what I am in the ring. I’m gonna pick you apart. I’m gonna execute that game plan and do what is needed to win.”

Booker asks what would you tell a young wrestler coming in the game?

Rex replies “You will struggle and make sacrifices. Weekends away from your family. Drive 10 hours for a 15 minute match. I moved away from my family to train with you. I saw a lot of dudes wearing t-shirts in their thirties and forties. I chose to learn from a Hall of Famer. To be a professional.” Book thanks him for his time then they both plug next Saturday’s Summer of Champions PPV.

Booker talks about receiving The Lou Thesz Heavyweight Championship Award for all the work he does with young people. Booker brought his lovely wife on stage as he accepted it. He says bringing her up and giving her props was more important than actually getting the award. Speaking of awards Booker calls out Terrell Owens for not attending his NFL Hall of Fame induction. Brad says Owens is a idiot. And so are his parents! (What?)

Booker tells Brad not to call the man’s parents idiots.

Mayor Kane is a real thing now. Glenn Jacobs won his bid to be Mayor of Knox County. The guys congratulate him. Booker says it was a landslide win and Kane will come to work everyday. “People want a regular common guy to represent them.” (A seven foot multi-millionaire?) Booker remembers all the gimmicks they both went through. Awful stuff. Now he thinks they are both legends. Although Kane is really is just a family man. Around his family you would not see The Big Red Machine. He did it all for his family. He never had a ego. That’s the true mark of a pro. Don’t believe the press clippings. Booker beams that he is very proud of the guy.

Brad remembers seeing Jacobs being interviewed by some media guy, and the guy had to stand on a crate, so they could both get in the shot! Booker knows Kane is currently hurt and he still wanted to come in and make the dates. Old school mental.

The guys take a moment to remember the fallen wrestlers of this past week. Booker believes that Brian Christopher is in a better place now.

He remembers being a huge fan of Nikolai Volkoff. One of his best memories was him and his brother getting to take a picture with the big man.

The guys briefly touch on SummerSlam. The internet is buzzing about Brock tossing around one of the interviewers backstage. Booker has no sympathy because at his school everyone learns to bump. “You gotta be ready!”

After Brock turned on Paul Heyman Brad and Booker feel Brock is on his way out. Booker says USADA has already tested Brock three times in one month! “You can always tell when someone is using.” (He says he will explain what this means later, but never does.)

Samoa Joe vs A.J. Styles is the match both guys want to see the most. Booker knows it is past due for Joe to become a WWE World Champ.

Brad asks between Brock, A.J., Joe, and Roman who did he have the best chemistry with. The answer is simple: A.J. Styles. A world class guy that performs on any and all levels.

On Bliss vs Rousey, Booker states that he does not know how serious Rousey is taking all of this. He saw her on some morning show and she said in the UFC when she would come to fight she was nervous, but not in WWE. She sees it as fun. “It was never fun for me. It was about stepping up to another level. I always had butterflies. Last time somebody in Reality of Wrestling wanted to have fun they got fired!”

Brad screams. “What do you mean?”

Booker goes into promo mode. “Ronda you got a big match at Summer Slam You taking on Miss Bliss. Don’t overlook her! You could be lookin at a pass career! Make sure you ready. It might get Steady Eddie! And he is not here today.” (Huh?)

UFC Time!

Dillashaw vs. Garbrandt 2

Booker wondered about great trilogies. Like the fight mentioned above. The trilogy goes out the window if Garbrandt loses. It’s only been 9 months since the last fight. Booker feels not enough time has passed for another fight. Let it breathe.

Brad remembers Garbrandt being a jerk to Dominick Cruz only to get knocked out by Dillashaw. A second round knock out. Booker says no one thought Garbrandt did something no one though he could do.  Booker wants to know who Brad thinks wins Dillashaw vs Garbrandt? Brad picks Garbrandt. Brad demands Booker’s prediction. They agree it will be Cody Garbrandt. They also believe the two guys should meet up before the fight and come up with a plan to milk this rivalry for another fight.

Demetrious Johnson vs. Henry Cejudo

Booker can’t wait to see “Mighty Mouse” Demetrious Johnson. He feels the man is the best champion in UFC history. Booker also sings the praises of Cejudo. The Olympian believes he now has the skills to beat Johnson. It will not be like the other time. Cejudo always believed he could beat Johnson, even after their fight. That says a lot about Cejudo. The kid has learned a lot since then. Booker believes Johnson wins. Brad also thinks that will happen, although if anyone can beat Johnson it may be Cejudo.

Spoiler Alert!!!

Dillashaw put Garbrandt to sleep in the first round and Demetrious Johnson lost a decision to Henry Cejudo.

Spoiler over.

McGregor vs Kabib is happening!

Two months away and Book does not think it will actually happen. He says someone will get injured, get cold feet, or something else will stop it. He will believe it when he sees it. If it happens Booker think it’s a great look for Kabib. “Kabib will pressure Conor and it’s a risky fight coming back. It could expose McGregor in so many ways.” Brad thinks “Kabib could go out there are embarrass Conor. It’s a risk for the UFC. He is their biggest cash cow.” Booker retorts that UFC does not think Conor will be around much longer anyway, and Dana wants big fights.

Booker adds. “On his back Conor is not good, but on his feet no one beats him.”

Brad agrees. “Conor even got rounds on Mayweather.” Brad then starts criticizing the UFC for using the video footage from Conor’s incident in NY to promote this upcoming fight. Booker does not think it is smart to do. But it’s not his company.

Before the Final Bell:

I finally got a chance to see a full episode of Reality of Wrestling and I must say I was impressed. Good production value, coupled with simple yet interesting narratives, make it stand out from other indie promotions.

Chad Skywalker did some fun heel work in the first match. He also has a insane finisher, that may be better suited to a babyface.

The second match was for the Tag Team Championships. It was very well paced and executed. It featured some innovative tag team moves I’ve never seen. The heels and faces all played their roles well. And luckily the enthused fans showed their appreciation, adding to the atmosphere of excitement.

The highlight was the main event. “Ruthless” Ryan Davidson vs. Van Harrison. Davidson started the segment with a very good heel promo. I have never seen this guy before, but he had my full attention. He has a good look and I could see Davidson doing great things in a couple of years. Then there is Van Harrison. A huge guy from Texas. He is good looking, has a nice physique, and can go in the ring. Vince will eventually snatch him up. I would give it two years.

Good storytelling and a logical finishes left me with a great impression. I knew nothing about any of these wrestlers before this show, but came away as a fan of several of them. Good job, Book.

Here it is! Reality of Wrestling episode 218

Overall Thoughts:

Nothing newsworthy this week. Lot’s of MMA talk. Unfortunately the show was light on pro wrestling again. I like the different topics. It keeps things fresh and allows them to stand out from the millions of other wrestling podcasts. However, I would like a little more wrestling interviews and news. Fine show. Nothing special.

Score: 7 out of 10

See ya next week (Maybe)

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