QUICK RECAP: Chasing Glory with Lilian Garcia with Matt Hardy on the WWE 24 Special, battling drug addiction, and whether he intends to return to the ring.

Chasing Glory with Lilian Garcia – Matt Hardy

Release Date: October 29, 2018

Recap by: Caitlin Lavelle


Before the show, Lilian discusses Roman’s Raw announcement and keeping her participation at the Evolution PPV a secret.

Matt Hardy Interview

Matt talks about how it felt to make his surprise WWE comeback at WrestleMania 33, gives his thoughts on the Evolution PPV concept & dives behind-the-scenes into his intense Hardy Boys WWE24 special.

Matt says he was hands-on in the creation of the special, and that he wanted to tell his story as accurately as possible on the WWE’s platform. He says Kevin Dunn was hesitant to release some of the raw, dark content featured in the special, but Hardy believed the message – that you can always come back, that everyday is a new day – was an important one.

Matt talks about growing up, getting into wrestling and what it was like to lose his mom at an early age.

Matt says he has a vivid memory of hearing his mom’s vitals flatline.

Matt discusses his addiction to pain pills, as well as his brother Jeff’s struggle with drug addiction, and says that the only thing that got him clean was his wife Reby’s constant vigilance.

Matt says he loved working with Bray Wyatt and wishes the pair could have done more outside of the ring, like vignettes in strange locations, and that it was his original concept that Woken Matt would invite Bray Wyatt to join him and live at the Hardy Compound.

On the report that Matt Hardy is “Leaving WWE”, Hardy says he never said that he was “retiring”, but rather that he needed to “go home” for a while. Hardy says he needs to address issues with his back and hips, and that if he can bounce back, he’ll be back in the ring. If not, he says he’ll “do what he needs to do to be entertaining outside of the ring.” But, Hardy clarifies, he, “has not left WWE,” and “is still with WWE full-fledged.”

Matt discusses the origins of the Broken/Woken character and the concept behind the WWE Network’s Hardy Family Halloween Special, confirming that this is an episodic series that will be continued on the WWE Network.

On his legacy, Matt says he’s good if he never wrestles another match again, and that he’s happy with what he’s achieved.

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