RECAP AND REVIEW: Notsam Wrestling Podcast with Dalton Castle on working through injuries, missing All In, Bruce Prichard on being snubbed by Jeff Jarrett at the Hall of Fame, when Vince McMahon declared bankruptcy, Corey Graves on working with Renee Young (Ep. 207)

October 15, 2018

Notsam Wrestling Podcast: Episode 207: Corey Graves, Pat McAfee, Bruce Prichard, and Dalton Castle LIVE! Release Date: October 10th, 2018 Recap by: James Hayes DIRECT LINK TO LISTEN/DOWNLOAD From New York, Sam welcomes you to the big show! This is a special show. You get to hear all the greatness that happened on the 200th episode, which took place live […]


PODCAST RECAP AND REVIEW: Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast with Dalton Castle on why he was frustrated after his ROH Title win, if he’s interested in joining NXT, when he found out he’d be champion, State of Wrestling on “All In” and women’s Royal Rumble (Ep. 168)

January 13, 2018

Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast Release Date: January 11, 2018fru Guest: Dalton Castle Recap By: Matthew Wilkinson DIRECT LINK TO LISTEN/DOWNLOAD Noteworthy Items Dalton was frustrated there was no shows after winning the title.   Dalton has one year left on his ROH contract.   Castle wants to work more in Japan this year as ROH Champion.   Sam believes that […]

Colt Cabana's Art of Wrestling

WRITTEN PODCAST RECAP: Colt Cabana’s “The Art of Wrestling” w/ Dalton Castle on turning down TNA, being the favorite wrestler of a Japanese superstar, interviewing CM Punk, why Colt once yelled at him (#365)

September 9, 2017

The Art of Wrestling with Colt Cabana Release Date: September 7, 2017 Guest: Dalton Castle Recap by: Josh Coulson DIRECT LINK TO LISTEN/DOWNLOAD Newsworthy items The first promoter Colt ever worked for had him wrestle King Kong Bundy in one of his first ever matches. Dalton Castle worked in radio before he was a pro wrestler, interviewing the likes of […]