RECAP AND REVIEW: Notsam Wrestling Podcast with Dalton Castle on working through injuries, missing All In, Bruce Prichard on being snubbed by Jeff Jarrett at the Hall of Fame, when Vince McMahon declared bankruptcy, Corey Graves on working with Renee Young (Ep. 207)

Notsam Wrestling Podcast:

Episode 207: Corey Graves, Pat McAfee, Bruce Prichard, and Dalton Castle LIVE!

Release Date: October 10th, 2018

Recap by: James Hayes


From New York, Sam welcomes you to the big show!

This is a special show. You get to hear all the greatness that happened on the 200th episode, which took place live from Caroline’s on Broadway. Sam is excited to give this to us, but be warned there is some language. By the way, Sam is traveling right now, he’s going to Disney World, which means there will be no State of Wrestling segment.

Sam got up early and checked out Supershow. He and Peter Rosenberg discussed the event for over an hour. You can find it on their patreon.

Sam noted that he feels that John Cena’s appearance confirmed that Cena has turned a corner. “It’s the first time we have Cena in a position where wrestling is secondary in his life. I think he gave us over 10 years of a guy that put WWE as the top thing in his life, which is more than most people in that company. Think about the company you work for, or the school you attend, that’s not the number one thing in your life. John Cena made his work the number one thing in his life and we all benefited from it.”

(Pretty sure he got paid to do it.)

“It’s a mixed bag when you see Cena phase out. So, who’s going to replace him? Who is going to make WWE the most important thing in his life? It’s a very rare thing. That’s one of the reasons John was so special.”

You can hear more of Sam’s theories and thoughts on The Supershow, as well as experience the uploaded captive audience shows, which his audience has been asking for, by clicking below.

The YouTube video for the interviews below will be posted on soon. They are already posted on the patreon page, which again, you can find at the above link.

The 200th episode Celebration

The first person brought out onstage is the man who gave this podcast his first interview after winning The ROH Heavyweight Championship.

The Dalton Castle Interview

This crowd as well as Castle, are excited to be there. Oh, wait, Castle thinks he is on Stone Cold’s podcast.

Dalton Castle’s life

“Life is boring because I’m injured. I got hurt. Here’s the truth about the injury. I broke my back, pretty cool, huh? And we’ve decided it was about two years ago. So, I won a World Championship with a broken freaking back.”

The injury helped his finisher The Delayed German-Suplex

“I feel like that might have been why it was so good. There was nothing to pivot. That’s the secret to success just lose one of those vertebras.”

Working through the pain

“The problem is the pain just got to a level where I couldn’t handle it anymore. I wasn’t even able to stand on my feet to do a promo. I knew it was bad because I watched the whole Summer Olympics on my living room floor. I slowly worked my way back to normal. I was stretching and doing yoga, I thought I was good again. Then I hurt it again and this time the pain was different, it was shooting down my hip and I couldn’t really get out of bed for more than a few minutes. Getting in and out of a car was very difficult, and a lot of my life is spent in car seats and airplane seats, and so fighting through the pain was no longer an option. I had to figure out what was wrong with me and found out what physical therapy, and which muscles needed to be strengthened. Now with this time off I’ve really been focused on tightening up that core! Not just because it’s Summer and I wear a really small bathing suit, but because it’s my livelihood. I love wrestling, and I’d like to tell each and every one of you that I get out the car like a champ now!”

Sam says that is the definition of heroism and Castle thought he heard the word heroin.

When it happened

“I think I know when it happened, but it wasn’t in a pro wrestling match. I still train and do Greco-Roman, and freestyle wrestling, because it’s fun and I want to be sharp, just in case someone wants to shoot on me.”


“Well, I know I’m coming back to the ring. I don’t know when I’ll get back to being 100 percent. Right now you might see a really relaxed coward out there, but I’m going to come back and do what I love, and what I love is to be extremely self-reckless.”

You need a doctor

“No, I got the gist of it all.”

A healthy perspective

“I get a little sad, but I don’t dwell on it, because I had a little taste of it. Nobody else in this room has been World Champion.”

Dalton missed All In

“Yeah, but there will be like 8 more, right?”

Fantasy Madison Square Garden entrance

“There will be lots of confetti, environmentally dangerous with the amount of confetti, and a lot of boys!”

Getting to the show today

“I rode the 7 train.”

Dalton Castle’s full interview with Sam

YouTube Channel

Funny Moments

Brought out next is Bruce Prichard

Dan Soder

“Last time we were in New York, I said wouldn’t it be fun if we did a Macho-off? I figured,” My audience is gonna love my s**t. So, I’m on stage and all of a sudden out of nowhere, “OOOOH YEAH!”He starts talking and I look at Conrad and I said, “Ummm… Abort. We’re gonna have a little conversation with The Dream, baby.”

“Let me tell you something Mister Macho Man.”(as Dusty)

Dan Soder visits Sam

Jeff Jarrett snubbing him at The Hall of Fame while singing ‘With My Baby Tonight”

“Yeah, I GOT HOT! That hurts inside where it counts. I got him in The Hall of Fame. I made him relevant again.”

Bruce starts crying.

(Jerrett went around getting other people to sing with him.)

He tossed out the Brother Love suit

“Right into Galveston Bay.”

Reasons for coming back to wrestling

“Bankruptcy happened.”


“Long time ago Pat Patterson and I used to work with Vince closely, it was just the three of us. One day Vince is getting on us and talking about how he really experienced hard times, and he goes on to tell this story about how, “G**damnit, there was a time when I declared personal bankruptcy! You know I experienced hard times. I go to the courthouse and I’m waiting there, we only had one car so I had to wait for Linda to show up. I waited on the steps of the courthouse after filing for bankruptcy, and I look and I see a tow truck show up, and it’s got my one and only vehicle on the back. And I look in the front seat is my wife, next to her is Shane, and Linda is pregnant. I go home and I get to our trailer. We are living in a trailer. We are so poor we are living in a trailer. It is so cold that you know the chemicals that you have in the trailer, where you go to the bathroom? The blue stuff! Like, the g**dmn airplanes. It was so cold it was all frozen, well little Shane had to go pee-pee, and he couldn’t do it until I cleared that passageway. So, I got an icepick and cleared away, and get down on my knees and I’m chipping away, and chipping away at f****ing frozen feces and urine, and I’m chipping away, and it’s f****ing up my fresh manicure and…

Bruce frowns and says, “Stop. You are flat broke, you’ve declared bankruptcy, you’re living in a f***ing trailer, you have one car that doesn’t work, yet you have a fresh manicure?” Without hesitation, Vince tells Bruce, “You gotta have class.” Bruce laughs, then continues, “I declared bankruptcy, and when I declared bankruptcy I called Vince McMahon, true story, and I said, “Hey Vince, I filed bankruptcy today.” Vince said, “G**damn! Good for you pal.” I don’t know what I was expecting, but I wasn’t expecting that. I said, “Just wanted to let you know before we sign the final papers, before we declare, that I went and got a mani-pedi.”

“And no sh*t without hesitation he says, “Goddamn, gotta have class, pal.”


“No, it’s just no one wanted me anymore. Nobody loved me. It was sad.”

Doubts about doing a podcast

“I told Conrad Thompson that no one wants me, no one cares, and the fact that people started listening was very humbling. People started listening and advertisers gave us money. It was pretty d**n cool and that is a shoot.”

Working with lesser promotions

“I did try to change it (in TNA) and I remember Eric Bischoff coming to me and saying, “Bruce, they don’t have… Forget about two nickels to rub together, these muthaf***ers don’t have two pennies. Period. They don’t get it. Take the check and go home.” I just couldn’t do that. That’s what was frustrating for me. It was a different environment.”

The difference between Dixie and Vince

“Vince McMahon would call your ass at two o’clock in the morning. And usually, the first thing out of his mouth was, “How ya doing, pal?” “Ummm… good.” “ Then he asks, “What are you doing?” I said, “Sleeping.” “ Vince says, “I’m watching this thing on MSG Network…” Vince called you all hours of the day, didn’t matter and expected you to be ready to go. Dixie Carter would call me at 3:00 pm on a Friday and apologize for calling so late.”

Jeff Jarrett’s feelings about Father

“He hates his Dad too. Jerry Jarrett’s a d**che bag. You know. Huuuh?”

Jeff Jarrett Hall of Fame performance

Brother Love Debut!

Something To Wrestle

Interview with Corey Graves

The first person to show up on the podcast twice. Sam welcomes back The Savior of Misbehavior.

A good friend or just bored

“I got to the hotel tonight and I was a little bored, so I thought maybe I can go hang out with my friend Sam Roberts. We set the world on fire sometimes.”

Corey vs. social media

“My brother turned out to be the idiot. The timing couldn’t have been worse. Beyond that, I got bored with people were sending messages to my wife saying like really bad s**t, and I was like, “Who has time for that? She just happens to exist, and be hot, and people say bad things about her. And I’m like, “ Wait. That’s not her fault, it’s mine. It got to be exhausting.”

(Graves’ brother Sam Adonis got into trouble by calling some audience members homophobic slurs. He also did a Pro-Trump gimmick in Mexico which offended many.)

The return

“As of about 8:15 pm tonight I’m back on social media.”

Making history with Renee Young

“She’s my best friend in the entire world who I think should always be next to me.”

Corey’s twin

“According to Twitter I’m basically Ruby Rose.” (Sam says people are p***ed that he’s Batgirl.)

Mentoring Renee on commentary

“I have no interest or business passing on anything to anybody. I’m in a position I should have never been in, which I’m well aware and I have a great time.”

The hardest part of the job

“The hardest part they say of our job is to be a fan, because we’re so tied up in the world of WWE and we know what gonna happen, but at the end of the day you’re a fan, that’s why we are here. you get lost in it. To be there for three hours with Renee, who is honest to God, one of my best friends in the world and to sit there with her.”

Michael Cole

“I’m going to say this. Michael Cole is the most underrated guy. He doesn’t get any credit. Everybody gives him Hell. He’s the only reason I’m where I’m at. It’s great to watch wrestling with two friends. We love wrestling, right? Good. Bad. Indifferent. Bullet Club or WWE. Pro wrestling is just awesome. With Renee, it was really refreshing to have someone who can shut me down, cause I talk too much. I’m begging for people to stop me.”

Issues calling every match

“I’m gonna stop drinking any liquid tomorrow, Saturday about 2 pm. I have the bladder of a camel. Beyond that. That’s it. I just do the deal. I pee in my pants. No diapers involved, I wear black pants for a reason.”

Urine or another match

“We could have this extra match, which would be cool, or I can pee. And I go, ”No. I gotta pee. Sorry.”

Corey Graves’ in-ring debut

Corey Graves says goodbye to NXT

Corey’s second appearance on NotSam

There is a lot more to hear on this episode. Bruce Prichard talks about his worst ideas and how he would book Dalton Castle. There’s also an interview with Pat McAfee, where he discusses his beef with Corey Graves, and why he loves hosting shows with Sam.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

Overall Observations:

This was a fun episode! It really gives you a sense of how crazy and unpredictable a live show with any of these guest could be. Good energy from all around. Well done, Sam.

See ya next week!

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