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QUICK QUOTES: D’Lo Brown on where his chest protector gimmick came from, if he was mad over the DX parody of The Nation, working with A.J. Styles in TNA

D’Lo Brown was recently interviewed on The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling podcast, and talked about Russo vs. Cornette, his time in WWE, and more. Here are some of the highlights they sent along: Where does he sit in the Cornette vs. Russo discussion:  “I am in a weird spot. I love them both. I respect them both. For […]


QUICK QUOTES: John Cena on if he’ll ever play a superhero in a movie, who supported his dreams as a kid, being a role model

John Cena was recently interviewed by The Toronto Sun to promote his role in The Wall. He also touched on a couple of wrestling subjects. Here are the highlights: If he’ll have a second career in movies: “Man, that would be great if it could happen. [Laughs] I’m certainly more comfortable now with the roles I have than I was […]