We Watch Wrestling – McCarthy & Co. (Sept. 9)

DATE: SEPT. 9, 2015

Report by Steven Ganyo, podcast reporter


Matt: “Chuck Taylor has never let me down. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it to my grave.”

Vince (to Tom as he leered at his Nudy cards): “Put a sock in it… put a sock ON it, Tom.”

Tom (on Sheamus): “I bet he has his butt hole pierced.”


After 105 issues (not “episodes”, a nod to old-school comics and wrestling mags), we join the guys fresh off of the release of the PWI 500 list. Which WWW favorites made the list, and where? Matt and Vince share details from their recent wrestling-related field trips, and Tom ponders what else Sheamus might have pierced.

SUBJECTS COVERED (with time stamps)

Intro 0:00-5:20

12 Rounds 3: Lockdown The guys discuss the latest WWE Studios film release starring Dean Ambrose, and struggle to find where it’s playing in L.A. 5:20-13:40

PWI 500 reaction 13:40-32:10

Halloween Havoc ’95 Hogan-Giant (Big Show) monster truck sumo match 42:40-48:50

Field Trips Matt & Vince hit the road in search of wrestling collectibles. 48:50-1:15

Who’s Your Favorite Wrestler? The boys wrap the show by selecting their current favorite performer. 1:15-1:26

Outro 1:26-1:29


If you’re a first time listener, don’t be alarmed by Tom calling you a “f—ing dick” right off the bat. Tom has heat with “Triple W Nation” (his phrase) for everything from the quality of his voice to having a mind so perverted it would make Adrian Adonis blush. Special intro shout out to Tom’s brother Rob, who produced the first several issues of the show. He rarely spoke but managed to get his catch phrase “Well hello, there” over in a big way.

The boys jumped into the meat of the show by discussing the sneak preview showing of the Dean Ambrose vehicle “12 Rounds 3: Lockdown,” in L.A.this Friday. However, after five minutes of confusion over which theater it’s playing in and whether free passes can be used to gain admittance, both Matt & Vince comically pointed out what podcasting gold this must be for the listeners. Moving on…

Next, they dug into the PWI 500 list, Pro Wrestling Illustrated’s ranking of the top 500 wrestlers of the last year. Who made the top 10, something called Space Monkey squeaking in at 500, and where WWW favorites such as Dean Ambrose (13), Brian Cage (78), Zack Sabre Jr. (165), Chuck Taylor (273) and Chris Hero (104) ranked. In the process, Tom takes great exception to PWI billing Ambrose’s outrageous antics as “more cartoonish than lunatic”.

Tom: “Who the f— said that? Who writes that?!

Matt: “PWI.”

Tom: “F— YOU!”

When Tom references Big Show appearing on the WWE Network’s Superstar Ink, Vince is reminded that he recently watched Halloween Havoc ’95, in which Show debuted as The Giant. The discussion turns to the Monster Truck Sumo match between Giant and Hulk Hogan that was held on the roof of a nearby venue. A couple of memorable quotes:

Tom: But how did they get the monster trucks up–that’s insane! Is this not insane?!

Matt: Tommy, it’s INSANE!


Tom: You could’ve done (the monster truck sumo match) in the parking lot!

Matt: Or they could’ve just had a f—ing MATCH!

The final topic of the day was Matt & Vince’s road trips to Huntington Beach to check out The Wrestling Guy Store (the stock was a little light and Hulk Hogan shirts were 50 percent off) and Jimmy’s All Collectible Show in Southern California, where a listener runs a vendor booth and offered up a sizable collection of old wrestling magazines and newsletters, free of charge. Also gifted to Vince was a set of WCW 1991 trading cards and for Tom, a set of Penthouse Collector’s Series trading cards. The remainder of the segment was spent reading random facts from the wrestling world circa 2005, a randomly selected year in the PWI Wrestling Almanac which was part of McCarthy’s haul. More interesting than it might sound and now I want that almanac.

The show closed, as it does every week, with each host selecting his current favorite wrestler. Tom chose Chuck Taylor because he’d been YouTube binging on Taylor videos. Vince opted for the tag team of Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard, prompting McCarthy to reference his recent appearance on the PWTorch Livecast when a caller humorously asked why people like Arn. Finally, in anticipation of his big screen acting debut, McCarthy chose Dean Ambrose for his favorite wrestler to close the show.


6 out of 10: I enjoyed this issue of the We Watch Wrestling podcast because it had a comfortable mix of modern and old school wrestling. The PWI 500 list is certainly relevant and topical, while the Halloween Havoc story called back to a fascinating and, as noted in the show, not very good time for the major wrestling companies in the early-to-mid-’90s. But while all three personalities are entertaining and likable enough to draw you in, I had to knock a point off for the ten minutes of movie confusion early on.


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