Talkin’ Shop with Karl Anderson, P.J. Black, Magnus, Sonjay Dutt (Sept. 12, 2015)

GUEST PANEL: P.J. Black (Justin Gabriel), Nick Aldis (Magus), Sonjay Dutt
DATE: SEPT. 12, 2015

Report by Dan Tomlinson, PWPodcasts reporter


TOPICS COVERED (w/Time Stamps)

00:20 – Introductory plugs, pre-recorded introduction from Rocky Romero.

01:56 – Official start of the recording; desert talk.

03:14 – Introduction to the panel; PJ Black’s hobbies; Sonjay as the booker.

07:08 – GFW in Las Vegas discussion; talk about the Latino demographic and Los Luchas;

09:48 – Sonjay as the authority figure; fast-food discussion; his wrong turn on the road.

12:12 – More Sonjay ribbing.

14:57 – Magnus and Periscope; why Karl won’t take questions; Karl doesn’t know what Nando’s is.

16:06 – The last time PJ was in South Africa; Anderson’s diet.

17:55 – Doc & Amber Gallows if they broadcasted on Periscope; Magnus plugs

19:50 – The Las Vegas meet-and-greet with Karl & Doc Gallows and drunk fans.

21:28 – The boys “bury” Doc Gallows and his hotel choices.

26:00 – PJ’s rockstar lifestyle and gambling; Johnny Ferrari discussion.

28:01 – The boys wrap it up; plugs; conclusion.

30:49 – The conclusion of the podcast.


Welcome to my first report of the Bullet Club-hosted Talk’n Shop podcast. Rocky Romero, Karl Anderson, and Doc Gallows are your usual hosts and record half-hour long conversations about various random topics during their travels on the road between shows in the United States and Japan. You can hear the podcast at, a new episode dropping every Saturday.

– 01:56 – Karl Anderson’s rugged voice welcomes us to this episode of the “Talk’n Shop”, this week recorded whilst on the road for Global Force Wrestling – Anderson, as joined by Sonjay Dutt, Magnus and PJ Black – are en route to Reno, Nevada from the television taping from Las Vegas. It is quickly established that Sonjay has taken a wrong turn in the desert and do not know the name of the town they are currently in, laughing off the situation.

– 03:14 – After minutes of humourously trying to get everybody in the car on board with the podcast setup (“this is a serious outfit!”), he gets to introducing his guests. Black jokes that he’s getting stage fright already, causing Karl to ask about PJ’s hobby in jumping out of planes. Black casually responds that he also climbs buildings. “Every weekend I try to kill myself when this parachute opens”, laughs Black. Also present in the car quietly is GFW referee “Keenan”, who is not identified in full during the podcast.

– Anderson makes a note of telling listeners to get in touch with Sonjay, “the booker” of GFW, if a wrestler would like to get booked for GFW – as he has been giving Sonjay’s email address out to people weekly. Magnus laughs that he prefers a phonecall, which Dutt agrees with, any time morning or night. Karl mentions that this is technically Sonjay and Magnus’s first time on the podcast, because Doc Gallows doesn’t remember recording a previous podcast with them! “I wish I had recorded a podcast with Sonjay and Magnus,” paraphrases Anderson.

– 07:08 – The conversation turns to Global Force’s show at Las Vegas the night prior, which Karl calls good, fun stuff. Sonjay points out that yesterday morning at 8am, he was shocked that PJ was awake, saying how Black told him that he was going to play a poker tournament at the casino. Karl notes that Global Force is on fire, as was the Orleans Arena last night where the show was held. He gives a shout-out to on-screen personality David Marquez from NWA Pro fame, who hosted several lucha-libre shows there in 2007 with talent from CMLL and the independent circuit. Sonjay adds that there was a strong Latino demographic, to which Karl noted that meanwhile the only Latino talent on this tour were Los Luchas (Phoenix Star and Zokre). Anderson pleasantly calls them great, reminiscing on wrestling Los Luchas in Houston, where he got on the microphone and did a Mexican impression resulting in a ton of heat from the crowd.

– 09:48 – Magnus brings up the setting, how they were going through the desert and how every town resembled a “movie set,” noting the amount of Subways nearby. He calls Sonjay an authority figure, how he preferred to be organised and on time, not allowing the boys to get a drive-thru breakfast before a six-hour drive to Reno. Magnus and Anderson got excited at the sight as well – but yet again Sonjay shot the idea down. But what Sonjay did not shoot down however was driving off of a dirt road for no reason and winding up lost in the desert!

– 12:12 – Karl brings us back to Sonjay being “mean,” P.J. got back from a casino to the hotel at 6am, put his head down to sleep and was woken 45 minutes later by an adamant, prepared Sonjay who insisted on “wheels up by 8 a.m.” Magnus mentions Karl being a New Japan guy, which in Japan’s definition: 8 a.m. is 7:45/7:50 sharp. Dutt semi-seriously also said that if you weren’t there, he would leave without you – further enhancing himself as the authority figure in the car. Dutt meanwhile cackles off the banter.

– 14:57 – Magnus touts that he is live-broadcasting on Periscope – a first for the Talk’n Shop. He asked if they could take questions from viewers, but Karl shut it down; making note that for a while he took emails from fans to read out and answer on the show, but that the emails were so bad that he stopped doing them. Magnus mentions that one viewer got him food from Nando’s at a convention once – this confused Karl, who didn’t know what Nando’s was. Magnus then noted Karl was coming over to the United Kingdom in October, urging him to try a Nando’s – Anderson agreeing only if it’s healthy because of his current diet.

– 16:06 – Anderson asked PJ Black if he ever goes home to South Africa, who revealed that the last time he was home was when SmackDown last toured there in 2013. Anderson brings the attention back to the desert, where they are embarking on a random town with a Family Dollar store. To contradict his diet, Magnus and Karl joke about how they are body guys and which is why they are eating Doritos on the trip.

– 17:55 – The conversation goes to Doc Gallows, his wife Amber and Chris Masters who are also on the road, the boys discussing how they hoped that they would start a Periscope. Karl denotes that if Doc and Amber were drinking, it would make a great broadcast. Magnus brings up his tour schedule, how he is flying back to the United Kingdom in two days for three shows next week. He gives shoutouts to Preston City Wrestling, Kamikaze Pro (where he is also working on the same night), and Insane Championship Wrestling in Scotland. Magnus also promotes his book “the  Superstar Body,” available on all eBook devices.

– 19:50 – Karl begins to tell a story about several belligerently drunk fans at the GFW meet-and-greet. They were so wasted that they could hardly look at you and barely talk, but were overly excited about the show tonight. “We can’t wait! We can’t f—ing wait for tonight!” Karl asked the drunks if they were ready to party to which they responded “Hell yeah, man!” Magnus then switches topics to Gallows booking them into the Red Carpet Inn in Erie, Pennsylvania.

– 21:28 – “Do ya wanna bury Gallows?” asked Karl comically, whilst the guys spotted a hitchhiker and toyed with the idea of picking him up for the podcast interview. Magnus reveals that Gallows was adamant about staying at the Red Carpet Inn for $60 a night – on the condition that eight of them split two rooms together. Magnus recalls falling asleep on the ride to the hotel, waking up in time to see the Niagra Falls Visitor Centre – baffling him completely. They buried the hotel for using dial-up in 2015 to print off their emails, and giving Magnus and Sonjay an actual key to their hotel room.

– 26:00 – Anderson brings it back to P.J. Black gambling until 6am, then going to sleep for a brief period and then waking up to travel to the next town the day this was filmed. Anderson brings up Johnny Ferrari, a professional poker player and wrestling manager based in Las Vegas, who PJ received a text from asking to meet up the night prior.

– 28:01 – Karl begins to wrap up the podcast, asking the boys if they want to plug anything. Magnus again promotes his book, “the Superstar Body” with insight included from Kurt Angle, Brooke Adams, Rob Terry and other wrestlers among NFL players. “If you wanna work with the pros, you’ve got to train like the pros”. Sonjay urges again to drop an email with links for a potential booking with GFW at

– 30:49 – Karl concludes the podcast, mentioning the GFW show at Reno one last time and joking with the boys before signing off.


If this report is of any indication, Talk’n Shop is unlike podcasts like the Steve Austin Show, The Ross Report, and Talk is Jericho. What Talk’n Shop is, however, is a chance to feel like “one of the boys” as they travel to make the next booking and crack jokes along the way. If you are seeking a shoot interview format with structure and order, this may not be the place for you. However, it is a chance to listen to a raw, unscripted chat between several profile names on the independent circuit today out of the ring and showcasing their true personalities, and that is what I feel makes this podcast a pleasant, easy-going listen on a weekly basis.


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