Heated Conversations with Booker T (Sept. 12, 2015)



Review by Kevin Holloran, PWPodcasts reporter


-Booker T addressed Hulk Hogan’s use of the N-word

-Booker T talked about his relationship with WWE

-Booker T talked about his dreams for Reality of Wrestling promotion

TOPICS COVERED (w/Time Stamps)

Show introduction – 0:40

Breakdown of Berto vs Mayweather fight – 3:25

Interview with Wale – 8:00

Funny story of Wale’s last time at a WWE event  – 11:15

Back to music career and influences – 12:15

Discussion on how Wale was mistakenly brought up by presidential candidates – 18:10

Heat seat: Thoughts on the “N” word – 19:30

Thoughts on Hulk Hogan 21:45

“The Album About Nothing” – 23.40

Wrestling talk – 25:30

Blackballed by WWE? And future plans in wrestling  – 26:15

Night of Champions preview with Wale – 34:15

Discussion on Reality of Wrestling and his dream for the promotion – 41:00

Newsworthy topics from outside wrestling – 48:15

Booker broke down the fight quickly with his cohost, Brad Gilmore, calling Mayweather the greatest fighter…. of the modern era, prompting Brad to think Booker would say greatest of all time. They then speculated would this in fact be Mayweather’s final fight with 49 wins tied with Rocky Marciano or will he go for 50 wins. Then Booker “guaranteed” Floyd would go for 50, possibly not with Showtime.


The interview then starts off with Booker and Wale talking the music they grew up on, and Booker related it to the music he grew up listening to transitioning to the music Wale is doing now.

When discussing his last time at a WWE event, backstage “We like to keep our rappers oblivious to the content, to the shenanigans.” – Wale joking how WWE felt about him backstage.

Booker said how Wale was mistaken as will.i.am and then said how he was once called Kofi Kingston.

The heat seat segment is about Wale’s thoughts on the “N” word and his uses and others using the word. He uses it under a entertaining banner, while Hulk Hogan used it out if malice. Booker said he’s dealt with racism all his lufe, not just on wrestling but also when he worked at Wendy’s.

Brad asked about Wale’s album with Jerry Seinfeld “Album About Nothing” and they briefly discussed it and Seinfeld.

Wale called the incident a work and asked Booker to talk to Triple H about it for him. He also said he’s friends with Rich Swann, Uhaa Nation (Now Apollo Crews), Finn Balor and Mark Henry. Booker invited Wale to Reality of Wrestling and Wale seemed interested in that venture, teasing a possible tag team or involvement in wrestling at some level, but didn’t give more details past that.

Booker invited Wale to Night of Champions as his personal guest of his, however Wale was noncommittal yet interested. Wale really broke down the Sting vs Seth Rollins match, including how he would book it and thoughts on Rollins in general.

Booker closes out the interview with again inviting Wale to his promotion Reality of Wrestling.

Booker spoke from the heart about his promotion and where he would like to see it go from here and where it has come from.

Booker and Brad discussed Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. They then joked on Trump and broke down and speculated why Trump is leading in the polls.

They closed out the show discussing the incident at the John Jay high school football game in San Antonio, TX where the kids hit referee and then some Freddy Gray discussion on the settlement for his death earlier this year.


Score: 6.5 out of 10. Going into this I wasn’t overjoyed that Wale was the guest, but he was very entertaining and I enjoyed it. Booker and Wale seemed to get along very well and his cohost chimed in sparingly as well. Maybe not a podcast for you, if you are looking for pure WWE talk or wrestling talk in general, but they did touch on it as well as many other topics and it’s only 1 hour in length so it won’t eat up a large chunk of your day.


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