The Taz Show – Bodyslams & Beyond (Sept. 14, 2015 – debut of daily format)


Report by Sean Sumey, PWPodasts reporters


This was the very first episode of The Taz Show that airs LIVE Monday through Friday from 7-9 a.m. EST on  and  From the looks of it, the daily podcast release includes the live show in its entirety.


TAZ RETURNS TO THE INDYS: Taz discusses his recent attendance at a Brooklyn area independent wrestling show.  Taz runs into old friends and even encounters a former Million Dollar Champion!

TAZ COVERS THE OPENING WEEK OF THE NFL: Taz finally makes a purchase that enhances his NFL viewing experience.  Taz gives his thoughts on what went down in week 1.

TODAY IN PRO WRESTLING HISTORY: Taz and Seth discuss deposits on the World Title, the toughness of High Chief Peter Miavia, and Ring of Honor

TAZ DISCUSSES THE INCIDENT INVOLVING PAIGE AND ALICIA FOX: Taz instructs the fans on the proper way to snag a photo of your favorite wrestlers and celebrities.  

TAZ PREVIEWS RAW: Taz and Seth discuss what they are looking forward to on the next episode of Raw.  There is a lengthy discussion on the Dudleys and their impact on the current roster.

TAZ COVERS FLOYD MAYWEATHER’S LATEST AND POSSIBLY LAST FIGHT: Taz and Seth do their best to pay homage to boxing and the career of Floyd Mayweather

RANDOM TAZ THOUGHTS ON WWE, NFL, AND FANTASY FOOTBALL: Technical issues force Taz and Seth to scrap their plans and wing it like true professionals.


Subjects covered with timestamps

(00:00-00:39) Live reads for the sponsors of the show

(00:40-01:18) The Taz Show opening

(01:18) Taz opens the show and introduces Seth.  Taz and Seth go over the new format and announce that they will be taking live callers to 1-866-I PLAY IT (1-866-475-2948).  Taz covers all the ways you can catch the show.  During the opening we hear that they have added a soundboard to their production.  Usage of the soundboard is hit or miss throughout the episode.  Taz runs through today’s topics and announces that they will be joined by former boxer and CBS podcaster, Paul Malignaggi, to discuss the latest Floyd Mayweather fight.

(06:41) Taz returns to the indy’s.  Taz recently attended a show with Pro Wrestling Syndicate in Bay Ridge Brooklyn for an autograph signing.  Taz reflects on his pre-ECW days when he worked these smaller, intimate shows.  Taz says that seeing the enthusiasm and determination of the roster brought back a lot of good memories.  Taz ran into Abyss, EC3, Davey Richards, Angelina Love, and Balls Mahoney among others.  Taz announces that while he was at the show, he recorded an upcoming episode of “The Art of Wrestling” with Colt Cabana.  

(10:41-12:24) Taz does live reads for his sponsors

(12:30) Taz continues his discussion of his recent trip to an indy show.  Taz mentioned that Davey Richards and Angelina Love are married.  This was news to Seth.  Taz also tells a humorous story about Balls Mahoney wanting to show him a picture of his son, who Taz just met face to face minutes before.  Taz was shocked that Balls Mahoney still had a flip phone.  While at the event, Taz spotted former Million Dollar Champion Virgil along with Tommy Dreamer.  Taz believes they were filming something for Comedy Central.  Taz refers to Virgil as “the most hated man on the internet”.

(18:30) Taz declares that his show will have a video feed available 10/12/15.  Taz also casually mentions that his birthday is 10/11.  

(19:40) Taz and Seth discuss the first week of the NFL season.  Taz said week 1 was exciting and couldn’t have been scripted any better.  Taz finally broke down and purchased NFL Sunday Ticket for $260.  Taz cannot believe he waited this long to make the purchase and doesn’t know how he made it this long without it.  Taz prefers the 4 game mix and adds that it is ideal for those involved in fantasy football.  Taz works in a quick plug for his close personal friend Mike Tenay’s sports betting podcast which is also available on Play.It.  

(23:15) Taz discusses the NFL’s usage of sideline neurologists.  Taz thinks this is a great step in the treatment and prevention of head injuries in the NFL and praises the league.  Taz and Seth mention how during the NY Giants game, Odell Beckham Jr. got drilled and looked to be out of it.  To them, it appeared Beckham refused to come off the field to be evaluated.  Taz says this can’t happen.  If the players can refuse to be looked at, what is the point of having the medical staff available?  

(25:10) Taz and Seth discuss their favorite performances during week 1 and their favorite games.  

(26:30) Taz describes an incident during the Bengals vs. Raiders game where Adam “Pac Man” Jones mounts a player, removes the player’s helmet, and then proceeds to smash the player’s head off of the helmet.  Taz is disgusted by Jones’ actions and suspects a large fine and suspension.  

(27:26) Taz picks Marcus Mariota of the Tennessee Titans as his “superstar of the week” for NFL week 1.

(28:00) Taz takes his first live caller.  The caller’s audio is noticeably lower than the rest.  “Eric” references Taz’s time in TNA as part of the mega group Aces & 8’s.  Specifically, was it difficult to be a heel and maintain a professional demeanor while commentating alongside Mike Tenay.  Taz said it was a lot of fun.  Taz credits Mike Tenay as a true pro and a great friend for making it work.  Taz said that, at first, it was difficult to “heel” him but now that Taz has gotten to know Tenay, he wishes he could heel him on a regular basis.  Taz adds that their Fantasy Draft editions will continue with participation from Mike Tenay.  Taz encourages fans to contact Tenay on Twitter @realmiketenay.  Taz says, “Bug him.  He loves it.”  

(30:20) Taz moves into Mike Tenay’s new podcast “Professor Vegas Mike Tenay Sports Betting Podcast”.  Taz says the new show is doing great.  Taz reveals that during his TNA days, the roster would regularly go to TNA for tips to help them in their own fantasy football leagues.  

(34:32) This day in wrestling history.  In 1937, John Pesek is awarded the NWA (National Wrestling Association) World Title when he is the only man willing to post the $1,000 deposit on the title.  Taz was surprised the deposit was that high at that time in history.  Deposits were still common into the 70’s and 80’s for championships.  Taz never paid any deposits for a title and would’ve choked anyone that asked for one.  In 1977, High Chief Peter Miavia beat WWWF Champion “Superstar” Billy Graham in a non-title match in Portland, Oregon.  Taz talks about the toughness of Miavia.  In 2007, ROH held Motor City Madness.  Seth reads a list of today’s wrestling stars who were on the card as young upstarts at the time.  Taz says that ROH does an amazing job and finding and creating young talent and is better than any other promotion in that regard.

(42:00) Taz addresses technical issues including problems with the phones and people saying that they can’t find the show.

(43:27) Taz and Seth discuss the recent incident involving Paige and Alicia Fox.  They play audio from a recent interview with Paige discussing the incident.  The audio on the clip is very low but still audible.  A lady recorded Paige without her permission.  Paige approached the lady and asked that the recording/pictures be deleted.  Drinks were thrown, words were exchanged, parties were thrown out of the bar.  Taz feels that Paige and Alicia Fox did the right thing.  If someone is going to throw a drink at you, then you have the right to throw one back.  Taz advises fans that just because they might be public figures, doesn’t make them exhibits at the zoo.  Taz says to always ask first prior to taking a picture or recording a video.  Taz tells a story about taking his family to Disney World and then tracking down a guy who took a picture without asking.  Taz hates karaoke.  Pat Patterson loves it.  Taz asks Seth if he has ever gotten beat up at a bar.  Seth denies it.  Taz then asks if Seth has ever gotten beat up at a Chuck E. Cheese.  

(57:14-59:57) Taz does live reads for his sponsors

(1:01:05) Taz and Seth preview tonight’s Raw.  Taz thinks that WWE is doing a better job at finding spots for everyone in their show.  Taz is interested in the Nikki Bella title reign.  Taz feels it puts more focus on the Divas division.  Taz thinks Charlotte will win the title tonight.  Seth disagrees and feels Nikki will keep the belt so WWE can erase AJ Lee from the record books.  Both agree that Fabulous Moolah is the greatest Diva of all time.  

(1:04:23) Taz and Seth discuss the angle between Rusev and Ziggler.  Taz describes it as a “love triangle” and finds it intriguing.  

(1:06:42) Taz and Seth discuss the mystery teammate of Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose.  No speculation.  Taz just states that whoever it is, better be able to counter Braun Strowman.  

(1:07:25) Taz discusses the Dudleys and their impact on the tag division.  Taz praises the Prime Time Players and the New Day.  Taz says the Dudleys have injected new life into the division.  Taz says that while they were all three still in TNA, they had a private conversation about where they would want to end their careers.  Taz says that Bubba Ray and Devon are exactly where they wanted to be.  Their return is one of the most exciting things in WWE, according to Taz.  Dudleys have great chemistry with any team they work with.  Seth mentions a previous episode with Edge as their guest where Edge said that when the Dudleys first came to WWE, it was like having a new toy to play with.

(1:15:20) Taz thinks WWE is doing a great job with Sting.  Taz said that backstage, Sting has a “type b” personality and is very laid back.  Taz said that Joker Sting is closer to Sting’s real personality.  Taz thinks Sting is the perfect foil for Seth Rollins.  Taz is offended that co-host Seth thinks Sting probably didn’t know who Rollins was prior to coming to WWE.  Taz says Sting is a student of the game.

(1:18:45) Taz and Seth discuss the NY Giants and their performance this past week.  It wasn’t positive.

(1:20:19) Taz and Seth discuss the Floyd Mayweather fight.  Due to phone issues, they were not joined by Paul Malignaggi.  Seth thinks Mayweather is legit retired.  They both agree that Mayweather is one of the greatest fighters of all time.  Taz says that boxing has no hype and he almost forgot to watch the fight.  

(1:25:27) Taz goes on a rant about not having any breaks during the show for him to go to the bathroom or take a drink of water.  Funny.

(1:27:30) Taz mentions how New Day grew on him.  Taz talks about WWE creative and how wrestlers have to be patient and do the best with what they are given.  Taz urges WWE talent to push the envelope and continuously push ideas for their gimmicks.  Taz said that this shows passion and a desire to be better.  Taz says that to a wrestler, their gimmick, their body, their talents are their BUSINESS.  Taz says you must be willing to look for ways to make yourself more marketable to WWE.  Taz mentions Steve Austin as a perfect example.  Taz says that during his WWE time, he regularly communicated with Vince and Kevin Dunn about directions for his character.  

(1:32:25) Seth asks Taz if he believes the angry Taz character would have happened if Sabu hadn’t broken his neck.  Taz is taken aback because no one has ever asked him that before.  Taz believes it would have but might not have been as angry.  Taz said if things are meant to be, they will be.  

(1:34:02) Taz mentions that Jeff Jarrett was also very approachable when you wanted to discuss your gimmick.  Taz says that talent can’t be afraid to say they aren’t comfortable with something.  That is different than just saying no.  

(1:38:27) Taz is like Joel Osteen.  Taz is a life coach.

(1:39:00) Taz discusses a recent WWE house show in Huntsville, AL.  Taz heard it was a great show.  Huntsville is a great, old-school, territory town.  Seth questioned if Randy Orton was taking time off for a movie after last week’s Wyatt Family attack.  Taz said he didn’t think so but thought Wade Barrett was taking time off for that reason.  

(1:43:54) Taz admits that he is a hardcore sports radio fan and went a long time without realizing WFAN in New York was on both AM and FM stations.

(1:45:41) Taz and Seth discuss their respective fantasy football leagues.  Taz announces that Jim Ross will be on Fridays for a segment titled “BBQ Pig Skin”.  

(1:51:55) Taz and Seth discuss the Monday Night Football games, Eagles vs. Falcons and Vikings vs. 49’ers.  Taz thinks Eagles/Falcons will be great.  Taz doesn’t think the 49’ers are as bad as people are saying.  

(1:55:26) Taz discusses a Brooklyn high school football player who is already getting attention from Division I schools and the NFL.  Taz can’t remember the kid’s name and no one looks it up.  

(2:00:16) Close of show


7 out of 10.  As far as content goes, there was nothing earth-shattering.  This was the first live broadcast done by Taz which is a huge step for his show.  Taz dealt with technical issues throughout the show.  I felt that he handled it the best he could, especially when he was planning on taking live calls for a whole segment of the show.  Taz kept the show moving, even if he does jump around in between topics.  The show feels more like a conversation that you are sitting in on rather than a polished subject show.  To me, this is a good thing.  Taz shows his sense of humor which didn’t always fit into color commentary.  In the podcast world, Taz is quickly becoming a heavy hitter.  

Hope you enjoyed this review.



  1. Generally, I am a fan of Taz’s podcast. You could tell he was frustrated with the technical issues and because of it, he was unable to stay on a topic of finish an idea. As a listener it was frustrating. By constantly talking about the technical issues, the problems became the main focus and main takeaway from the show. If he would not have constantly brought it up, I would have had no idea things were not running smoothly. With criticism aside, I will tune in again because I enjoy Taz’s unique perspective on wrestling.

  2. I agree. Taz even mentioned that the people that are hearing him obviously aren’t having issues. It got frustrating at times when he and Seth kept mentioning the issues. Hopefully, it will be a thing of the past.

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