PWTorch Livecast Tuesday with Wade Keller & Jason Powell (Sept. 22, 2015)

AIRED LIVE: SEPT. 22, 2015


By Chris Colvin, PWPodcasts Reporter


Raw Ratings seem to have found their zone in the 2.4’s.

What are the implications of Sting’s apparent injury at Night of Champions on Sunday?

What is WWE’s motivation by not mentioning Sting during Monday’s Raw broadcast?

What are potential booking options for the Rollins and Cena once their feud ends?

How do the hosts feel about the Divas Revolution in light of Charlotte’s win and Paige’s turn?

SUMMARY OF SHOW (w/Time Stamps)

(0:00) Show Opening

(1:45) Wade Keller and Jason Powell discuss their overall grade for Monday’s episode of Raw including a topical discussion of Sting’s absence from the show.

 (5:16) Wade Keller announces John Arezzi as guest for the Thursday PWTorch Livecast, former host of the Pro Wrestling Spotlight radio show in the late-1980s through mid-’90s. They plan to talk a lot about Sting’s career, which Arezzi has seen from the beginning and covered on his show during Sting’s formative years.

(12:09) DJ from Miami asks if it is time for a G.M. figure on Raw to replace Stephanie McMahon and Triple H also, he asks whether Chris Jericho will feud with Dean Ambrose or Roman Reigns.

(21:05) Mike from Brooklyn asks about Paige’s promo from Monday’s Raw and whether WWE will book a World Championship match for the MSG Network Special.

(27:36) Wade Keller announces Monday’s Raw ratings (2.48).

(35:33) Darrell from Georgia has three questions: 1. Is it time to reinvent the way heels draw heat from the audience in light of Kevin Owen’s eye rake on Ryback? 2. Where does Kane wind up once his angle with Seth Rollins is finished? 3. With the current ratings struggle, should WWE bring Daniel Bryan back despite their apparent trepidation over his health?

(43:23) Anthony from Boston asks what Wade Keller and Jason Powell thought about JBL’s interview show on the WWE Network.

(46:28) Brian from Los Angeles asks what could WWE’s reasoning be for mixing kayfabe and reality in most of their media offerings.

(53:49) Shaun from Stanford, Connecticut has a question concerning Kurt Angle and his relationship with his brother in light of Kurt’s brother’s recent murder arrest.

(1:00:11) Jonathon from New York asks why was Paige part of Charlotte’s team only to turn on her so quickly after the title win.

(1:02:46) Wade Keller thanks Jason and the audience, he invites VIP members to listen to the VIP Aftershow.


8.5 out of 10 for content / 8.0 for audio quality: This week’s Tuesday Livecast featured the normal talk of Monday’s Raw show as well as live calls. Wade Keller and Jason Powell spend a healthy portion of the show discussing Sting’s injury and his suspicious absence from WWE history. During the show, the ratings were announced. It appears as if WWE has found its place in the Nielsen’s and it isn’t very good. Wade and Jason have a lot to say about the current state of the Diva’s division including a discussion about Paige’s heel turn. As usual, the hosts are comfortable with their subject matter and with their audience. Wade and Jason have an obvious passion for pro wrestling, which is demonstrated by their intelligent discussions.  I really do enjoy this show every week for the topical nature of the subject matter and the overall likability of the hosts. My hope is, during the fall period, we are given strong content on Raw which will only make the Livecast better. In other words, it is time for a John Cena heel turn.


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