PWTorch Livecast Wednesday – Pat McNeill w/Jonny Fairplay & PWG Founder Scott Lost (Sept. 23, 2015)



Report by Dominic DeAngelo, reporter

Wednesday PWTorch Livecast with Pat McNeil


-The Popularity of Pro Wrestling Guerrilla: What’s Next?

-Scott Lost’s Kickstarter Campaign For The 2nd Shift Comic

-Interesting Spoiler About Total Divas

-Jonny Fairplay’s Predicted WrestleMania 32 Line-Up


(2:45) Introduction of Scott Lost & Jonny Fairplay

(4:45) Joey Ryan’s snubbing Pat?

(5:00) The 2nd Shift synopsis/details. 

(8:45) Scott Lost’s wrestling background.

(10:45) Why doesn’t PWG run PPVs, host bigger venues or try to get a TV deal?

(12:35) Who does Scott see becoming a world champion in WWE?

(15:15) Will Bram ever recover from his arrest? 

(16:35) Is Ethan Carter III worthy of a PWG World Championship? 

(22:00) What’s Jonny up to nowadays?

(24:52) Why Donald Trump has Jonny’s vote.

(26:00) How popular is PWG right now – should they strike?

(32:40) How does PWG share talent with other promotions?

(34:20) Does Scott have plans for a wrestling comeback?

(39:55) Will Daniel Bryan ever return to pro wrestling?

(37:40) Jonny Fairplay’s predicted WrestleMania 32 lineup

(41:35) Is the NXT brand being over saturated?

(42:55) Scott’s thoughts on NXT

(47:20) Big announcement for Pat and future guests

(48:20) Who would Jonny & Scott manage in TNA or ROH?

(50:00) Will TNA be airing after next Wednesday? 

(50:45) Jonny texted Dixie about appearing for Bound For Glory – did she say yes?

(51:30) Is Bischoff returning to WWE? Dolph Ziggler discussion.

(54:10) Chances of a double turn in the Rusev/Ziggler feud?

(56:35) Total Divas Discussion (SPOILER ALERT)

(58:45) Details on how to buy The 2nd Shift

(59:35) Fun discussion on comic illustration/Jonny’s experience.

(1:04:35) How to follow Scott & Jonny on social media

(1:05:00) Jonny & Scott’s trials and tribulations with social media usernames


– Scott’s comic, The 2nd Shift – first four issues got off the ground and now have a Kickstarter for a fifth issue and a trade paperback. Goal is for $5,700 and they’re around $3,760. Six days left. Pat reads synopsis of The 2nd ShiftImagine you had a dead end job that you were held highly accountable for. Were an overachieving college student or had trouble even keeping a job at all, all while trying to start out as promising superheroes. A group of young heroes must deal with the mundane in order to experience the extraordinary, all on their 2nd Shift. Our story takes place in San Diego, CA where our eclectic group of 4 inexperienced heroes battle against a man on a nonstop murdering spree. With the ability to feed off anger, who will be able to stop him? If they can, will they all survive? Scott says a lot of character development and character interaction, which he believes connects with the readers.

– Scott was one of the founders of PWG. He had a feeling it was going to get super popular because there was a lot of talent there.

– PWG – why don’t they run PPVs, bigger venues, or get TV?  Pat suspects if any of that happened, they’d lose some of their rights to talent, which Scott suspects could play a part. He thinks a big part is comfort level in Reseda, Calif. He said in the past they’d run into problems with talent from TNA and other promotions due to PWG DVD sales.

– Who does Scott see becoming a world champion in WWE? Scott isn’t well versed on the current roster, but thinks the Young Bucks could have success. Pat thinks Roderick Strong and Kyle O’Reilly in ROH, but not sure about WWE.  Jonny thinks Trevor Lee could make it to WWE. Scott also thinks O’Reilly could make it in the WWE.

– Pat thinks it will be awhile until Bram recovers from his arrest. Scott says domestic violence more than ever is such a hot button issue right now so the chances are unlikely, Jonny says his immigration status is more of a pressing issue currently, so he says no.

– Is EC3 worthy of a PWG World Championship? Scott’s not sure and neither is Pat. Too much guess work. Jonny says “no way”. Jonny met EC3, says he’s a nice guy, but has a WWE build more-so than one fit for PWG. Jonny thinks he’ll probably make it back to WWE. Scott says you have to make money.

– Jonny is not with Paragon Pro Wrestling right now. Today is the 16th Anniversary of Survivor & 12th Anniversary of his first appearance on Survivor. He’s currently a free agent, Pat then plugs Jonny’s booking info. A big chunk of 2016 is booked for him. His podcast with X-Pac is currently not going on, but that’s just because of schedule differences.

– Jonny bases his votes on WrestleMania appearances so Trump is in the lead. He says Vince would be Secretary of Ruthless Aggression in Trump’s administration. Scott jokes Vince would have a plan and then he’d change it at the last minute.

– Boris from Chicago – where on the map is PWG in terms of popularity right now? Scott’s unsure of PWG’s current plans, but he hears so much talk about them.  They’re at where ROH was a few years ago and he thinks it’s time to expand.  Boris says now is a good time to move with wrestling with way it is, Jonny says he’s just fine at $9.99 a month. Jonny thinks PWG is great the way it is and shouldn’t change. They could easily move to a bigger venue now, but choose not to – if it’s not broken don’t fix it. Scott says PWG is a company that doesn’t take itself too seriously, but good wrestling and effort is expected.

– How does PWG share talent with other promotions?  Scott says whatever talent fits the booking they’ll bring them in.  They have a central roster, bring outsiders in and if they’re the right fit they’ll invite outside talent back.

– Scott retired from wrestling at the age of 30 – will he come back?  Scott pretty much rules it out, however says he’s never been able to turn wrestling off, says once in awhile he’ll go to a show and wrestle before it to let off some steam.

– Will Daniel Bryan ever return to pro wrestling?  Pat says WWE will utilize him in some form or fashion.  Too many concussions could be an issue. Jonny predicts he’ll be at WrestleMania.

– Jonny’s current WM lineup: Brock Lesnar vs. Steve Austin, Undertaker vs. John Cena, The Rock vs. Roman Reigns, Jeff Hardy vs. Bray Wyatt, Seth Rollins vs. Daniel Bryan. Pat says he has a feeling he’ll enjoy that lineup more than the one they’ll actually have at WrestleMania. Jonny thinks there’s a good chance for an Austin match because Ronda Rousey is off the table so they’ll have money to play with. Pat says if Austin doesn’t come back for this WM then he’ll never come back.  Scott asks if Austin is in physical shape to come back and Jonny says he’s jacked right now. He’s more concerned with Austin’s knees and neck, although Jonny’s alright with a Jeff Jarrett style match. 

– Pat thinks Daniel Bryan has had 14 concussions. Scott doesn’t know if he’ll quit because of that. He could see him coming back.

– Kylin emails in: is Triple H spreading the NXT brand too thin by holding the specials too close together. Jonny says no, as long as there’s a built-in weekend audience then you take advantage of it.

– What does Scott think of NXT? He mentions the Cesaro vs. Zayn match, saying he watched it and has seen them have better matches together in PWG.   He gets that everyone’s excited because it’s a WWE product but with indy style. He’s bummed it wasn’t around while he was wrestling, but is happy for the other guys. Cool to see indy guys versus WWE guys, cross branding is good.  He’s currently is watching NXT and is enjoying.

– Big announcement: Pat’s on vacay next week – Jim Valley will be covering for him. Justin Credible will be on the show in October, NOAH Tag Team Champs too.

– Question for Jonny – who would he pick to manage in TNA or ROH? He likes Dalton Castle, but doesn’t think he needs me. Roderick Strong.  Who would Scott manage? Kyle O’Reilly.

– Will TNA be airing after next Wednesday? Pat says yes – not sure of when the next tapings will be.

– Jonny texted Dixie asking to be on Bound for Glory and she dodges him with “ask Big John Gaburick.” He might just watch football instead.

– Pat and Jonny say Bischoff is not returning to WWE despite his JBL interviews and DVD appearances. Jonny jokes that Russo’s writing the Dolph/Lana/Rusev storyline. Scott makes a point to mention that Dolph has to be watching a lot of Shawn Michaels footage recently because he’s seeing it in his matches. Jonny is seeing a lot of HBK in Seth Rollins.

– Chances of a double turn in the Rusev/Ziggler feud? Jonny says it looks like that’s where they’re headed, but it’s the worst thing ever.  He’d like Dolph as a heel, but Rusev has to stay heel too. Scott agrees. It’d help Dolph get out of the rut he’s in.

 Total Divas Spoiler Alert: Dolph will try to steal Nikki Bella from Cena. Jonny gives the low down and says Dolph is going to profess his love to her, saying he will give her the kid she wants, unlike Cena will. Jonny says if Dolph wants to be pushed, stop hitting on the #1 guy’s chick.  Scott says stuff like that does happen in a wrestling locker room. Jonny says Miz was smart marrying Maryse since she was already retired.

– Details on how to buy 2nd Shift – digital copies and physical copies available on He needs help with his Kickstarter!

– Jonny asks if Scott is familiar with illustrators in the comic industry and Scott says he is. Jonny spent three weeks with illustrator Derek Robertson and was amazed by the process of illustrating. (taking pictures, etc.) Scott says there are a lot of photo referencing. As an illustrator you want to use all the resources available to you, but you can’t use things as a crutch. 

– Trouble finding the Kickstarter link? Find Scott on Twitter and Instagram @scottlost. Follow Jonny @jonnyfairplay. Support Scott’s Kickstarter:

– Discussion on creating usernames and username poaching. Jonny closes the show by calling Pat “The old Todd Martin” and that’s a wrap.


6.5 out of 10 This was an episode that could’ve easily been hampered by some very dry questions from caller and emailers, but Pat and his guests were able to steer the ship with questions of their own. Fairplay’s great at bringing out the personality in people and Scott certainly benefited from Jonny being there as the two were able to play off each other’s talking points in an entertaining fashion. There was PWG talk here and there, but bland caller/email questions in tandem with Scott not currently being in the promotion’s fold provided some of the discussion to be less hearty than indy fans probably would have expected (although I did find it interesting to hear how PWG books and invites talent).  Jonny’s predicted WrestleMania lineup was a superb launching pad for fun conversation as it ignited Stone Cold return talk. Also, hearing Scott and Jonny chat about comic illustration was surprisingly cool detour to cap off the show. If you’re game for some good one-liners and have some extra podcast time available, give this puppy a listen.


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