The Taz Show – Bodyslams & Beyond (Sept. 28, 2015)

AIR DATE: SEPT. 28, 2015


Report by: Sean Sumey, PWPodcasts Reporter


RAW PREVIEW: Taz and Seth give you their opinions and what they are most looking forward to for tonight’s Raw.  Taz gives an angle by angle breakdown and explains what has his interest and why.

NFL TALK: Taz is still struggling in fantasy football.  Taz and Seth discuss what went down this week in the NFL and how it will shape the rest of the season.

THIS DAY IN WRESTLING HISTORY: A conspiracy is brewing as Seth expands the boundaries for what qualifies as “This Day in Wrestling History”.  Taz sets him straight.

TAZ TAKES LISTENER CALLS: Taz give his advice to aspiring wrestlers and those already in the business, and more!


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(00:37-01:10) Show Intro

(01:11) Taz opens the show and he is joined by producer Seth.  Apparently, the live show today came on the air late.  Taz was supposed to have Global Force Wrestling’s Nick “Magnus” Aldis, but will have to reschedule.  Apologies to Magnus fans that tuned in specifically to hear their boy.  Magnus will appear on a future episode.  Taz will be in his new studio soon and will debut daily video available during the show.  Seth’s wife is due to go into labor on Wednesday.  

(05:10-06:36) Live read for  Save 20% with promo code TAZ

(08:28) Taz talks about the traffic nightmare that was created with the appearance of The Pope.  Taz says there are still streets that are still closed and he doesn’t understand why.  Seth explains that President Obama is in New York City.  Taz didn’t know.  Seth jokes that he is a surprise guest.

(10:31) Summerslam in Brooklyn for the next two years.  Taz says this speaks to the success of this year’s Summerslam event.  Taz mentions that World Class did something similar for big events in Dallas, ECW did it with the Hammerstein ballroom.  Its nothing new for a big event to run in the same venue for an extended run.  

(12:26-16:40) Taz takes a call from Earl in Wisconsin.  Where Earl is from, they had a small indy promotion called ACW.  Earl isn’t sure what the acronym stood for.  On average, ACW would draw 30 people or so.  Taz wants Earl to get to the point.  Earl said this promotion had two future stars in it.  Seth guesses Austin Aries is one of them which is correct.  Earl said the other is Mr. Anderson, aka Kamikaze Ken.  Earl said he had a big match against Raven for the ACW title.  Taz digs it.

(17:29) Taz explains how going on the air late is difficult for him because he is used to being a professional.  

(18:24) Taz is still struggling in fantasy football on DraftKings.  Taz puts over an app called SleeperBot.  Taz said it gives you up to date information on news and information on players for fantasy sports.  

(21:17) Taz takes a call from Danny in New York.  Danny wants to know when if ever will Brock Lesnar lose clean again?  Taz compared Brock’s character to Taz’s run in ECW where it got to a point where they had to have gimmicky finishes to have him lose.  Taz thought WWE could’ve built up Kevin Owens in a similar way.  Taz could see Owens being built up to face Lesnar.  Taz again mentioned an idea he had where Cesaro and Owens have a best of series for the Intercontinental Title.  

(25:13) Taz takes a call from TJ in Houston.  TJ is not a Texans fan.  TJ is 29 and wants to become a pro wrestler.  TJ wants Taz’s opinion on his chances.  Taz warns that it is a very difficult life that very few guys and gals make it through.  Taz says 29 is a little late to get into the business but it isn’t impossible.  Taz stresses that TJ should get trained at a quality school like the Dudleys or Lance Storm.

(29:24) The NY Mets clinch their division for the first time in a long time.  Taz said the Washington Nationals ended up sucking.  Taz talks about the pull apart in the dugout between Bryce Harper and Jonathan Papelbon.  Taz said both players kissed and made up.  

(30:40-30:55) Break

(31:42) Taz puts over the lunar eclipse.  Taz saw all the people standing outside and opened his moon roof.  Taz saw the blood moon.  Taz looked at it and said “that’s pretty cool” and then went back inside.

(33:29) Taz takes a call from Chris in the UK.  Chris is asking for advice for someone already in the wrestling business.  Chris has been in the business for a little bit and is frustrated.  Taz said the more you look for it, the less you will find it.  Taz said to just keep plugging away and be patient.  Taz said to continuously invest in yourself.  Get nice gear, improve your physique, improve your skills.  Not everyone can be Kurt Angle and go right to the top.  

(38:02) Taz takes a call from Jesse in Nebraska.  Taz is a huge Huskers fan.  Taz and Jesse talk a little bit of college football.  Jesse wants to know if Taz was the manager of the Mets, who is he starting in the playoffs?  Taz says Noah Syndergaard all the way.  Taz said he is a beast.  

(42:00) Taz talks a little bit of Hump Day Promos.  Send your entries to  Taz has received a ton of entries.  A lot of them are good and most of them suck.  Taz puts over one of his fans, Hunter.  Hunter has cerebral palsy and uses a program to type out what he wants to say.  Hunter sent in a promo for Taz to read for him.  Taz is a class act and reads Hunter’s promo for him.  @hsd_rock is Hunter’s Twitter handle.  Taz urges fans to follow him.  Taz said they will play some of the bad ones for comedic relief in the future.

(48:15) Taz talks about UFC.  Taz was impressed with Josh Barnett fighting Roy Nelson.  Barnett got 95 hits on Nelson.

(51:24) Taz takes a call from Rocco in New York.  Rocco has a finishing move but needs a name.  The Pope spears someone using the point of his hat.  Taz coins it Yambag Yahtzee.  

(55:48-55:58) Break

(56:56) Taz covers some NFL action.  Taz mentions Tom Brady’s 400th touchdown.  Taz mentions how the ball was given to a fan.  Seth is guessing that the fan was a relative of Brady.  Ben Roethlisberger is out 4-6 weeks with a knee injury.  Taz wonders if they will stick with Michael Vick or try to sign someone else.  Taz doesn’t like that the teams aren’t using their backups but instead or drafting new players.  Taz says this defeats the purpose of having any depth on your roster.  Vick has a great arm and can move.  Taz thinks the Steelers will stick with Vick.  The Steelers/Rams game was delayed because of a pyro mishap.  A portion of the turf caught on fire.  Taz thinks they threw crumbs from a crumb cake on top of it.  Taz mentions a time in WWE where one of the pyro workers received burns from a mishap.  Taz thinks the game shouldn’t have been delayed as long as it was.  

(1:10:32) Taz and Seth preview Raw.  Taz is interested to see what happens with the storyline involving Corporate Kane, Demon Kane, and Seth Rollins.  Taz hates the word underscore.  Taz digged Kane pulling Rollins into the ring.  Taz said producer Seth would last 3 hours working for WWE.  Taz said Vince would chase Seth around trying to hit him with his shoe.  Seth asked if that was a normal thing for Vince to do.  Taz is interested to see what happens with Paige and Charlotte.  Taz pokes fun at WWE coming up with the name Team BAD.  A Twitter follower says that Taz and Seth make a good duo.  Taz says there is no duo.  Taz is the duo.  Paige has been punking people out, especially Becky Lynch.  Taz wants to know what will happen with the Wyatts and Reigns, Ambrose, and Orton.  Seth feels that Orton can match up against anyone and adds something to the feud.  Taz is excited for the John Cena US Title Open Challenge.  Taz likes that it adds an element of anticipation and surprise as to who will accept the challenge.  Taz said there aren’t many surprises in wrestling anymore.  The last one was the Dudleys returning to the roster.  That is the benefit of live TV.  Stuff can be added at the last minute to shake things up.  Taz feels John Cena is motivated and is having the best matches of his career.  Taz said you can’t allow talent to become complacent.  Taz says you have to bring in new talent to keep things fresh.  Taz mentions how even though Big Show is in the twilight of his career, WWE is putting him against up and coming talent like Cesaro as they build Show up for Lesnar.  Will WWE try to redeem Cesaro more than they did on Smackdown with a win over Bo Dallas?  Taz thinks it will be a good Raw.  Taz talks about the differences in the crowd reaction throughout the country and how it effects a wrestling show.  Raw is in Buffalo.  Taz said Buffalo is one of his favorite places to work and the crowds are great.  

(1:26:38-1:27:05) Break

(1:27:30) Taz hypes the Dudleys taking on the New Day.  Taz said the Dudleys won’t give him the inside scoop as to what they are doing on the shows.  Taz said that knowing Bubba and Devon, they probably don’t know ahead of time.  

(1:33:25) This day in wrestling history.  Instead of the Kung Fu Jobber, Taz thinks Seth should be the Arrogant Man Unlimited.  On this day (Sept. 26) in 1977, Dusty Rhodes defeats WWE World Champ, “Superstar” Billy Graham by countout at a sold out show in Madison Square Garden.  Taz remembers that time and said Dusty was huge during that period.  Seth puts over Graham as well.  Taz mentions Mil Mascaras who would appear for WWE back then from time to time.  Taz was a huge Mil Mascaras fan.  Taz said how the promoters would trade talent to keep guys from getting stale.  Taz would like to see more talent swapping.  Taz gets on Seth for including the dates over the weekend as This Day in History instead of what the current date is.  Taz accuses Seth of having fake Twitter accounts to defend himself.  On 09/26/2008, Brian Danielson took on Tyler Black at ROH.  Taz continues to criticize Seth for including things that didn’t happen on today’s date.  On 09/28/1951, in St. Paul, MN, Verne Gagne defeated Gypsy Joe.  Taz jobbed to Gypsy Joe in Tokyo shortly after Joe was shot in the stomach in Nashville.  Taz cannot believe he had to put over Gypsy Joe who was approximately 107 years old.  In 1981, Tommy Rich defeated The Masked Superstar in Georgia.  Seth mentioned that Masked Superstar was Bill Eadie.  Taz admonished him for breaking kayfabe.  In 1985, AWA held SuperClash in Chicago.  Mil Mascaras defended his title against “Freebird” Buddy Roberts.  Sherri Martel beat Candi Divine.  Kerry Von Erich defeated Jimmy Garvin.  The Road Warriors defeated the Freebirds by DQ.  Greg Gagne, Curt Hennig, and Scott Hall defeated Nick Bockwinkel, Ray Stevens, and Larry Zbysko.  Ric Flair defeated Magnum TA.  Rick Martel and Stan Hansen fought to a double DQ.  In 1985, Hogan and Savage face each other for the first time in the Spectrum.  In 1997, Masato Tanaka defeated Mike Awesome in FMW in Japan.  On that card, Vader defeated Ken Shamrock, causing Shamrock to spit up blood.  Onita defeated Kanemura in a no ropes, barb wire, exploding cage match.  

(1:54:08-1:55:01) Taz closes the show


6 out of 10: This was a pretty decent show.  Taz does an excellent job of transitioning into calls from his listeners, almost too good.  There are times where it seems like Taz takes a call in mid-sentence.  Taz also put out the number to call into the show as if he gets a bonus for the amount of times its put out there.  This will sometimes interrupt the flow of conversation.  You could tell that Taz was making the best out of a crappy situation after having to deal with the show being delayed.  It says a lot to the popularity of Taz’s show that he was able to start the show almost three hours late and still got calls from his listeners.  This was a solid episode, but you won’t miss too much if you don’t have time to squeeze it into your busy schedule.


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