Heated Conversations – Booker T talks w/Chris Jericho (Oct. 3, 2015)

Heated Conversations
Host: Booker T
Guest: Chris Jericho
Release Date: October 3, 2015


Recap by Kevin Holloran


– Show Intro – 1:15
– Prime time TV show discussion – 3:15
– Chris Jericho interview – 13:15
– Fozzy discussion – 20:45
– Night of Champions – 30.40
– UFC 192 talk – 44:00


While the guest, Chris Jericho, wrestled a match, Booker and co-host Brad Gilmore discuss some TV shows as a segment for the ladies. They talk about Empire and Scandal. Booker likes these shows because “they are taking TV back from reality shows.” He also briefly spoke about a new show that recently premiered named Blood & Oil.

Booker then leads into commercial before bringing Jericho on by admitting he didn’t like Chris when he first met him. After some digging, he admitted it was due to the fact that he felt Jericho wanted his spot. But he did enjoy “throwing hands” in the ring with Chris.

This interview was recorded last week, while Jericho was at a live event in Toronto. Booker starts off by thanking Jericho for all the great moments they had. Jericho said he liked his PPV and TV matches, but really enjoyed the live event matches they had more.

Booker asked Jericho what is and how long he’s been thinking about his exit strategy. Jericho said he really hasn’t thought about it. He doesn’t want wrestling to run his life that’s why he does it on his terms. But says five years ago he was in lots of pain due to a herniated disc, until he started DDP Yoga and his body feels great. Then said he will leave on his terms when his body won’t perform at the level he expects of himself.

Booker brings up the fact that maybe subconsciously he is working on an exit strategy. Citing his podcast, his band, and that he’s working on his fourth book, Jericho calls himself an entertainer, a vaudevillian, and an artist. He said growing up all he wanted to do was be a wrestler and a rock star. He’s done that now what else can he do he finishes with.

Speaking of being a rock star, he discusses his upcoming tour with KISS and the respect that they have earned over the years. He likened it to his first day at WCW and walking into a locker room with Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Sting, Randy Savage, and Lex Lugar. He had to gain their respect just as he has bands like he’s done with KISS.

Booker told a quick story about how in one of his first WCW house show matches they put him on first and when he came back Dusty Rhodes said, “They won’t ever put you on first again.” To which Jericho said that’s all due to work ethic and not acting like an opener but rather a main event guy.

After a quick break they come back to discuss Jericho’s fourth book that Jericho is working on. He wants it to be different from the first three. He said it’s somewhat of a self-help book on how to achieve your dreams and said a fourth autobiography might come later in the future. Booker then said his third book will be about fatherhood.

They move to Night of Champions, where Jericho returned for a tag match. They talk about Sting vs. Seth Rollins. Booker asks should you be in the ring at 56 and Jericho said he’s getting towards the end, but it depends on how your body feels. He can’t fathom working a main event match at 56 and gives Sting props for doing it and doing it pretty well. Booker said every wrestler has that one last run and want of that one last pop. But, he continues saying he knows he cannot work a road schedule at this stage. He does say he wants one more big match. Jericho said he likes working just live events right now, but won’t rule out one or two more runs on TV. He said they would be at most six months. And, he will continue that until his body won’t allow him to to do it anymore.

They tell a really funny story to close about how Booker was riding a Segway recently and fell off it. They both tell their sides of it. Jericho jokes its the best bump Booker ever took. And that closes the time with Chris Jericho.

Booker and Brad close out the show discussing further the fall off the Segway, or T Glide as he calls it and says his suit and phone didn’t have a scratch on em after the fall. Booker then discusses some of the UFC 192 card. He speculated about who could be up next for Demetrius “Mighty Mouse” Johnson in the flyweight division. He then offered up a few predictions for some of the bigger fights.


I have to give this episode an 8 out of 10. Very fun, wrestling heavy episode. If you listen to “Talk is Jericho,” you have heard most of the stories from Jericho’s end, but hearing them discuss their past together and share a few stories was fun. Nice potpourri of topics hit and well worth the 50-minute listen. One thing that surprised me, aside from one sentence, there was no Tough Enough talk, which I had assumed would be touched on, at least briefly.

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