PWTorch Livecast Wednesday – Pat McNeill interviews Shelly Martinez (Oct. 28, 2015)

Wednesday PWTorch Livecast with Pat McNeill
Guest: Former WWE Diva & Actress/Model Shelly Martinez
Aired Live: October 28, 2015


Recap by Dominic DeAngelo


– Hollywood & Wrestling
– The Hardships of Wrestling
– Halloween & The Paranormal


(1:00) Shelly Martinez introduction
(4:50) Who does Shelly think is the scariest wrestler currently?
(5:35) Who was Shelly’s favorite writers and agents?
(7:25) Did she ever experience anything paranormal in her life?
(9:55) What wrestlers have successfully transitioned to acting?
(17:45) What wrestling talent does Shelly think would be successful in Hollywood?
(19:50) Would Shelly ever become a WWE trainer?
(21:40) Who would’ve Shelly liked to work with?
(23:55) Kevin Thorn
(30:40) Shelly fighting a giant octopus/relationship with pro wrestling
(40:00) Weirdest thing Shelly had to do for an audition?
(46:50) What’s Shelly’s favorite Halloween tradition?
(49:40) What is Shelly going to be for Halloween?
(54:00) Will she promise to be more socially interactive?
(56:20) No more @funtimeshelly?


– Shelly is doing indy shows, but she is doing more modeling than acting – mainly lingerie and bikini modeling, but prefers acting more. She is still active in the horror genre, too. She is apart of the Lingerie Fighting Championship – she recently had a bout with Cheerleader Melissa. She doesn’t know about everyone else, but their match was legit real.

– Who’s the scariest female wrestler besides herself wrestling currently? Saryah Knight. Shelly loves her, and she thinks she can kick anyone’s ass.

– Who was Shelly’s favorite writers and agents? She mentions Paul Heyman, even though he was running OVW at the time of her tenure, but she doesn’t really remember who was writing for her back then. No one was really hands on with her at the time, but she did work with Terry Taylor (who she loves). She thought she rubbed Finlay the wrong way.

– Did she ever experience anything paranormal in her life? Recently her sister had someone weird over at her place (she was told people can have different energy on them – good and bad). As they were talking about him, all of a sudden they heard something and they saw a black shadowy figure walk across the carpet and out the door. She compared it to the shadowy spirits in Patrick Swayze’s “Ghost” (no sound effect for Pat on that one). That’s one example of many!

– What wrestlers have successfully transitioned to acting in her opinion? Obviously The Rock! He’s the prime example – she feels that the misconception is that if you’re a successful wrestler that you’re going to be successful at acting, which isn’t the case. She has a leg up because she grew up in California – she was already doing acting before, which is why she was able to stay afloat.

– Recently she was on the East Coast with Big Time Wrestling. She was traveling with the Godfather and he was talking about how crazy the amount of money you can (and cannot) make – how you need to prepare for the future. It made her realize that she hasn’t had a legit job since before she was signed to WWE. She thought wrestling was going to be the end-all-be-all, but she thinks what she is doing now is more significant. She sees so many wrestlers today try to make that jump to showbiz and it really isn’t an easy process. Outside The Rock, no one in Hollywood cares if you were in WWE. Pat brings up Batista starring in the new Bond film Spectre. Pat says the transition isn’t easy sometimes.

– Shelly mentions even wrestlers in WWE today ask her about making the transition and it’s not simple. When you’re in WWE, you get used to entitlement and she remembers the one time during an audition when she pulled the “don’t you know who I am?” card after she just got fired from WWE. She got lost in that bubble of wrestling – nobody cares! If a wrestler wants to go be an actor they have to separate the two, you can’t skip all that just because you were in WWE. Pat says it’s like any other career change.

– What current wrestlers does Shelly think could succeed in Hollywood? She’s not following the current WWE product. She thinks Angelina Love is a good actress. Pat says John Cena due to what he’s seen on Total Divas.

– Would Shelly ever want to be a trainer in WWE? She doesn’t think so, but she likes to contribute in one-on-one advice with people. Kylin suggests promo coaching and Shelly says she if the opportunity presented itself, why not?

– Shelly would have liked to have another match with Beth Phoenix. She also thinks Paige would be a good fit. She’d love to have a re-match with Awesome Kong, too!

– Shelly had great chemistry with Kevin Thorn. They butted heads sometimes and they were never romantically involved, but they’ve always been there for each other. Awesome time working with Kevin – she wishes now that they’d work together again because of how she’s evolved and changed.

– The more distance Shelly puts between her and wrestling, non-sense bothers her less. She says how Shane Helms, Godfather, Brian Kendrick, and Paul London never let anything bother them, and it’s amazing how those are the people she is still close too now (even though she was jealous of their laissez faire attitude back then).

– Pat brings up the time Shelly fighting a giant octopus for Freakshow Wrestling. Shelly begins talking about how jaded she became of wrestling and brings up a very sad story of witnessing a cat getting taken by coyotes, which made her think about how she didn’t want to be apart of wrestling anymore. Freakshow got her motivated again, though! They booked her for months, and she looked at it as a time to really embrace wrestling. It’s really been a fun experience – she even took worms from the Boogeyman recently. This all reminded her of why she wanted to wrestle in the first place. It’s all the other b.s. that gets in the way which she initially only thought was with WWE, but the indies have the same thing too and she was naive to, even more so without all the health regulations. Brings up a performer she wrestled who had a heart condition and how scary that was. Freakshow has been awesome because it’s brought her work and brought her around awesome performers.

– Weirdest thing Shelly had to do for an audition? One time her and her sister auditioned for the 2012 Syfy show “Total Blackout.” At the time she was taking synthetic cannabis (which she doesn’t recommend) so it elevated the scariness. One time she went to audition for HBO’s “Entourage” and she got into this casting director’s car who propositioned her for a relationship. The guy offered her $300 to reach in his pocket and she declined the offer. That’s the creep story.

– What’s Shelly’s favorite Halloween tradition? She loves putting AMC or TCM on the television to watch the classics. Her favorite horror flick is “Psycho” and she made a point to watch “The Nightmare Before Christmas.” Also loves candy corn.

– Shelly is going to be Marge Simpson for Halloween. Boris asks if she is on Periscope and she actually just joined yesterday. He asks if she going to be more social media active? She jokingly takes offense and says she used to answer every Twitter question – even the weird creepy ones. Boris talks about the creeps online and Shelly says she doesn’t even block them on Twitter, she responds to them online.

– People say why no more @FuntimeShelly Twitter handle? Pretty much rounds up to marketing and branding purposes.

– Follow Shelly on Twitter and Instagram @shellyfromcali. Visit her website, or go to her pay site Visit her store on!


7 out of 10: I’m going to start calling Pat the Tim Duncan of Wednesdays because he sure has been consistent with good shows. Not a newsworthy episode if you don’t factor in the Halloween talk, but that didn’t stop it from being worthwhile. There was some deep discussion talking about the hardships of being in wrestling (both in WWE and on the indy scene) and Shelly was able to bridge a parallel between that and succeeding in showbiz in a very profound way. Before this episode, I didn’t know a whole lot about her career, but you can tell her short stint with the WWE in tandem with her time spent wrestling in the indys has given her great reflection on how pro wrestling has effected her life, both positive and negative. Shelly, Pat, and callers get into some surprisingly crazy stories (Shelly getting propositioned by an HBO casting director being one of them) which also really adds to the quality of this episode. There was about five minutes with rough audio on Pat’s end, but other than that a rock solid spooktacular podcast. Worth a download if you have Hollywood/squared circle aspirations or if you want to hear how creepy Twitter can be.

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