We Watch Wrestling #115 (Nov. 11, 2015)

RELEASE DATE: November 11, 2015


Report by Steven Ganyo, PWPodcast reporter


– “It’s just gibberish. I might as well be watching a Japanese promo.” -Matt on Bray Wyatt’s promos

– “He ate s—! He, like, hit the ground and, like, his mother died somewhere.” – Tom on King Barrett taking Wayne Rooney’s slap

– “It is CRAZY how much cooler Randy Orton is on the Internet than actually on Raw.” – Matt

– “What were we talking about? Wrestling, probably.” – Matt

– “What about when Cowboy Bob met Randy’s new wife? “Dad, don’t bleed on her! (to his wife) He’s got Hep.” – Vince

– “Good luck NOT killing your wife and kid and then yourself, doing that type of s—.” – Vince on Honma’s flying headbutt from the top rope onto Ishii at New Japan Power Struggle.

– “He’s not gonna be able to butter his bread. He’s gonna be having nose bleeds and standing over his dead wife.” – Tom on Honma.

– “What do you think of her menstrual flow, since that seems so important to you? Is it all red everywhere?” – Matt asking Tom about Eva Marie.


This week, the boys talk Honma vs. Ishii, this week’s Raw, blood in wrestling, and more!


*Undertaker/Kane vs. The Wyatts* – 05:05-09:20
*We Love Brackets: The WWE World Title Tournament* – 09:20-14:50
*Rapid Fire Topics* – 14:50-21:30
*NXT Breaking Ground* – 21:30-26:20
*Rapid Fire Topics II* – 26:20-45:40
*Honma Vs. Ishii* – 45:40-51:00
*Rapid Fire Topics III* – 51:00-01:15:20
*Who’s Your Favorite Wrestler?* – 01:15:20-01:24:50


After an extended intro that included welcoming Tom back and welcoming Matt’s newborn son to the world, the boys jumped into wrestling by discussing this week’s episode of Raw. Did WWE pay off Taker and Kane vs. The Wyatts too soon? Also, they break down Bray’s promos and lament his burial.

Moving on to the WWE World Heavyweight Champion tournament. They recap the Cesaro vs. Sheamus first round match-up, including the Barrett-Rooney distraction finish. Tom laughs at Rooney’s small stature and talks hair styles. This leads to some Wyatts-Sheamus fan fiction with Matt’s “Bray and Beef Stroganoff” impressions. They then wonder why some guys were included in the tournament (I’m looking at you Titus and Kalisto) and weigh in on Big Show’s Rolaids commercial.

From there, the boys went rapid-fire topics. First up was Table For 3. Neville’s infamous apple came up again before Vince did some TF3 fantasy booking, wanting to see Vince McMahon, Kevin Dunn, and Pat Patterson around the table. Vince then told a funny anecdote involving Patterson and the Montreal Screwjob, which fed to The Wrestling Observer’s 2015 Hall of Fame inductees. One of those inductees was Shinsuke Nakamura. Well, guess who just watched a YouTube video of a stripper dressed as Nakamura dancing to his music? It’s Tom. Of course it’s Tom. Did you really not guess Tom? First time listener/reader? Anyway, Tom describes the video (no nudity but “she had ass for days!”) and they discuss Nakamura’s intangible androgynous quality.

Next, Tom turns the conversation to his new favorite show, Breaking Ground, and how it’s a perfect microcosm of the Network because it’s good, but it’s completely unnecessary to have William Shatner narrate. Matt relates this to how out of touch Vince McMahon is and tells Tom that the show itself is good because someone outside of the WWE is making it. (But, Kevin Dunn is still a producer.) Listen for a fun Kevin Dunn impression here.

The recent Asuka GIF comes up and leeds to a description of a humorous mock Star Wars trailer featuring Randy Orton. Then Randy’s new wife is mentioned and the boys riff on Randy being the ultimate step-dad. Matt tells a story about meeting “Cowboy” Bob Orton. Tom then has his latest “Jericho Invented It” update. He starts with Jericho’s claim that a match between him and Shawn Michaels led to Vince McMahon banning blood, and Matt and Vince quickly confirm that this one is true. They go on to discuss the difference between effective blood and excessive blood and how each can affect a match.

Matt and Vince then turn their attention to the Honma vs. Ishii match from last weekend. It was so good that Vince woke his sleeping wife up from the other room because he couldn’t contain himself and Matt nearly caused a California freeway disaster just to catch a glimpse or two of the match. But Matt wants to talk more blood so they shelve Honma-Ishii and talk more about the most infamous bloody matches. Tom highlights Stone Cold bleeding in the Sharpshooter as one of his favorites. Matt lists HBK-Taker HIAC and JBL-Cena as some of the most memorable for him. Detour to the first time Matt and Vince went to a wrestling show together at Bash at the Beach, which leads to a recap summery of the beginning of their shared wrestling love together. Matt pulls up the Bash at the Beach card and they realize they were at the bloody Jericho-HBK match that got blood banned in WWE. We come full circle back to hair talk with a couple minutes of discussion on Triple H’s hair before moving on to Undertaker’s “tan” on Raw and then Matt brings it back to blood by referencing a particularly brutal JBL-Eddie Guerrero match.

Finally, Honma vs. Ishii. Matt and Vince enjoyed the usual NJPW strong style but more than that, they marveled at being able to actually hear heads colliding on the multiple headbutts in the match. Tom’s not into it and can’t understand why that type of physical risk is still being taken. Matt Sydal and Ricochet tagged together on the card and Tom has a classic Tom theory on why they have such good chemistry.

That launches us back into rapid-fire mode. Memories of We Watch Wrestling’s past lead to memories of one-time (and still, I think?) show producer and Tom’s brother, Rob. They hope to get Rob on the show again someday, which turns to other people they want to have on, including a friend of the show named Matt. Vince re-tells the story of the time he and Matt snuck into Stu Hart’s house and they talk more Hart family memories including the Wrestling With Shadows documentary.

Matt then jumps back to Honma vs. Ishii. He took notes on the match and he gives his highlights. The boys then veer off into a brief Lucha Underground conversation and compare their style to that of WWE’s scripted personalities before wondering again if NXT stars should or do want to go to the main roster or if it looks like a dead-end to them. They talk some Breaking Ground and speculate on how difficult it would be to learn to wrestle. They recall some funny stories about kids who love wrestling to close the segment.

Who’s your favorite wrestler?

Tom: Baron Corbin. “I like his tattoos, I like his vibe, he looks like a guy at a metal bar you’d get in a fist fight with and you’d somehow end up with herpes!”

Vince: Ishii…AND Honma. “Great match! Go out of your way to see it!”

Matt: I believe Matt mentioned earlier thatHonma was his choice for the same reasons Vince gave.


10/10: As I said the last time I have a perfect score, why the f— not?! It’s only after Tom makes his triumphant return that you realize there was no talk of haircuts and menstruation on last week’s show, and you’re surprised to find you missed it. If I didn’t know better if swear I was getting ribbed this week with the show going all over the place and switching topics every two minutes. I’ve also realized, though, that this is a negative only for the guy that recaps the show. If I was just a regular ham and egger listener like you, I’d love all of the topics being covered at a helter skelter pace. Great show. Good to have the band back together. One final note: congratulations to Matt on the birth of his son. May he be the first second generation wrestling podcast host.

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