Steve Austin Show – Court Bauer Interview (Nov. 17, 2015)


The “Steve Austin Show” Podcast
Host: Steve Austin
Guests: MLW’s Court Bauer and Rob Croxall of the El Segundo Brewing Company
Release Date: November 17, 2015


Recap by Corey Freedman

Top Newsworthy Items

– Steve talks to Croxall about the release party and creation of Broken Skull IPA beer.

– Court Bauer talks about how WWE’s attitude toward house shows might be to blame for so many of their stars getting injured.

– Bauer and Austin agree that Rusev was being booked improperly before his injury and wish he would return to his dominant heel role.

Subjects Covered (w/Timestamps)

0:00 – DDP Yoga Ad
1:50 – Introduction
13:25 – Sponsor Ads
17:10 – Start of interview with Rob Croxall of El Segundo Brewing Company
45:05 – Sponsor Ads
48:00 – Start of interview with Court Bauer
48:15 – Different wrestling styles related to concussions
49:35 – Thoughts on Rusev
53:30 – Managers in today’s WWE
58:40 – Ronda Rousey
1:10:35 – Billy Gunn let go by WWE
1:13:10 – Bauer talks about what is upcoming for MLW
1:15:40 – Sponsor Ad
1:16:20 – Conclusion/Sign Off

Show Highlights

Introduction: Steve briefly recaps his weekend and talks about getting some new exercise equipment. Steve also talks about his new beer at the El Segundo Brewing Company and the release party they had at the brewery. He also talks a bit about getting settled at the Broken Skull Ranch.

Interview w/Rob Croxall: Steve and Rob talk about the release event for Steve’s Broke Skull IPA. Rob gives some background on the execution of the event on the brewery’s end. The brewery has gotten calls from all over the world to inquire about the beer. Rob talks about how Broken Skull IPA came together as far as the flavors and brewing process. Steve talks about tasting some beers in order to find the right batch. The two also talk about how you can get the beer either in person or online.

Wrestling styles and concussions: Court Bauer starts off by talking about how the mentality at house shows is different now than it was in Austin’s wrestling days. He says that nowadays no matter the location, the wrestlers all give maximum effort/high impact matches at house shows, and guys bodies are breaking down as a result. He and Austin talk about how many wrestlers are currently on the shelf with injuries.

Rusev: Austin starts by noting that he didn’t think the WWE was booking him well before he got injured. Bauer follows by noting that they built him into a destroyer type character only to bring him down by putting him in a love triangle storyline. He says Rusev should be a “destroyer of worlds” not a “destroyer of relationships.” Austin mentions that he didn’t like Rusev being split from Lana as he really enjoyed them together. Bauer talks about how great Lana’s role was as she was not only the valet, but also a business woman trying to push Rusev to the top. The two talk a bit about not liking Lana with Ziggler at all.

Managers: Austin starts by asking why the role of the manager is not utilized more in today’s product. Bauer thinks it is a philosophical shift from back in the day to get away from managers who do the talking for their wrestlers. He talks about how in the past wrestlers were always fighting a cause that the manager could speak out against, but that isn’t really how things are booked nowadays. He says part of that is related to the disconnect of Triple H’s character (e.g. he is a Paul Heyman ECW-esque leader for NXT, but the evil authority figure on Raw). Bauer notes that there are a lot of people who could contribute in that role today, but it seems the WWE is moving away from the concept of managers in the traditional sense.

Rousey: Austin says that he has seen most of Holm’s fights and this was clearly her best execution in the ring. Bauer notes that many of Ronda’s past opponents seemed to have psyched themselves out even before stepping in the ring, but that Holm clearly had not done that prior to Saturday’s event. Bauer talks a bit about the drama leading up to this match for Rousey and notes that perhaps this was just the perfect storm for Ronda to lose (coach issues, personal drama, public notoriety, etc.). Austin wonders how this loss may affect Ronda and the WWE’s decision to have her be involved at WM 32. Bauer talks about watching Dana White’s reaction after Holm had won. He believes that Holm will be a great champion/representative of UFC, but Rousey was a huge draw and garnering national attention as a celebrity. They talk a bit about the future of UFC.

Billy Gunn: Bauer talks about whether or not the WWE should be drug testing their trainers. He brings up the major PR disaster potential should something serious happen to one of the trainers. Austin doesn’t really speak on the issue as he, at the time of recording, didn’t really know much about the situation.

Conclusion/Sign-Off: Austin thanks his guests and everyone that supported the launch of Broken Skull IPA. He also thanks his sponsors and all the listeners for their support.

Score and Review

Score (8.0) – This was a tough episode to score as I this podcast had two distinct halves. I rated the show highly because both halves were entertaining and well structured. The first half of the show revolved almost entirely around the release of Steve’s new beer from the El Segundo Brewing Company. The second half was a wrestling discussion (with a little UFC tossed in) with Court Bauer. I’m not much of a beer drinker, but the first half of the show was still an entertaining listen. However, if you are a listener only interested in wrestling discussion, follow the timestamps above and you will still have a solid 40 minutes or so of quality wrestling discussion. This entire episode might not be for everyone, but this episode should still provide entertainment for all listeners regardless of which sections you listen to.

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