Gorilla Position #46 – Dudleys Interview (Nov. 19, 2015)

Gorilla Position – Episode 46
Hosts: James Delow and Rob Leigh
Guests: Dudley Boys (Part I)
Release Date: November 19, 2015


Recap by Tania Leong

Main Topics

– Raw Recap
– Paige-Charlotte segment
– Survivor Series Preview

Top News Items

– Interview with the Dudley Boyz: They said that this was their last hurrah and that they came back to the WWE to help elevate the tag team division. They are hesitant to have another TLC match at WrestleMania 32 because it would hard to top the previous matches with the Hardys and Edge & Christian.

– Raw Recap: James and Rob were disappointed with using Reid Flair during the Paige and Charlotte segment. They thought it was disrespectful to not consult the parents beforehand and that it was unnecessary to use Reid Flair. They thought the results of the tournament were predictable.

– Survivor Series Preview: Rob thinks that the tournament is to crown Roman Reigns as the new champion and the outcome is inevitable. Both James and Rob think that this year’s Survivor Series is disorganised with the card still being put together a few days before the PPV.

Topics Discussed (with time stamps)

Introduction by James Delow – 00.00

This week’s guest is the Dudley Boyz and James was in Brooklyn when they returned to the WWE, which was a genuine surprise on the night. This interview is part one and part two will be on next week’s podcast. This podcast will have a Survivor Series preview and he thought the build up to the PPV was ‘meek.’ He said that he would not be positive about the Paige-Charlotte segment. He thinks Paige and Charlotte were strong in this segment, but did not like ‘insult to Reid Flair… and WWE should be ashamed of themselves.’ James noted that neither Ric Flair nor his ex-wife was consulted about this segment. He said that as a parent, he is quite disgusted with the WWE for not being creative enough to further the storyline without bringing up the death of Charlotte’s brother – 01.08

Interview with the Dudley Boyz – 09.13

James began the interview by saying that he had always wanted to meet the Dudley Boyz and it was ‘lovely’ to meet them. D’von said that this is their ‘last hurrah’ and that they wanted to ‘go out with a bang.’ Bubba Ray said that they came back with a different mindset to help elevate the tag team division.

The younger wrestlers often come to them for advice, as they have been in the industry for a long time and have a wrestling school, so they train young wrestlers all the time. D’von said that it was a great feeling that they are now the veterans. During their first run in the WWE they were learning from other tag teams. One advice they give is to ‘slow down’ both in and out of the ring, so performers can emotionally connect with the moment and audience and to tell a good story. Bubba Ray said that there is no old-school or new school way, only the right and wrong way to do things.

The number one goal for them is to ‘help the tag team division get back to the way it once was.’ They think the division is very strong but needed one team to add credibility; this is where they can help.

They talk about their return in Brooklyn after Summerslam. The reaction that they received is something that they will remember for a long time. Only three people knew that they were returning and it was good that their return was kept a secret.

Wrestlemania 32 will be the 15-year anniversary of the first TLC match. James asked whether they would like to be another TLC match. Bubba Ray said that they are not sure because that TLC match is considered one of the best matches at WrestleMania. If they were to do another one, it will need to top it and it would be hard without the Hardys and Edge &Christian, because they had good chemistry. A new TLC match would be helpful to elevate another team, though.

They think that the New Day is very entertaining. Whenever they wrestle, they try to have an entertaining match and not necessarily the traditional good guy vs. bad guy match as long as it tells a story. But, they still think that the babyface and heel dynamic is important.

They said that it is nice to see a new generation of Dudley Boyz fans. James complemented them for bring a young boy into the ring in Manchester and gave him a piece of the table. They think that memories like this give fans a reason to come back to the shows.

Raw Recap – 38.23

James and Rob talked about The Undertaker’s 25th anniversary in the WWE. It is remarkable that he is still active after all these years considering he had worked with Hulk Hogan, Ultimate Warrior, and Bret Hart. They discussed the many incarnations of the Undertaker and the special shows on the Network this week.

They commended the WWE for holding a minute silence for the victims of the Paris terrorist attacks. James appreciated how the entire arena remained silent.

James said that he has lost interest in the Undertaker/Kane vs. Wyatt Family match because of what happened on last week’s Raw. Rob would have preferred if this match were a traditional Survivor Series match. James questioned whether Bray’s constant losing would harm his character but Rob thinks that Bray is ‘Teflon.’

Both thought the Kevin Owens vs. Neville match was very strong and told a good story in-ring. James liked Neville’s selling and his facial expressions, ‘he looked like he really wanted to win.’ Despite the lost, Neville looked good and the right person won.

Both thought that Dean Ambrose and Dolph Ziggler worked well together and hoped to see these two will work again in the future. The result was predictable but correct.

Rob thinks that the New Day is ‘the team of 2015’ because they have perfected their act. James said that Xavier Woods has a ‘great wrestling min.’

Although the Roman Reigns vs. Cesaro match was very good, the main purpose of the match was to make Reigns look good, much like Daniel Bryan’s role at Fastlane.

James questioned why a Tag Team Title match is not on the Survivor Series card, but suspected that the New Day could be involved in the traditional Survivor Series match.

James is confused with the MexAmerica storyline; he thinks it is ‘rubbish’. He said that Alberto Del Rio’s finishing move looks good, but it takes a lot of effort to get the that point. Rob said that it is very similar to Finn Balor’s Coup-de-Grace.

James thought that having Paige and Charlotte in the main event was very ‘odd placement’ because this feud wasn’t made to look like a big deal. Rob said that with the TV rating trend in the U.S., they had changed the format of the show with the main event being at the beginning of Raw, which doesn’t bode well for the Divas division. That being said, both Paige and Charlotte were good in their roles until Paige made the comment about Reid Flair.

Both noted that neither Ric Flair or Charlotte and Reid’s mother, Elizabeth was consulted beforehand. Considering the status of Ric Flair in the company, they felt this segment felt ‘off.’ Rob read Ric’s response who implied that he doesn’t want to voice his opinion because he doesn’t want to affect Charlotte’s career and that she is not in any position to voice her opinion either. James thought it was ‘disgusting’ that the parents weren’t consulted. He said that if Paige had thought of that line herself, there would have been ramifications and questioned how it is okay for WWE Creative to use it. Both said that they will ‘defend WWE to the hilt,’ but this segment was undefendable.

Survivor Series Preview – 64.12

James thinks that WWE is not doing Reigns any favours by making him too much like John Cena. Rob said that turning Reigns heel would not make him like The Rock as they are different people. They need to let him be Roman Reigns.

James questioned if Ambrose were to turn heel, whether Reigns would be cheered less. Rob said that would be the case but Ambrose is the better wrestler so that he could make Reigns look good. Rob called Survivor Series ‘project Roman’ and everything is done to crown Reigns as the new top star in the WWE.

James predicts that Reigns will win the title with interference by Kevin Owens, therefore setting up a program with Ambrose and Owens. He also predicted the Charlotte would retain the Divas Championship. Both do not know who would win between the Undertaker/Kane and the Wyatt Family. They think this Survivor Series seems very disorganised and many of the talent are not on the card.

They discussed past Survivor Series and noted that the last few PPVs doesn’t feel as special as the earlier ones.

Other wrestling news and chatter – 98.50

James and Rob discussed whether Ronda Rousey losing would harm her value if she were to join the WWE. Rob said it wouldn’t because a redemption story would be told instead.

Rob noted on the latest episode of Table for 3, Wade Barrett laughed at the fact that he has yet to have a win as King of the Ring.

Nikki and Brie Bella were in Paris during the attacks and Rob hoped that there would be no footage of that on the new season of Total Divas.

Last week marked the 10th year anniversary of the passing of Eddie Guerrero.

John Cena has been added to a few live events in December and January.

Competition – 136.40

This week’s competition is a chance to win a copy of Undertaker: the Streak RIP Edition box set. To win, retweet the special DVD cover art on James’s Twitter account. Entrants must be over 18 years old and live in the UK. Closing date is midnight on Tuesday, 24th November (GMT).

Next week’s podcast guests will be the Dudley Boyz (Part II) with a recap of Survivor’s Series.

Score & Review

8.5 out 10: Overall, this episode was very enjoyable. It’s a nice change to hear that James and Rob be disproving of the direction of creative especially with regards to the Paige and Charlotte segment and the World Heavyweight Championship tournament. I agree that using Reid Flair is distasteful and not necessary. James is right to say that it is lazy writing from WWE Creative. I also agree that it is wrong and disrespectful to not consult Ric and Elizabeth Flair beforehand.

I agree with Rob’s assessment that the tournament is just to crown Reigns as the new champion but will be at the expense of more well rounded wrestlers like Ambrose and Cesaro.

It was interesting to hear that the Dudley Boyz was bought in to elevate the tag team division. They are definitely the team needed to help build up the division.

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