Steve Austin Show – Interview with BSC contestant (Feb. 9, 2016)

The Steve Austin Show
Guest: Todd Carroll of the Broken Skull Challenge
Release Date: February 9, 2016


Recap by Corey Freedman


– Austin and Carroll break down Todd’s appearance on the BSC. Todd did not win, but Austin truly respected his efforts during the competition.

– Carroll says the show provided his best and worst memories. The best being appearing on the competition in the first place, but the worst being that he got so close to finishing the course but ultimately was not able to.

Subjects Covered (w/timestamps)

0:00 – Sponsor Ads
2:30 – Introduction
10:00 – Sponsor Ads
12:55 – Interview begins
42:35 – Sponsor Ads
45:32 – Interview Continues
1:16:51 – Interview ends/conclusion
1:21:10 – Show ends

Show Highlights

Introduction: Austin is recording this on Sunday so he has not seen the Super Bowl at the time of this podcast. He previews the game a little bit. He says he would love to see Peyton Manning go out with a win, but would also like to see Cam Newton win his first ring. He doesn’t find Newton polarizing at all. Austin talks about his shirts and the Broken Skull IPA.

Interview w/Todd Carroll: Todd is a personal trainer from Illinois who competed on the Broken Skull Challenge. Todd didn’t complete the Skullbuster but Austin was very impressed with his efforts. Carroll talks when he first saw the show and how he couldn’t sleep thinking about wanting to compete on the show. Todd talks about his work as a personal trainer. He also talks about bumping up his workout regimen when he found out he would be on the show. He talks about arriving on the ranch and worrying whether he should be there or not. He talks about his strategy during the wrestling portion of the challenge. He and Austin discuss his thought process through the different events. Carroll talks about how he was able to persevere through some challenges trying to remind himself how hard he worked to get on the show. Carroll talks about being in the water while carrying a bunch of weight and how difficult it was to maintain proper breathing specifically during this portion. He talks about not having a preference for who he would face in the pit. Todd also talks about doing a lot of hill training leading up to the competition. Austin breaks down the wrestling portion of the competition. Carroll talks about trying to stay low.

Interview continues: Carroll talks about preparing for the Skullbuster. He says he didn’t sleep a lot the night before and being really sore from the day before. He didn’t think he would be facing Ian as he thought nobody would be able to defeat Tommy. He was a bit worried when he saw Ian because that meant the overall time was going to be that much harder for him to beat. He says he focused on the nutcracker a lot because he knew that was a spot that could really hurt your time. He says his balance training really helped with that part of the course. Austin asks about Heartbreak Hill. Todd says he started really feeling the burn after lightning bolt. He says the hill looked much bigger than he previously thought. He also talks about wearing toe-shoes to get better grip throughout the course. He credits the shoes for keeping his balance throughout the course. He talks about the feeling of pure helplessness at the end of the hill not being able to ring the bell. Austin asks about that feeling given that he was posting a great time at that point. Todd says he couldn’t believe he got that close without being able to complete the course. He wanted to give it another shot after falling down the hill but he physically could not. He was obviously disappointed to get so close without being able to ring the bell. Carroll says being on the show was the best and worst memory of his life. He enjoyed being on TV and being able to take part in the competition but obviously the ending was not what he envisioned. Austin praises Todd’s effort on the show. He says Todd is the kind of competitor he is looking for.

Conclusion: Austin talks about an upcoming appearance he will be making signing autographs and meeting fans. He plugs his shirts, Broken Skull IPA, and his two shows on CMT. He thanks his sponsors as well.

Score and Review

Score (7.5): Pretty similar review to when Austin had Ian Murphy of the Broken Skull Challenge on the show. Austin is a great interviewer and he and Todd Carroll have a great conversation that focuses on Todd’s appearance on the show. I am not a viewer of the BSC so forgive me if the descriptions of their conversation are not as in-depth as they normally are when the subject is wrestling. As in the past, I rated this episode lower than normal because it is not about wrestling, and unless you watch the show, I am not sure how relevant the conversation will be to you as a listener. That being said, this was a well conducted interview and an entertaining discussion even for someone that doesn’t watch the show.

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