PODCAST RECAP AND REVIEW: The Steve Austin Show with Diamond Dallas Page on the WWE 2018 Hall of Fame Class, the best five minute match he’s ever seen, how he got involved at WrestleMania VI, thoughts on Steamboat vs. Savage

The Steve Austin Show

Release Date: March 8th, 2018

Recap by: Joe Aguinaldo


0:00 – Intro (The podcast starts at 2:22. The first 2:21 are sponsor reads)

We are at 317 Gimmick Street and the day before, he had the one and only Diamond Dallas Page over to record this podcast. Steve talks about living with Dallas years ago and says they were the proverbial odd couple. Even back then, DDP was working on what would become DDP Yoga.

Steve talks about receiving the Brian Pillman book (Crazy Like A Fox) from Paul Lazenby. He says it is a really good book so far and has brought back some memories of Brian. He’s also trying to get through Dr. D. David Schultz’s book which he is also enjoying. Steve says reading the Brian Pillman book brought him back to the 10 man tag match in Calgary for an In Your House PPV. Steve says that was an amazing night at the office and says the crowd that night were electric.

Coming up on the podcast is Diamond Dallas Page to shoot the breeze. Also, before going to DDP, Steve says he is going to give DDP Yoga a try.

10:38 – Diamond Dallas Page

DDP is in town working on a project for Amazon. He says he can’t talk about it but says it’s like The Breakfast Club meets The Walking Dead meets Mad Max. There are 8 episodes in this project and DDP comes in on the 6th. Steve asks if DDP likes doing movies as Steve thinks the process is a pain in the a**. DDP likes working movies and talks about working with Howard Fine and going through acting classes.

When DDP got into Hollywood, he was 46 at the time and knew that nobody was going to take a chance on a 46 year old actor. Because of that, he started focusing all his energy on DDP Yoga and use that as a way to recreate who he was and gain some notoriety. He also talks a discussion he had with a producer and his attitude about trying to make it in Hollywood which is a really positive message (13:23 into the podcast).

DDP talks about Relentless, a documentary he is working on with the Nathan Mowery (who also directed Chris Jericho’s video Judas). DDP says he is relentless in everything he does and wants to prove to people they can do things.

At this point of the podcast, they shotgun a number of topics which include:

  • People who can’t drive and LA traffic
  • An in-depth discussion about skinny jeans and people who wear them halfway down their butts. Also, if you wear skinny jeans, send a comment to questions@steveaustinshow.com and let him know why
  • Someone in a Honda Civic who didn’t know how to park
  • How much DDP hates driving in LA
  • How much Playa Vista has changed and being able to find quality beers and a date at the Whole Foods
  • A story about DDP buying a grill and pushing it back to his apartment

(This all starts at about 17:45 into the podcast)

Back from break, Steve asks DDP about his thoughts on the 2018 WWE Hall of Fame Class.

Goldberg (28:52 into the podcast) – DDP says Goldberg was the man for WCW. He also gives Goldberg (and Brock Lesnar) props for Goldberg’s final run and says the match between Goldberg and Lesnar at Wrestlemania 33 was the best 5 minute match he had seen. Steve also loved the match and loved the way it was shot. Steve bring up the match Lesnar and Goldberg had at Wrestlemania 20 which wasn’t the greatest so Steve was pulling for the both of them to have a good match at Wrestlemania 33.

Dudley Boys (31:52 into the podcast) – DDP says he loves the Dudley Boys. Steve talks about Bubba Ray making his debut in ECW and says you could see his charisma early in his career. Both Steve and DDP agree the Dudleys absolutely deserve to be in the Hall Of Fame. DDP puts over Paul Heyman’s ability to highlight strengths of wrestlers. He also puts over the WWE for bringing back stars who made it big in another promotion but are now returning ‘home’.

DDP heard Bam Bam Bigelow might be added to the Hall Of Fame Class this year but isn’t 100% sure (34:18 into the podcast). DDP had known Bam Bam since Bam Bam was 16 years old. DDP used to manage a club called Xanadu that Bam Bam used to go to when he was in a biker gang. DDP and Bam Bam would talk about wrestling and how one day, DDP saw Bam Bam wrestling on TV then a few years later he was in the WWE. It should be noted that at this point in the podcast, Steve had to go to the washroom so DDP was covering for him.

Steve and DDP go back to Bubba Ray and how impressed they were with the Bully Ray character in TNA.

This brings up a Hurricane Helms story (37:50 into the podcast). DDP and Hurricane were driving between Phoenix and Yuma in Arizona. While driving, they were watching Braveheart and Hurricane realized they had not filled up the car. Thankfully they called Devon Dudley who was driving behind them and got them some gas to make it to the next station. Steve adds a story about running out of gas while driving. Thankfully he got a ride from a cop to a gas station and the gas station charged him $25 just for the gas can. He also talks about blowing out his tire while he and his wife were coming back from camping. Steve says it’s one thing to get into an accident while you’re driving alone but it’s a whole other thing when your family is in the vehicle. The moral of these stories….check the gas if you’re going on a long car ride.

Back to the Hall of Fame, they bring up Ivory (44:14 into the podcast). DDP loves Ivory and Steve says he had the biggest crush on her when she was in GLOW. DDP says the current GLOW show is great, however Steve says he hasn’t watched it. DDP recommends watching the documentary before watching the GLOW show. Steve and DDP say Ivory helped paved the way for women’s wrestling today but she may not always realize it. DDP puts over the women’s matches today and says he never misses a women’s match. DDP mentions he is working with Bayley, Corey Graves and Sean Mooney on a Randy Savage DVD coming soon.

Jeff Jarrett (47:26 into the podcast) – DDP is happy that Jeff is going into the hall. He was pleasantly surprised it was happening as there was an incident with Jeff and the WWE and DDP heard there was some heat. Steve talks about starting wrestling and working with Jeff as Jeff was one of the top babyfaces in the USWA territory. Steve brings up a story of Jeff telling Steve that he (Steve) was a little snug and wanted Steve to lighten up a little. DDP says he loved working with Jeff because he was a good worker and had great psychology.

Hillbilly Jim (50:52 into the podcast) – Steve mentions Jim gave him the nickname Lounge Lizard because Steve would always be drinking in the lounge when they were on the road. He wasn’t a classic worker but had a good physique and his gimmick was over. He also had the gift of gab and could cut a promo. DDP says Jim is a bigger than life character and was happy to hear Jim was finally going into the Hall.

DDP says he will be at Wrestlecon and Wrestlemania in New Orleans this year. He was initially going to do a DDP workshop but decided not to because it was too busy the last time he did that. DDP was asked recently what his favorite moment was and he said it was getting into the HOF. This brings up a story about DDPs Hall of Fame speech (55:10 into the podcast).

He also brings up Dusty Rhodes’ wife Michelle. When Dallas was trying to make it in the business, he would call Dusty Rhodes regularly but would more often than not, end up speaking with Michelle. He says Dusty would not have called him back if it had not been for Michelle’s help so he really want to thank her in his Hall Of Fame speech. DDP also says it was because of Dusty that he moved to Atlanta to pursue wrestling. As a funny side note, when he did move to Atlanta, he blew the drive shaft of his car which wrecked the transmission. DDP called Dusty for some advice about what to do and Dusty replied ‘welcome to the business’ and hung up on him.

Steve asks DDP about his ‘62 Caddie. He found it in Fort Myers Florida and got some work done on it. Steve brings up watching old Wrestlemanias and asks DDP which Wrestlemania he drove the Cadillac in (it was Wrestlemania VI). This brings up the story how DDP got to Wrestlemania VI (1:03:45 into the podcast). Bushwacker Luke who contacted Pat Patterson to tell Pat about the pink Caddie and how it would be perfect for Rhythm and Blues (Greg Valentine and Honky Tonk Man). DDP spoke to Patterson and said if the WWE would ship the car, fly DDP up to Wrestlemania (which was in Toronto) and let him drive it, they could use the car for free. In that Wrestlemania, DDP drove Greg Valentine, Honky Tonk Man, Jimmy Hart and Sherri Martel who was dressed up as Peggy Sue. DDP says, 10 years after that WrestleMania, he was in the co-main event at a PPV wrestling against Goldberg for the WCW title.

They bring up the Steamboat vs. Savage match and how amazing that match was (1:06:43 into the podcast). That was one of the matches DDP really studied. In the past, Steve has said even though the match was good, it was planned out and Steve is always someone who prided himself on being able to call matches on the fly. However, the bottom line is that a good match is a good match regardless of how you come up with it. Steve says that match holds up to the athleticism of today’s matches and the bonus is that you can’t see them making calls. No moves are telegraphed and the audience doesn’t know what’s coming next. It comes off as organic and doesn’t look choreographed.

DDP mentions he’s going to the UK for a DDP yoga workshop as well as a Comic Con. Steve asks if DDP still enjoys travelling but he says he hates it (but still does it). Steve is also not a fan of travelling. DDP brings up his favorite cop story of all time (1:18:28 into the podcast). He was driving with Big Show, Kimberly (his wife at the time) and another Nitro girl. While leaving an arena, traffic going out was really bad so DDP used the wrong lanes to leave the arena and got caught by a cop. The cop was pissed off and cussing hard at DDP. At one point, Big Show who was sitting beside DDP leaned over and apologized to the cop. The cop realized it was DDP and Big Show and went from being ultra pissed off to a love fest. The cop let DDP go without a ticket.

DDP pushes his DDP yoga retreat that he does every year. He had 100 people who do DDP Yoga at the last one and were able to transform themselves in a positive way. This year he’ll be doing two retreats, one in July (check www.ddpyogaretreat.com for details) and for the Jericho Cruise in October (www.chrisjerichocruise.com).

DDP brings up one last story (1:25:48 into the podcast). When people get the DDP Yoga program he will call them. During one call, he spoke to a women with a French accent who heard about DDP Yoga from a video he did about Chris Jericho (click here to see the video). It turns out this woman was Kevin Owens’ aunt. Steve asks DDP to download the app for him so he can try it and they sign off.

1:31:09 – Show Wrap

Steve thanks DDP for being on the podcast. Due to reading the Brian Pillman book (Crazy Like a Fox) he recommends watching Brian Pillman’s promo from February 1996 (click here to view the promo). He thanks the sponsors and that’s a wrap

Rating 8/10

Great podcast with DDP. It was more just a big conversation about a whole bunch of stuff. DDP tells some great stories and the fact that they are friends also makes the podcast fun to listen to. DDP is really good at motivating people. In fact after I write this review, I’m going to do a DDP Yoga workout (no joke). Definitely give this one a listen


0:00 – Intro
10:38 – Diamond Dallas Page
13:23 – Trying To Make It in Hollywood
17:45 – A Bunch Of Topics including Parking, Skinny Jeans and Whole Foods As A Dating Place
28:52 – Goldberg
31:52 – Dudley Boys
34:18 – Bam Bam Bigelow
37:50 – Hurricane Helms Story and Check Your Gas
44:14 – Ivory
47:26 – Jeff Jarrett
50:52 – Hillbilly Jim
55:10 – DDPs Hall Of Fame Speech
1:03:45 – Wrestlemania VI
1:06:43 – Steamboat vs Savage
1:18:28 – DDP’s Favorite Cop Story
1:25:48 – Kevin Owens’ Aunt
1:31:09 – Show Wrap

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Joe lives in Toronto, Canada with his wife and two boys. He’s been watching wrestling for about 40 years (give or take) but don’t consider himself any sort of expert. He just likes wrestling.  Check him out on twitter and instagram @ja113.

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