83 Weeks with Eric Bischoff

RECAP AND REVIEW: 83 Weeks on Eric Bischoff in the AWA – how Ninja Star Wars got him into the business, his first meeting with Verne Gagne, why he once challenged DDP to a fight, the troubled last days of the company

83 Weeks – AWA Release Date: November 26, 2018 Running time: 2:12 Recap by: Joe Aguinaldo DIRECT LINK TO LISTEN/DOWNLOAD Intro On today’s podcast, Conrad and Eric cover the AWA. Moving to Minneapolis Eric moved to Minneapolis when he was 14. At the time he didn’t have any friends and was a bit of a loner As a kid, he […]


RECAP AND REVIEW: The Jim Ross Report with Ricky Steamboat on calling matches with Ric Flair on the fly, DDP on helping Chris Jericho and other wrestlers with DDP Yoga, Hurricane Helms on his ROH status

The Jim Ross Report Release Date: October 31st, 2018 Running time: 1:53:54 Recap by: Joe Aguinaldo DIRECT LINK TO LISTEN/DOWNLOAD 0:00 – Intro Welcome back to another week of Slobberknocker audio. J.R. is recording the program from the Norwegian Cruise ship Jade on the Jericho Cruise which is currently docked in the Bahamas during the time of this recording. Coming […]


INTERVIEW HIGHLIGHTS: DDP on how he was convinced to do the Diamond Cutter at All In, wrestlers going over on time

Chris Van Vliet recently interviewed DDP about his involvement at All In, ho w he was asked to be a part of the match, and more. Here are some of the highlights. For the full interview, check out Vliet’s YouTube channel: Dusty Rhodes played a major part in the NWA World’s Heavyweight Championship match at ALL IN: “Dusty used to […]


PODCAST RECAP AND REVIEW: The Steve Austin Show with Diamond Dallas Page on the WWE 2018 Hall of Fame Class, the best five minute match he’s ever seen, how he got involved at WrestleMania VI, thoughts on Steamboat vs. Savage

The Steve Austin Show Release Date: March 8th, 2018 Recap by: Joe Aguinaldo DIRECT LINK TO LISTEN/DOWNLOAD 0:00 – Intro (The podcast starts at 2:22. The first 2:21 are sponsor reads) We are at 317 Gimmick Street and the day before, he had the one and only Diamond Dallas Page over to record this podcast. Steve talks about living with […]

Killing the Town/Storm & Cyrus

PODCAST RECAP AND REVIEW: Killing The Town – Bam Bam Bigelow Tribute Show with memories and stories from Dave Meltzer, Rob Van Dam, Jim Cornette, Diamond Dallas Page, and Chris Jericho

Killing the Town Recap By: Andrew Soucek Release Date: January 23, 2018 DIRECT LINK TO LISTEN/DOWNLOAD Highlights -Bigelow nearly fought a famous boxer. -Bam Bam was influential in helping get a future top star into WCW. -Lance Storm reveals why he was once very scared of The Beast From the East. -The old-school reason why a major wrestling booker wasn’t […]

MVP interview

QUICK QUOTES: Mark Madden reveals the strange reason he started wearing Hawaiian shirts on-air, his thoughts on Jim Cornette, the former World Champion he thinks is a “big baby”

Former WCW announcer Mark Madden was a recent guest on the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling podcast. Here are some of the highlights they sent along: Similarities between WCW’s end and WWE’s current product: “I see a slight parallel in terms of just everything feels rushed and nothing rarely gets to where it should go and I’m not going […]

MVP interview

QUICK QUOTES: Dave Sullivan on why he didn’t like playing Evad, his relationship with Hulk Hogan, storyline with DDP and Kimberly

Dave Sullivan was a recent guest on the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling podcast, and talked about his “brother” Kevin Sullivan, his run as Evad, and more. Here are the highlights they sent along: Who came up with him becoming Kevin Sullivan’s “kayfabe” brother: “That was Kevin. Kevin came up with it in the office and Mike Graham who […]

Bruce Prichard Something to Wrestle With

WRITTEN PODCAST RECAP: Something to Wrestle With King of the Ring 1996, McMahon doesn’t get 3:16, Why Warrior wore a baseball cap, how Triple H felt about the KOTR crown (Ep. 47)

Something To Wrestle With – KING OF THE RING 1996 Air Date: 5/19/17 Recap by: Jeff Rush DIRECT LINK TO LISTEN/DOWNLOAD Notable Items (full Time Stamps at the end) – Hall and Nash openly campaigned for Bret Hart to be the “third man” in the NWO. – The Ultimate Warrior wore a baseball cap while in character on TV to avoid being […]


QUICK QUOTES: Eric Bischoff on WCW creating some of the “best talent in the history of the world,” what made him cry at the HOF

Eric Bischoff joined Main Event Radio to talk about inducting DDP into the WWE Hall of Fame, WCW’s enduring legacy, and the women’s wrestling revolution. Here are some of the highlights they sent along: Coming back to WWE for the Hall of Fame Ceremony: It was a lot of fun. You get to meet so many people who are behind the […]

Steve Austin Show - Unleashed

Steve Austin Show Unleashed with Scott Hall (Sept. 18)

STEVE AUSTIN UNLEASHED HOST: “STONE COLD” STEVE AUSTIN GUEST: SCOTT HALL RELEASE DATE: SEPT. 17, 2015 DIRECT LINK TO STREAM OR DOWNLOAD EPISODE Report by Andrew Fierro, PWPodcasts reporter TOP ITEMS FROM SHOW – Scott Hall’s overall sounding healthy. This is far the biggest point for me. – Stories of working with Shawn Michaels pre-WWF careers. – Great discussion about […]