QUICK QUOTES: X-Pac on Austin Aries, the tough matches he had with Roddy Piper, the NXT wrestler he thinks is going to be “excellent”

X-Pac was recently a guest on The Tomorrow Show, and talked about being a fan of Austin Aries, the stiff matches he had with Roddy Piper, and more. Here are the highlights they sent along:

X-Pac says Jerry Lewis is to the Rat Rack as DPP is to NWO:

“He [DDP] was our buddy, but he was never in the group…We did business with him, did good business…hung out.”

X-Pac is a HUGE Austin Aries fan:

“He’s [Austin Aries] great, I’m a huge fan of his. It just didn’t work out. There was a lot of, somebody didn’t feel it. It’s too bad because, their loss on that one…Here’s the thing with him, he’s one of these people that knows his value… Whatever they do to try and make– and when I say they, it doesn’t matter what company, it doesn’t work on him. He knows what he’s worth, and he wasn’t going to stay there and not be utilized properly…It wasn’t going to work. You don’t want a guy like that there.”

X-Pac recounts he & Roddy Piper beating the f**k out of each other:

“Roddy wasn’t afraid…I knocked the s**t out of him…Oh yes, oh my God…That was just the nature of our match, we beat the f–k out of each other…I was 1-2-3 Kid.”

When asked why wrestling matches are sometimes a ballet dance and other times, like in X-Pac’s fight with Roddy, they get real:

“It’s the opponent…I’ve been in a lot easier f***ing street fights than that, I promise you that, man.”

When asked, why matches with Roddy went that way:

“It’s just, you know, you get worked up, and he’s so intense and he brings that. He brought that realism into the ring with him, you know?”

X-Pac raves about Thea Trinidad:

“She’s [Thea Trinidad] playing the role of CM Punk’s girlfriend…AJ role. I know her…She was playing her in the movie that Rock’s making, right? So they shot the scene at The Staples Center in front of the live crowd…it wasn’t just an easy scene, dialogue wise, and she killed it. She nailed it, first take. First take, with all the mannerisms and everything.”

X-Pac could see Sonya Deville getting the NXT belt:

“She [Sonya Deville] asked me about if I watched her match, and I did. And so I told her a few things. She’s very good. Yeah, she’s gonna be excellent.”

On her possibly getting the NXT women’s belt in about a year:

“I can see that. I totally could…It might be planting a seed…She’s keeping her stuff separate and different from the average, from the other ladies that are in there. She has to.”

For more of the interview with X-Pac, check out The Tomorrow Show

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