QUICK QUOTES: Dave Sullivan on why he didn’t like playing Evad, his relationship with Hulk Hogan, storyline with DDP and Kimberly

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Dave Sullivan was a recent guest on the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling podcast, and talked about his “brother” Kevin Sullivan, his run as Evad, and more. Here are the highlights they sent along:

Who came up with him becoming Kevin Sullivan’s “kayfabe” brother:

“That was Kevin. Kevin came up with it in the office and Mike Graham who had a great brain about the business (of course growing up in it) and it was him and Kevin you who come up with the idea. They came up with it off of the idea of the movie “Twins”. They thought that it would be a good thing to do and I said whatever, lets see what it does and went with it all. It was a lot of fun and it was Mike Graham and Kevin who came up with the idea.”

Did he like the pairing with Kevin Sullivan:

“I got along with him. I didn’t have any problems with Kevin and enjoyed working with him and doing stuff with him and he was always good to me. He would always show me things and by that time Kevin had been around awhile so he’d show me things about the office and I learned a lot from him about that stuff.”

Did he like playing the goofy babyface of Evad:

“I didn’t like it. I figured it was something different to do and I kind of thought it would be a good idea but no, I enjoyed the other part much better and I always will. I didn’t have as much fun playing Dave Sullivan. It was silly, but I went along with it and you can’t blame me because I decided to do it because it wasn’t like they grabbed me and pointed a gun at my head. I went with it and did and it was silly and a little weird.”

Becoming Hulk Hogan’s number one Hulkamaniac:

“It was kind of (sighs) weird and different. I’m a team guy so I did it but a lot of things we did there at WCW were different.”

Did he have any relationship with Hulk Hogan during the storyline:

“We didn’t talk that much. We’d talk a little bit but not that much. It wasn’t like we were buds or anything. I really didn’t have an opinion about him at all because he kept to himself and he didn’t hang with the boys. He had his own locker room and him and Jimmy Hart kind of hung together so they were by themselves and they were nice to me but I never got to know them at all.”

Teaming with Hogan and Sting and having matches with Ric Flair during that angle:

“Sting has always been a good man. Steve Borden is a good man. His dad was from here in Omaha so I always liked Sting and sometimes felt that he got a raw deal too.”

“You just kind of roll with it. Just roll with the punches and keep yourself going. I like working with Kevin, Avalanche (John Tenta) was good too but with Kevin, I always worked well with him and enjoyed it and it was being his tag partner too. We had a lot of good times together and I can’t complain.”

His angle with DDP and Kimberly Page:

“I knew that was all for him. I didn’t care much for it at all truthfully. It was all to get him over. It was him and Bischoff and stuff and there was really no reason for the angle in the first place. That is my opinion.”

For the full interview with Dave Sullivan, check out the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling podcast. 

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