QUICK QUOTES: Gail Kim on who she thinks should go in the GFW Hall of Fame next, feeling held down in WWE, the Knockout’s teeth she knocked out

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Gail Kim was on the most recent episode of X-Pac 1,2,360 and talked about her post-retirement plans, the change from TNA to GFW, and more. Here are some of the highlights they sent along:

Sean X-Pac Waltman Gives His Thoughts On A Possible Jon Jones/ Brock Lesnar Fight:

“Honestly, Brock doesn’t lose no matter what, even if he loses the fight, he doesn’t lose because that’s Jon Jones he would have lost to. Best fighter maybe ever.”

Gail Kim Talks About Knocking Out Jacqueline Moore’s Two Front Teeth During A Street Fight On TNA:

“We had a street fight one time and Jim Cornette was our agent and so Jim is like ‘Have you ever done a pinata spot? You know with the garbage can over the head …’ I said ‘no’, he kinda explained it, but he didn’t tell me which way to way to frame…and all that. I swung away and I knocked out her two front teeth!”

Gail Mentions the Tweets She Sent to Stephanie McMahon:

“I’ve always given credit to Hunter for the WWE women’s revolution because he is the one who did start it at NXT. With him doing it down there, I don’t think it would have happened on the main roster. So, kudos to him on believing in the woman and when I left that company he was very kind, and told me you’re talented and I hope we can do more with women’s wrestling.”

Gail’s Thoughts on the Mae Young Classic:

“I’m excited to watch it, because there are a lot of girls in that tournament, that I like, and feel are talented – I think it’s a great opportunity to be seen, just beyond the independent scene and hopefully, some of them get contracts.”

Gail Mentions How She Felt Held Down in WWE:

“I felt held down in WWE. It was just the wrong timing in that company. When I first came into the company the woman’s division was strong with Trish and Jazz with all those girls. When the first diva’s search happened it kinda went away, that’s when I got fired actually, and mind you, it brought me my best friend Christy Hemme. It always felt like it was just never a right fit for me.”

The Difference in Match Layout from WWE Compared to TNA:

“In WWE (Matches) it’s a little bit more controlled in ways. For example, you know we always had Fit (Finlay) as our agent well, most of the time. And so he would tell us to do certain things. Not the whole match. You know because we kind of work together but if there is something he really wanted us to do then we would do it. Whereas in Impact (Formally TNA Now GFW) it was kind of different where we have more independence I would say.”

Thoughts on the Netflix GLOW Series and Trying Out to Train the Actresses:

“I watched the whole season in two days. I love it. I love it and she (Welfare Queen) was a rock star so I’m proud of her. It’s funny because I found out about the show happening and maybe a few months before it all started I tried to get the job to train the actresses. I wasn’t trying to get an on screen roll and I found out Chavo Guerrero got it. Chavo is one of my good friends… And I’m happy for him.”

The TNA Hall of Fame Changing its Letters and Who Should be the Next Inductee:

“I’m pretty sure they’re (GFW) dropping the TNA. Not sure how that’s going to go actually I don’t know. We’re going to have to wait and see I guess, right? The person I feel is most deserving probably because I’ve worked with him for so long, I don’t know how the fans feel, but I think they would agree is Abyss. Abyss has been there (GFW) a long time he’s such a great talent and he produces behind the scenes. I have nothing against all the other producers but I think he is the best producer. I mean he’s so good and what he contributes to the company because I know he deserves it.”

Plans After Retirement in 2017:

“Well I started producing for the company (GFW) and so I just started that at the last TV. I’m kind of doing double duty right now and so I’m really looking forward to doing that.”

For the full interview with Gail Kim, check out X-Pac 1,2,360.

And for a full written recap of the show, we have one posted right here at PWPodcasts.com. 

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