WRITTEN PODCAST RECAP: Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast w/ Bobby Roode on why he was losing his passion for wrestling in TNA, how long he plans to stay in the business, State of Wrestling on XFL and Royal Rumble announcement (Ep. 165)

December 25, 2017

Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast Release Date: December 21, 2017 Guest: Bobby Roode Recap By: Matthew Wilkinson DIRECT LINK TO LISTEN/DOWNLOAD Newsworthy Items Bobby has no plan on retiring anytime soon.   Roode began to lose his passion for wrestling during his final months at Impact Wrestling.    Bobby Roode’s original theme song was not his current ‘Glorious’ one.    When […]


QUICK QUOTES: Gail Kim on who she thinks should go in the GFW Hall of Fame next, feeling held down in WWE, the Knockout’s teeth she knocked out

August 3, 2017

Gail Kim was on the most recent episode of X-Pac 1,2,360 and talked about her post-retirement plans, the change from TNA to GFW, and more. Here are some of the highlights they sent along: Sean X-Pac Waltman Gives His Thoughts On A Possible Jon Jones/ Brock Lesnar Fight: “Honestly, Brock doesn’t lose no matter what, even if he loses the […]

Something to Wrestle With SummerSlam 2000
Bruce Prichard Something to Wrestle With

WRITTEN PODCAST RECAP: Something to Wrestle With on SummerSlam 2000 – Why Randy Savage reached out to Bruce in 2000, Brock Lesnar eats Krispy Kremes, the Legend of Just Joe, Chris Kreski, and the common wrestling term Bruce has never heard (Ep. 56)

July 28, 2017

Something To Wrestle With Bruce Prichard – Demolition Air date: July 28, 2017 Recap by: Jeff Rush, Specialist DIRECT LINK TO LISTEN/DOWNLOAD Top 10 Impressions 10. Tony Garea, Stinkface Match agent. 9. Dusty Rhodes describes a Stinkface match. 8. Macho Man wants WWF to hire Mona. 7. Dick Cheney invites the Rock to the GOP Convention 6. Vince wants […]


QUICK QUOTES: Scott Steiner names off a few “idiots” in the business, why he came back to Impact, Triple H not having a “backbone”

June 16, 2017

Scott Steiner was recently interviewed by Ring Rust Radio about his recent return to Impact and his thoughts about the industry in general. Here are some of the highlights they sent along: Ring Rust Radio: Many fans were genuinely surprised to see you return to Impact Wrestling following your controversial exit from the company in 2012. What was the signing process […]


Quick Quotes: Bruce Prichard reveals Vince McMahon’s thoughts on bringing Eric Bischoff into WWE and the feeling behind the scenes.

May 27, 2017

From Something To Wrestle With… Bruce Prichard: Eric Bischoff in the WWE (Ep. 48) Air date: 5/26/17. This transcription comes from Contributor Jeff Rush: In May of 2002, Kevin Nash reached out to Eric Bischoff to give him a heads up that Vince McMahon was going to call and offer him an on-air role. Vince did, in fact, call […]

Stephanie McMahon

QUICK QUOTES: Stephanie McMahon on her evil character, George “The Animal” Steele scaring her as a child, whether she ever considered another line of work

May 8, 2017

Stephanie McMahon was a recent guest on This Morning and talked about a variety of WWE topics. Here are the highlights: Discussing her character: “I am portraying a piece of the authority. So I do represent the ownership in real-life and as a character on television. So my character abuses her authority and power pretty much at every turn to […]


QUICK QUOTES: Scott Steiner has some harsh words for WWE and Triple H

April 30, 2017

Scott Steiner was recently interviewed by Nick’s Strength and Power channel on YouTube. He was pretty open about his thoughts on WWE. Here are some very quick quotes: If he ever wrestles at the Arnold Sports Festival, as WWE does some shows there: “F**k the WWE.” Why he feels that way: “Just who’s in charge and who runs it. There aren’t […]

Gorilla Position

Gorilla Position #39 – Interview w/Paul O’Brien (Sept. 30, 2015)

October 2, 2015

Gorilla Position – Episode 39 Hosts: James Delow and Rob Leigh Guest: Author Paul O’Brien Date: September 30, 2015 DIRECT LINK TO LISTEN/DOWNLOAD Recap By Tania Leong Top News Items – Interview with wrestling author Paul O’Brien: James and O’Brien discussed how O’Brien transitioned from being a wrestling fan to being a writer of wrestling novels. O’Brien said that he didn’t […]