QUICK QUOTES: Scott Steiner has some harsh words for WWE and Triple H

Scott Steiner was recently interviewed by Nick’s Strength and Power channel on YouTube. He was pretty open about his thoughts on WWE. Here are some very quick quotes:

If he ever wrestles at the Arnold Sports Festival, as WWE does some shows there:

“F**k the WWE.”

Why he feels that way:

“Just who’s in charge and who runs it. There aren’t two bigger douchebags than Triple H and Stephanie.”

If he watched WrestleMania this year:

“Well hell no! Let me ask you something. Why did Triple H really make that statue of Ric Flair? So where is it now? Well, where do you think it’s at? There’s no Hall of Fame. Do you have the address to the Hall of Fame? (Nick speculated the statue is in Hunter’s house) Exactly. They better not make one of The Macho Man.”

For more, check out the full Scott Steiner interview.

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