Cheap Heat on Grantland Sports – Final WM32 hype & Mania Weekend Plans (Mar. 30, 2016)

“Cheap Heat” Podcast on Grantland Sports
Hosts: David Shoemaker and Peter Rosenberg
Release Date: March 30, 2016


Recap by Corey Freedman

Top Items

– Cheap Heat will also have another episode sometime on Friday with interviews and WM32 media coverage.

– Cheap Heat is hosting a meet & greet at “Off the Record” in Deep Ellum on Saturday from 5-7 p.m. RSVP to @rosenbergradio if you plan to attend.

– The hosts thought this week’s Raw had some cool moments, but overall were not impressed for a go-home show.

– The hosts talk about Shane McMahon’s table spot on Raw, and what that means for his match against The Undertaker (i.e. does that mean he is going to do something crazier at WM32?).

– Shoemaker and Greg seem more excited for “NXT: Takeover” than anything else this weekend, while Rosenberg is most excited for the Shane-Taker match.

– All three hosts agree that NXT: Takeover will have the better main event (Balor-Joe > Triple H-Reigns).

Subjects Covered (w/timestamps)

0:00 – Sponsor Ad
0:15 – Introduction
2:35 – General Raw/WM32 thoughts
16:45 – John Cena
23:05 – More Raw thoughts
34:15 – Sponsor Ad
34:35 – Brian Dipperstein joins the show
39:25 – Wrestlemania weekend
56:08 – Show ends

Show Highlights

Introduction: Rosenberg welcomes us to WrestleMania Week! The hosts discuss their travel arrangements as they prepare to head to Dallas.

Raw thoughts: Greg describes Raw this week as “lackluster,” and he was confused by the ending of the show. Shoemaker and Rosenberg were at the show live in Brooklyn. Shoemaker jokes that Rosenberg was in an Uber before the show even ended. Shoemaker also says he is having a hard time getting into the Triple H vs. Roman Reigns match, but he is also having a hard time getting worked up about the lackluster build for it. Rosenberg thought the Shane-Taker interaction on Raw was cool. However, Shoemaker brings up that is was weird for them to put such a big spot on Raw as opposed the saving it for Mania.

On an aside, Shoemaker recommends checking out Renee Young’s interview on Richard Deitsch’s (Sports Illustrated) podcast.

Shoemaker says this was a good Raw, which gets a scoff from Rosenberg. Shoemaker says the opening segment was great, the New Day was great, and the League of Nations is really coming into their own. He also brings up the Brooklyn crowd chanting “boring” during the IC Title match preview. He says this happens every time they come to Brooklyn. He suggests the WWE not put on matches designed to tell a story in the third hour of the show because by that point the live crowd has been in the arena for almost 3-4 hours. Greg is already in Dallas. The hosts try to figure out how many WrestleManias they have attended. Shoemaker notes that Hunter has won or retained the WWE Title at every past WM in Texas.

John Cena: Rosenberg spoke to John Cena this week. He says he isn’t sure whether or not Cena told him certain things to work him or because he has spoken to him in the past and trusts Rosenberg. He is not going to quote John directly, but he will give a general idea. Rosenberg says he seemed very disappointed he will not be used at WM32. Shoemaker jokes about how John Cena seems to wear normal clothes on his new TV show on Fox, as opposed to his wrestling gear or oversized suits he normally wears on WWE television. Shoemaker is quick to point out most in the WWE don’t seem to have the best fashion sense. The hosts joke about Triple H wearing oversized suits as well throughout his career.

More Raw thoughts: Shoemaker again brings up the Shane table spot. He says it surprised him because of the risk involved (i.e. what would they do if he got hurt?). He also wonders if that means Shane will do something crazier at WM32. Rosenberg says this at least makes you believe there is a chance Shane will do something crazy off the top of the Cell. They talk about some of the spots Shane has done throughout his career, including the Kurt Angle suplex.

Shoemaker asks what everyone thought of Dean Ambrose and his weapon wagon. Shoemaker thought it was cool and Greg agrees. Shoemaker continues that this is better than some of the sillier things they make Ambrose do (like spraying mustard on someone). He says we may not get serious Ambrose giving killer promos, but the wagon thing was a good hybrid of silly and serious. Shoemaker asks who you would rather fight in an alley – Brock Lesnar with a kendo stick or Dean Ambrose with a chainsaw? Rosenberg says Brock because the chainsaw would be a real problem. Shoemaker jokes that if you can somehow get rid of the chainsaw, obviously you would rather fight Dean.

Bryan Dipperstein joins the show: They joke with Dipperstein about what outfits he will be bringing to Dallas. Shoemaker brings up Test marrying Steph McMahon as one of his favorite Raw segments because he loved the absurdity.

WM weekend: Shoemaker asks what each host is looking forward to this weekend. Greg responds that he is most looking forward to NXT: Takeover. Shoemaker says NXT: Takeover will be great, their Friday podcast will be great, and being able to meet up with all of his wrestling friends is something he always looks forward to. Rosenberg is most looking forward to Shane vs. Taker and spending time with friends. Cheap Heat will be holding an event at “Off The Record” in Deep Ellum. Greg talks about how he set up the event with the bar. Greg reads the email he sent to the restaurant. The event will be on Saturday, April 2 from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. Rosenberg asks for people to RSVP to him on Twitter so they can anticipate how many people will be attending.

Shoemaker asks which will be the better main event – Hunter-Reigns or Balor-Joe. Greg says Balor-Joe without hesitation. Rosenberg agrees. Greg predicts both Hunter and Balor will lose their titles. Greg says no Women’s match has been longer than 10 minutes at WrestleMania, and the hosts anticipate this year will break that record. Shoemaker discusses the security policies for WM32. You cannot bring a Money in the Bank briefcase. Shoemaker notes that no one who won a title last year at WM31 is on this year’s card. Shoemaker also mentions his new article on ESPN that talks about the rampant injuries in WWE.

Score and Review

Score (8.0): Overall this was a solid, entertaining episode of Cheap Heat. The hosts talk a lot about WM32 weekend and their plans. They don’t go too in-depth into Raw or WM32, but they do touch on some of the more important matters as it relates to both events. They will be posting another episode from Dallas on Friday, so they made sure to note that there will be more substantive conversations on that episode. Nothing crazy important on this episode, but it was a fun listen that I would include in your WM32 preparations if you have the time.

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