Colt Cabana’s “Art of Wrestling” #315 – Huge collection of wrestling stars & legends in Live Interview (Aug. 25, 2016)

The Art of Wrestling with Colt Cabana
Episode 315 – London Live
Release Date: August 25, 2016


Report by Chris Davidson

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– The Art of Wrestling Live features Gail Kim, Edge, Ted DiBiase, Bob Holly, and “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan.

– Colt Cabana and co-host Jeremy Borash talk the Final Deletion and innovation in modern wrestling.


0:00 – Introduction
6:50 – First Guest: Gail Kim
13:47 – Second Guest: Edge
23:53 – Third Guest: Ted DiBiase
33:08 – Fourth Guest: Bob Holly
43:23 – Fifth Guest: “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan
50:19 – Colt wraps up the show


0:00 – Introduction – Colt opened the show from the London Film and Comic Con in London, England. Colt asked the audience if they heard a hum in the audio, and joked they could all hum the theme to Doctor Who to drown it out. Colt introduced Jeremy Borash as his co-host for the show, and asked Borash about directing the Final Deletion. Borash said that a little sci-fi mixed in to wrestling didn’t hurt anyone, and talked about modern wrestling getting slightly mundane and needing something outside the box to happen. Borash noted that they didn’t get approval to do the Final Deletion, to avoid having it shut down early on. Borash criticized WWE for not changing their presentation for the last 20 years, and WWE would not use a drone to film like they did. Borash teased a future Matt Hardy show where the drone, Vanguard 1, will appear.

6:50 – First Guest: Gail Kim – Gail Kim rushed on to stage a little distracted because Bob Holly was distracting her. Kim also praised the Final Deletion before talking about touring England with TNA. Borash praised Kim, noting that she will be the first female inductee to the TNA Hall of Fame. Kim got into wrestling at age 23, having watched wrestling in the 1980s but not really getting into it until she saw Stephanie McMahon and Test on TV, and decided to try to be the WWE’s “Asian girl.” Kim told a brief story about cutting a promo for the Fabulous Moolah and probably letting Moolah down. Kim plugged her social media and left the stage.

13:47 – Second Guest: Edge – Colt jokingly sang Edge’s theme music as Edge came on to stage. Edge was talking coffee with Ted DiBiase and missed his cue to come on stage. Edge told a story about training at the Funkin’ Dojo, and wrestling Ahmed Johnson. Borash said that Johnson would carry around and rink gallons of milk rather than water. Edge said he wished he had a Johnson action figure with milk, and said he was always excited to get an action figure made. Edge said that the craziest thing that came with an action figure was an ironing board, and mentioned some other crazy merch WWE put out for him. Colt asked about the origin of the nickname “Rater R Superstar.” Edge said he was inspired from a Rob Zombie t-shirt that said the movie was Rated R, and he picked the shirt that the company thought would be least popular because he felt it was the best. Edge talked about Rhyno coming to WWE, and WWE wanting to call him Sarah. Edge told a story about trying to get Bob Backlund to do a skit, and Backlund ignored him to talk about his book and eat a banana. Edge said he loves Backlund, but he thinks he’s working everyone. Edge plugged his social media and left the stage.

23:53 – Third Guest: Ted DiBiase – Ted DiBiase joked that he may have taken too many chair shots because he thought he heard his name when Edge was called. Borash did an over the top introduction for DiBiase, who did his signature laugh and joked that that’s all he’s known for in his career. Colt asked about the Million Dollar Dream, which DiBiase came up with because he wanted a move he could put on anyone. DiBiase talked about shoving $100 bills down people’s throats, but no one saw him getting them back as soon as the match was over. DiBiase mentioned picking up checks for entire restaurants and flying first class to make people believe he was a millionaire. At the time, only Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant were flying first class, so DiBiase was appearing rich no matter where he went. DiBiase did a segment on “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” where he showed off Vince McMahon’s house, and when he told the host it wasn’t his house, the host said they did stuff like that all the time. DiBiase claimed that no one ever choked on a $100 bill he shoved down their throat. DiBiase detailed the Hogan-Andre feud, and how the plan was for him to buy the world title from Andre, but they ended up making the Million Dollar Championship to get more heat. DiBiase plugged his social media, website, and ministry before leaving the stage.

33:08 – Fourth Guest: Bob Holly – While Bob Holly made his way to the stage, Borash joked that it’s a “cavalcade of stars.” Holly had his “man-purse” which had his passport, money, and a knife that surprised Colt. Holly talked about his gimmick, specifically his “NASCAR” gimmick, Sparky Plugg. Holly said he was in shock when his contract came with a “goofy name,” but he wasn’t going to tell WWE no. Colt seemed to think Holly should have a “mountain man” gimmick, but Holly never wanted to be that in the ring. Holly said after he debuted, he went into Vince McMahon’s office and said Sparky Plugg needed to change. Holly said his piece and shut up, so McMahon was fine changing it to Bob Holly. Holly talked about getting paid while waiting at home because WWE had too much talent. Holly ended up welding for a friend of his who needed a welder, until Bruce Pritchard called him about forming the New Midnight Express. Nothing really worked with that team, so he ended up in the J.O.B. Squad. Eventually, Holly was wrestling in a hardcore match when McMahon decided during a match he would be Hardcore Holly. Holly plugged his Twitter and his book, which Borash called “absolutely great”, thanked his fans, and left the stage.

43:23 – Fifth Guest: “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan – “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan came out to lead the crowd in a chorus of “Ho” chants and said the room sounds like a library. Colt asked if Duggan had ever been in a library, and Duggan said he hadn’t, but he’d heard about them. Duggan praised the U.K. fans for chanting “USA” to support him, and said it’s always great to go to the U.K., mentioning a time he wrestled at Royal Albert Hall. Borash asked about Duggan being in videos for Nashville sports teams, getting the crowd pumped with “Ho” chants. Duggan said it was great to do the videos for the sports teams, and talked briefly about his run in WCW where Vince Russo was trying to get him out of his contract. Duggan talked again about his love of wrestling in the UK and Europe, and how wrestlers are the most exclusive athletes in America. Duggan plugged his Twitter, and asked for a round of applause in memory of Roddy Piper, detailing their time of WWE’s “Legends House.” Duggan also said on “Legends House” he almost got in a fist fight with Tony Atlas, then left the stage.

50:19 – Colt wraps up the show – Colt started to wrap up the show by letting Borash plug his social media. Colt thanked the show’s sponsor, all of his guests and then cut to the studio to plug his upcoming events. Colt thanked his fans, his tech help and sponsors and ended the show back at the live show.


Score: 9.0 – This was a fantastic live episode of The Art of Wrestling. There were a lot of guests, which helped the show move quickly without feeling repetitive. The guests were all former WWE wrestlers, which made it feel more important that they were there. Unfortunately, no one was able to go too in depth, but it worked for this episode. Colt didn’t really have to do a ton of “interviewing” as all the guests are great talkers who just went with whatever came up, and it made for a fun, breezy listen. I would highly recommend this to anyone.

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