Bruce Prichard Talks About How Stubborn Vince McMahon Can Be

On the most recent episode of Something To Wrestle With, an Undertaker vs. Giant Gonzalez house show match from the ’90s was brought up. Prichard was asked when they came to realize it was in the company’s best interest to future endeavor Gonzalez. Prichard’s answer was an interesting look into the mind of Vince McMahon.

“Vince hates to give up, and Vince likes a challenge. So the worst thing you can do if you feel something isn’t working and somebody may not have ‘it’ and Vince feels otherwise, is to let him know that. Because by God, by hell or high water, he’s going to prove you wrong. Doesn’t matter how long it takes. Doesn’t matter how much money it costs. It doesn’t matter at whose expense…he’s going to prove you wrong.”

He then continued on about how everyone but the boss seemed to realize the Gonzalez project would never pan out.

“I feel that maybe some of us counted The Giant out early on, and he was determined to make it work. Until finally, he just couldn’t make it work anymore. I want to say it was probably The Undertaker coming to him and saying ‘I’ve done all I can do, I can’t do no more.'”

To listen to the interview in its entirety, check out episode 39 of Something To Wrestle With. The talk about McMahon and Gonzalez starts at 1:20.

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