WRITTEN PODCAST RECAP: The Ross Report With Alunda Blayze on Hall of Fame speech, wrestling crush, Heyman (Apr. 12)

The Ross Report

Guest: Madusa aka Alundra Blayze

Release Date: April 12th, 2017


Recap by: Jimmy J Haggz

Top Newsworthy Items:

-Madusa admires JR even though she felt like he never liked her.

-Madusa has a podcast coming out called “Madusa’s Full Throttle Podcast.”

-The Hall of Fame speech and delivery was 100% done by her.

-Paul Heyman was credited for a big portion of Madusa’s career.

-Madusa has a crush on Stone Cold Steve Austin.

-If you are going to make a sex tape, enjoy it, then DESTROY IT.

-Ross is working on making a screenplay out of the book called Queen of the Ring about the life of one Mildred Burke

-“If you ain’t growing in life, you’re dying.”

Subjects Covered (w/timestamps)

0:00- Sponsor Ads
1:40- Introduction
2:41- What’s on JR’s Mind?
22:13- Sponsor Ads
24:54- Welcome Madusa!
29:30-The Dangerous Alliance
31:30- Paul Heyman/ Hall of Fame
38:56- Out of work… or not?
42:20- Getting into the biz
45:45- Women’s Division and gender equality
52:43- Sponsor ads
56:28- Madusa’s going FULL THROTTLE
1:01:16- Wrestling with the “tapes”
1:08:05- One more match?
1:16:01- Ross Report Wrap-up

Show Highlights/Rundown

Introduction:  Good ol’ JR welcomes everyone to the show and announces his guest this week will be Madusa aka Alundra Blayze. Ross gets right into his thoughts.

What’s on Jr’s Mind?: Jim begins by talking about the WWE Superstar SHAKEUP. He claims Raw got a little bit of firepower this week and that he really likes the Miz and Maryse tandem. Ross believes they are a big positive together and it’s a win-win for both superstars. He believes they are ever so close to reaching that next level. Jim then discusses Dean Ambrose. He talks about Ambrose switching over to Raw and that he ended the show strong with a win over Kevin Owens. He discusses the KO and Chris Jericho feud briefly. Ross claims he’s curious to see what happens with Curt Hawkins. He states he’s a good hand and a reliable kid but they couldn’t “Connect all the dots” with him.

Ross states that if you are being moved from one show to another, there’s a reason for that. JR says it’s an opportunity to hit the reset button. He follows up by saying there are two ways to better yourself; read and study your competition. Ross believes there is something you can do everyday to better your game in what you do for a living. Jim segues back into the superstar shakeup and throws out some of the talent that went to Raw. He mentions Roman Reigns being a lone wolf not knowing if he’s a heel or babyface, but states he’s honestly tired of talking about Roman. If you like him, cheer him, and if you don’t, then boo him. Ross mentions how Michael Cole signed off of Raw when he stated, “the process continues tomorrow night.” JR believes people enjoy episodic TV and its fundamentally easier to follow.

He then segues into how Mid-South was booked the same way, and that there is some new Mid-South content on the WWE Network from ’81-’83 to check out. Jim switches back over to talking about the superstar shakeup and states that if you were moved its a positive and “maximize your minutes” and if you didn’t, you may unfortunately be in that no man’s land called “the comfort zone.” Jim states “If you ain’t growing in life, you’re dying” and believes you can’t remain in that comfort zone. Jim segues into his upcoming show Sunday, May 21st. He tells us that it’s only three miles from the All State Arena where WWE Backlash will take place that evening. He then discusses NJPW. He states that the next event might have two days that are live and two that are taped and is looking forward to it.

Ross brings up Mauro Renallo’s recent WWE departure. He states that he knows Mauro was excited when he got the job at WWE because he was a lifelong fan, and Ross was happy for him. JR believes Mauro is very talented and will not have a problem finding work. Ross states he wishes the issues at WWE never existed and that he could have had a very long career there, however Jim says it’s not the end of the world, it’s only a job. JR claims Mauro has bigger issues to worry about as it pertains to his mental health. Jim then states sometimes in life, you don’t get the happy ending that you wanted to have. He follows up by saying if he could trade places with his wife, we wouldn’t be hearing him now and talks about the mix of emotions he is feeling. Ross says that the bottom line is that NO JOB is the end of the world. Jim then thanks the fans for the WrestleMania feedback.

He personally believes his work isn’t that good (which shocked me). Jim talks a little about WM weekend and the fallout when he got back home. Ross then talks a little about college football and segues back to thank the fans again and states we are all family. JR really hits home with some of us when he talks about his live shows being a “safe house” for wrestling fans because some people are ashamed to admit that they are wrestling fans to their friends because of the ridicule and teasing. He concludes his thoughts by saying that everyone being around him is a positive reinforcement and claims he’s never retiring. JR follows up by saying, “I’m not dying of rust, I’ll die of use.” He proceeds to the reads.

WELCOME MADUSA!: Jim introduces “the handsome” Madusa to the show! They both joke about that intro and JR gets right into it by asking Madusa about her new podcast and how she differentiates herself from the rest. Madusa deviates from the question and replies by telling Ross that she never felt like he was a Madusa fan and thought Ross believed she “sucked” and felt a lot of negativity from him. She stated she always admired JR and wanted to get on his good side. Madusa follows up by saying as time passed she realized Jim was a fan after all and that maybe he “grew up” and laughs. Ross followed that statement by saying that, “when you’re born with balls, sometimes your growing up process comes a little later in life.” Jim then says the business breathes insecurity and paranoia. Madusa agrees and reveals that she’s always been an introvert during the 17 years of wrestling and driving a monster truck. She feels the business almost made her jaded. Blaze then segues back on to JR and jokingly states she always liked him even though she thought he thought she was a “c**k s****r.”

The Dangerous Alliance: Ross gives respect to Madusa and segues into talks about WCW and the Dangerous Alliance. She takes credit for being the FIRST Paul Heyman girl and gives Heyman credit by saying that if it wasn’t for him, she wouldn’t have seen the other side of wrestling. JR tells her he feels that the Dangerous Alliance chemistry was so unique because everyone in the group brought their own charisma. Madusa concurs with Ross and states that the Dangerous Alliance was so unique because all superstars involved had their own character and no one was fighting for a position. She gives her thanks for “Ravishing” Rick Rude being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Paul Heyman and the HALL OF FAME: JR transitions into a discussion about Paul Heyman and the Hall of Fame and asks Madusa who she thinks a few candidates might be to induct him in. Blayze replies by stating that there are so many intricate and valuable players in Paul’s life that WWE could even, for the first time, have a panel of superstars induct him in. Jim throws in it could even be you (meaning Madusa). Ross proceeds to ask ‘Dusa about her Hall of Fame moment and if she wrote her own speech. She replied that she wrote the whole thing beginning to end. Madusa then talks about the “trash can” incident and stated she asked for approval to bring back the “trash can” and former Women’s Championship belt to use for the HOF speech and was given the greenlight! Blayze was shocked that WWE was so cool with allowing her to revisit that moment in time and realized things have definitely changed in the business.

Out of work…Or Not?: Madusa and Ross start talking about the mid-’90s in WWE when they dropped the women’s division to cut costs and save money. JR asked her if she was out of wrestling when Eric Bischoff brought her in and Blayze stated “no.” She added that it may have even been just 72 hours since being laid off, and still in possession of the title, when Bischoff called her. That, she added, fueled the Monday Night Wars. Jim tells Blayze that she had to do what she had to do to make a living and executed the creative that was given. Madusa then brings up the fact that her era in women’s wrestling was known as the “lost era” and that she barely saw her name on the marquee. Even though there was a ton of adversity and obstacles, Madusa states you cannot go around saying wrestling owes you everything or you will sink in this business.

Getting into the Biz: JR asks Madusa if she had any idea of the challenges that awaited her in the pro wrestling business as a woman and asked how was she discovered. ‘Dusa told Jim no she didn’t and explained that she was at a beach with a girlfriend and that girlfriend’s man at the time. That man happened to be a Hollywood stuntman named Kye Michaelson and suggested that she get into the wrestling business so she took his advice. Madusa reveals that she never was a lifelong fan of wrestling; she just fell into it. She followed up by saying it was her only “perfect marriage,” and laughs. The two then talk about how JR got into the business. Ross stated he took up broadcasting in college, and concludes by saying if he had known what was awaiting him he probably wouldn’t have had the balls to enter the business.

Women’s Division and Gender Equality: Madusa segues into the Women’s Division of today and how proud she is to see how much it evolved. She stated that was Vince’s original plan when he hired her. Blayze tells us she was more disappointed than mad and never had thoughts of acting maliciously when they shut down the division in the mid 90’s. She admits she likes McMahon and gets along with him. Madusa and Ross then segue back to the division and talk a little more about gender equality. Blayze adds she is now the first women wrestler to make her own podcast. JR tells ‘Dusa everyone has to have their own niche and talks about other wrestling podcasts like the Steve Austin Show. She tells Jim that she will have guests intermittently, but her podcast is going to be from a women’s perspective and talks about women’s empowerment. Ross tells us he has a couple of questions left for her and cuts to the sponsors

Madusa’s going FULL THROTTLE!:  Good ‘OL JR talks and Madusa start discussing her new podcast. It’s supposed to drop on Wednesdays and will be available on iTunes entitled,”Madusa’s Full Throttle” podcast. She chose that name because she stated that’s how she lived her life, full throttle. Blayze says that she is trying to show men what a women is really thinking when they think they are thinking something else (say that fast three times). Madusa then admits that she has a huge crush on Stone Cold Steve Austin, but never got her chance with him. The two then discuss some random things like iTunes and Jr’s BBQ sauce.

Wrestling with the “Tapes”: Ross segues into the recent issues with Paige and the WWE involving her “tape.” He feels that there are three WWE people involved in that incident and that the public is only focused on one entity (the female). Madusa says firstly, if you are going to make a tape like that, DESTROY IT after. Secondly, she states it was her personal life and its wrong that the public is only focused on the female when there were two men involved as well. Blayze adds all three should be accountable for the act. Jim agrees and states they are adults and on their own time and didn’t break any laws except the law of common sense! Don’t keep, DELETE (no Matt Hardy pun intended). Both agreed they made a bad judgment call. ‘Dusa then brings up Hulk Hogan’s “tape.” Ross jokes and says that had an incredible finish with the settlement Hogan received. “He became the highest paid pornstar in history!” Madusa laughs and congratulates the Hulkster as they switch gears.

One More Match?: Jim transitions back into wrestling talk and asks if Madusa could have one more match who would it be against? She says that she would love to be a female Paul Heyman, but in the ring she likes the idea of Sasha, Charlotte, or even Natalya. The two then get into a brief convo about the fabulous Moolah. JR then suggests that Blayze read the book Queen of the Ring, about the life of Mildred Burke. Jim surprisingly adds he and his team have a screenplay in the works with an interest of moving forward! Madusa then touches on her careers and her book being turned into a movie eventually as well. She and Jim talk about the importance of being in tune with your fanbase and consistency of your work. Ross concludes the interview by telling Dusa she has the gift of gab and wishes her luck with all her endeavors.

Ross Report Wrap-up: JR talks about iTunes and the importance of comments and ratings. He mentions next week’s guests, Shawn Davari and Ken Anderson and their wrestling academy in Minneapolis. JR throws in a couple of plugs and talks about his infamous BBQ sauce. He brings up the Mauro Ranallo issue again and responds to some Twitter questions. Ross affirms that he is NOT going to join the Smackdown live team full-time again, but offered to do fill in or per-diem work. Jim concludes by telling everyone to be nice to people and that life is good so count your blessings. Good ‘OL JR signs out!

SCORE AND REVIEW (9.5): This week’s Ross report featured only one guest but I believe was one of Jim’s best yet. As always he gave us his words of wisdom in a solid intro. It was well-structured and the interview was informative, funny and touched on an array of topics. Despite the recent tragic events, Jim has pulled through with another solid performance! Kudos to you Ross!

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