Shawn Daivari And Ken Anderson Talk JBL, How Wrestlers Stopped His Bullying

Former WWE Stars Ken Anderson and Shawn Daivari appeared once again on the Pancakes and Powerslams Show, this time to speak on a couple of current hot topics. Both shared their thoughts on whether WrestleMania 33 was The Undertaker’s last match, as well as backstage JBL stories.

Here are the highlights they sent along:

If WrestleMania 33 was The Undertaker’s Final Match:

Daivari: “No, I don’t think this is it for him. I think this is it for him as far as an expectation to work every WrestleMania, but I don’t think that was his last match… I know the relationship between [Undertaker] and Vince [McMahon], and I think if Vince calls him and says, ‘Hey, I want you to have a match,’ I don’t know if Undertaker is gonna say no, just because [he’s loyal].”

Anderson: “I’ll go on record by saying that was his last match. That’s the way he wanted to go out. Like, he’s just super old school. There’s a certain code, a time-honored tradition that when you have your last match, you go out looking at the lights. And he did that, and the fact that he took the gloves off, and took the hat off, and left everything in the center of the ring, I felt like that was him saying, ‘That’s it. I’m out.’ If that’s the case, I think it’s fantastic.”

How to stop JBL’s hazing backstage:

Anderson: “I read something where he told Justin Roberts to go kill himself, everyday. He would say stuff like that, but the minute somebody would fire back at him, or just no-sell it, [they’ll] be fine. He wouldn’t keep hammering… I’m not saying that his way is right, but people are really, really sensitive nowadays for that reason.”

Daivari: “Whenever I hear about John being a bully to whoever, and the specific names that come out, it’s because the person he was quote-unquote bullying was trying so hard to get over with him. Like, dude, not everybody is gonna like you. Maybe [John] doesn’t like you, you don’t have to prove a point and defend [yourself]. If he says you’re a dork and he hates you, you don’t have to prove to him that you’re not a dork and he should like you. Just let it go.”

Anderson shares a time where both Edge and John Morrison stood up to JBL:

“Paul Heyman told me this story about how JBL was needling Edge on a bus, overseas. Edge was pretty new to the company, and [JBL kept needling him]. JBL had a beer in his hand, Edge just stood up, and swatted the beer out of his hand, and said ‘Let’s go right now. I’m sick of it.’ From that point on, JBL said ‘Oh calm down, sweetheart.’ Everything was smoothed over, and he didn’t mess with him again.

“[John Morrison] stood up to him one night. JBL didn’t like the way him and Miz had sold at the end of their match. They hadn’t celebrated enough. [JBL was getting on him], and Johnny basically just snapped on him, and told him to mind his own business. They almost went at it.”

Daivari shares a story when he stood up to JBL:

“John came [backstage] and just picked me as his target. A bunch of people weren’t watching [his main event match from backstage], and he goes, ‘Shawn Daivari doesn’t need to watch the main event! Shawn Daivari knows everything about everything in wrestling! Shawn doesn’t have to watch the main event! He’s good, he’s got it!’ And I said, ‘No. You’ve been doing the same match 17 nights in a row. I can call every single move you did, I can tell you exactly what happened, I can tell you what heat you did to the crowd to get them involved, I’ve seen it! No, I don’t need to watch it tonight!'”

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