QUICK QUOTES: Velvet Sky Says Whether She’ll Ever Join WWE, Life After Impact

Velvet Sky (art credit Grant Gould © PWTorch)

Former TNA/Impact Knockout Velvet Sky was interviewed by The Hannibal TV during WrestleCon. Here are the highlights from their recently released YouTube video:

What’s she’s been up to as of late:

“I have been extremely busy in my personal life. Took a little bit of a break from the ring, but I’m still involved in the wrestling industry. Right now, I am studying to be a certified personal trainer, as well as I’m going back to school for my bachelor’s degree in Marketing, so I’ve been pretty busy.”

What she thinks about how far women’s wrestling has come:

“I’m very proud of those women in wrestling right now. Women’s wrestling really has made strides. It’s come a long way, especially from the days of back in the Knockouts Division when I started in ’07. There really was no women’s wrestling back then. It was just managers and stuff like that. It has evolved so much and I’m just so proud of all the women in TNA and WWE and Ring of Honor for how far they’ve come, and how hard they’ve worked, and we are now equal with the men. This is a man’s industry but women have definitely left their mark on it and I’m very, very excited to be a woman in the wrestling business.”

If she’ll ever be in the WWE:

“I’m telling you that’s the number one question I get every day. Social media, in person, here at WrestleCon, I would be rich right now, I’d be able to take my money and leave WrestleCon right now if I had a penny for everyone who has asked me that today. And I really don’t have an answer for that other than never say never. I wish I had a better answer. It would be cool to experience that level, but never say never, that’s all I can say right now.”

To check out the entire interview, click here.

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