QUICK QUOTES: Velet Sky reveals why she’s retiring from wrestling

July 6, 2017

Velvet Sky (Jamie Szantyr) was recently interviewed by WNPR to talk about what she’s currently up to. In an interesting note, the article referred to her as a “retired pro wrestler.” She discussed why she decided to quit the business to pursue a career as a personal trainer: “Wrestling has a shelf life. College doesn’t. You can be 50 years […]


QUICK QUOTES: Velvet Sky Says Whether She’ll Ever Join WWE, Life After Impact

April 15, 2017

Former TNA/Impact Knockout Velvet Sky was interviewed by The Hannibal TV during WrestleCon. Here are the highlights from their recently released YouTube video: What’s she’s been up to as of late: “I have been extremely busy in my personal life. Took a little bit of a break from the ring, but I’m still involved in the wrestling industry. Right now, […]